Everything You Should Know About Android Games Mods

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Are you new in finding out about android games mods or are you here to find out the details about it? In both cases, you are welcome here! This article will take you through it to know them in the simplest way possible. Stay till the end to have all your doubts cleared!

It is not a new fact that mobile games are gaining much popularity nowadays. Earlier, PC were the only ones where one could play their favorite games. With the invention of new technologies, this is now simplified! People can now play numerous games on their Android phones. Just with a stable internet connection and good storage space, one can easily play their favorite games right over here!

What are Android Games Mods?

The most common question would no doubt, be “what are android games mods?” Simple enough to understand, ‘mods’ imply nothing but ‘modifications’. Therefore, by breaking down the whole concept of this, it means modified versions of android games.

Generally, any type of apps are been downloaded from the Google Play Store because of its originality and protection from other malware software. If you are wondering if you should download games without Play Store, then do not worry! Android Games Mods are as safe and protected as Play Store.

The reason why people choose to download the mods version is that it offers the users additional features of the app. These features allow the user to have unlimited access to the game’s original features. There are games that require a certain amount of money in order to play it or unlock some levels. The mods version of the games provides easy and cash-free access to those games as well- making it free!

What are mods APK?

APK stands for Android Package Kit. Like, EXE is the extension of the Windows file, APK is the install file needed for the apps.

It is a file that is used for distributing and transferring android games and applications from the Play Store to your Android phone. This transfer does not require any other method. One just needs to search it in Google and download the APK version of the mods file. They are saved in a .ZIP format on your device and you can download the app accordingly.

How to use Android Games Mods APK?

If you are new to this, do not worry! We will guide you on how to use the mods version on your phone along with APK.

Supposedly, you want to download a game mod. Simply follow the steps:

  1. Open the browser and type the game name. Find the APK file that you want to download.
  2. Once you have found it, tap it open. You will be able to see a downloading bar at the top of your phone. Sometimes, the download may start automatically without clicking the ‘download’ option.
  3. Once the download is completed, open the ‘Downloads’ folder from your phone.
  4. Find the recently downloaded APK file and tap ‘YES’ when an allowance dialogue box appears on your screen.
  5. The app will start installing on your device.

After the installation is complete, you can use the game normally as you use when you download from Play Store. Do not worry about malicious items been downloaded along with the APK file. The file is safe and virus protected that will keep your phone safe and let you enjoy your play! It is as easy as it looks!

Some advantages of downloading Android Games Mods

If there were no added advantages, people would not be downloading it! Yes, there are some added advantages that you can have access to if you download a game through the APK file.

Before downloading it, let us take you through some of its mentionable advantages-

  • If you are downloading the mods version of the games, you can easily have access to the locked features of the game or the ones that need you to pay for accessing those. Hence, you can have all the access to the new and exciting locked or paid features of the apps- without paying a single penny for it!
  • Sometimes, because of several reasons, some games are withdrawn from Play Store or restricted in particular areas. You can easily play those games, even from the restricted areas, by downloading the android games mods Not only that, you can have full access to the features available in the game!
  • Every game takes an update once or twice a month. The mods version of the games will have the updates sooner than the Play Store. If you are one such person who is an ardent game lover, congratulations! You do not have to waste your time waiting for the updates to come. It automatically is been updated- that too within just a little span of time!

Websites to download the android games mods

It is important to download the APK files from sites that are safe and malware-free. In any case, we do not want your device to get crashed down after downloading the game.

To take care of that, we have a list of some of the best, safe and well-protected websites to download your Android Games Mods:

  • AndroidHackers – It is not only the safest but also the most popular APK file downloader. The site has APK files of all apps that you may be looking for! Every APK file is free of cost and free of malware on this site.
  • Android4Fun– APK files of the apps in this site are been systematically arranged, which makes it easier for the user to find their desired apps quickly. The site and its contents are very safe from malware and hence, you do not need to worry about downloading virus in your device!
  • APKPure – It is one of the site with abundance of APK files of practically every app! Region-locked apps are no longer a problem for downloading as this site provides all the free access to it. Being malware-free and safe, it is one of the most used sites to download android games mods.


Though the first preference of people would always be to download apps from the Google Play Store, mods file are equally gaining popularity and importance in today’s world. To get hold of all the features of the games without any hassle is a dream for almost everyone. Have fun downloading these android games mods and enjoy playing them with much ease!

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