What Is Bytefence Anti Malware: Is Bytefence Safe or Is It A Virus?

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You might ask, what is ByteFence? The question is easy to answer. ByteFence is an anti-malware program from Byte Technologies. Put differently, it is not a virus or malware. Its fundamental executable file is known as bytefence.exe, which runs in C:\Program Files subfolder after the program is established. The internet community advertises ByteFence as a protection tool that will detect potential attacks from Worms, Trojans and Spyware in addition to eliminating the unwanted bundled Adware, applications, Browser Hijackers and Crapware. 

That does not mean you should start seeing the tool as the ultimate PC protection option. It is not designed as a standalone antivirus program. It is a support protection tool designed to support the protection tools already running on your computer. So, you should expect it to deal with the less harmful threats, including the ones we have mentioned above. 

You might have installed the ByteFence Antimalware tool either knowingly or unknowingly. Mostly, it enters computers through advertisements or as tool bundled with some other software tools. Unfortunately, most free downloads will not disclose that other programs will be installed in your computer during the download and installation process. That is the key reason you will find ByteFence Antimalware installed in your device without your knowledge. 

When installing any software, pay close attention and choose the optional installs. The custom installations method allows you to deselect any file that is new to you, particularly the optional software that you did not want to download or install. But if ByteFence is already installed on your computer, you can always remove it. 

Why you might need to uninstall the ByteFence Antimalware program

Due to the suspicious distribution method of the ByteFence Antimalware program, security experts have grouped it with the potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). They also recommend its uninstallation because it is likely to set Search.ByteFence.com as the default search engine, a known browser hijacker, and therefore cause problems.

When installing ByteFence software knowingly, the install will display a notification message about the browser change. If you fail to cancel the freeware installation, the browser hijacker will get into play. Be careful when installing third-party tools, including Adobe Flash and Java updates, because Search.ByteFence.com hijacker and ByteFence antivirus might be hidden under the Basic/Quick installation. 

How to remove ByteFence Antimalware program

When removing ByteFence Anti-Malware, remember to check your computer system for other malicious programs. Here is how to delete Bytefence Antimalware program. 

Method 1: uninstallation of ByteFence automatically

Most people report that the Add/Remove Programs service does not remove ByteFence because the installer does not exist in the list. If that happens, you should reboot your computer in Safe Mode and install a good software removal tool, for example, Reimage. Run the software removal program and set it to uninstall ByteFence. 

The software will eliminate the antivirus and its registries, but you have to remove Search.ByteFence.com hijacker manually and reset your web browsers. After you have removed it, reboot your computer system to save the new changes. 

Method 2: How to remove ByteFence Antimalware program manually

To remove ByteFence Antimalware or any other malicious program that might have installed on your computer without your knowledge, go to “Programs and Features”. When using Windows 10, click on the Start Menu and type in Control Panel on the search box and choose “Control Panel” from those results that appear. In the window that opens, locate “Uninstall a program” option (situated under Programs category) and click on it. 

For Windows 8, right-click on Start Menu and choose “Programs and Features”. That will display the list of all programs installed on your computer. If the “Programs and Features” category is not available in the Start menu, type in “programs and features” in the search bar and click on “Programs and Features” in the results. But if the Start button does not appear in your computer, you are more likely running the Windows 8 version and not Windows 8.1. Press Windows Key + X and wait for the menu to appear. Choose “Programs and Features” from the list. 

If you are a Windows 7 user, click on the Start button and choose “Control Panel”. If the Control Panel does not appear, use the search bar to locate it and click on it on your search results. After the Control Panel window opens, locate the “Uninstall a Program” button from Programs category and click on it. 

From the “Uninstall a Program” window, search for the ByteFence Antimalware program and uninstall it. To do that, scroll the list until you find the “ByteFence Antimalware” and “Advanced Driver Booster” programs and click to highlight them. Click on “Uninstall” button after it appears. In addition to the Antimalware program, you might want to uninstall other potentially harmful programs on your computer.  To find the recently installed programs, click on “Installed On” and sort the programs by the installation date. Uninstall any other program you do not need

Follow all the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation process. On the message box that pops up, click on Yes to confirm the uninstallation and follow all the prompts to complete the program uninstallation. Read every prompt carefully because some malicious programs will sneak in things in the hope that you will not read them closely. If the process is not successful, try a free uninstaller program to complete the Bytefence uninstall. 

Keep in mind that manual threat removal may be complicated and lengthy. You will need advanced computers skills to complete full uninstallation. Use a malware removal tool to do that because it will help you remove the antimalware instantly. Ensure that the tool you install in your computer system will not introduce more problems. 

ByteFence is a good tool for people who would need additional protection when browsing the internet. It is designed to protect your computer against undesirable malware programs, which target web browsers. However, you should keep in mind that the program is likely to come with many flaws that you have to address and iron for it to offer good results. If you must remove it from your computer, the above methods will be helpful. No one wants to run a browser hijacker. 

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