Why Android Spy App Monitoring Software Is Best For Safeguard

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Regardless of having access to people to such a protective means to safeguard young kids and teens, beloved ones, the spy software is at their best. There are plenty of spying applications are available in the market, but most of them are unreliable and less trustworthy, but android monitoring software is the only one you can trust blindly. No matter what sort of social media issues you are concerned about as parents, what kind of insecurities you have about your employees and if you are looking forward to spying on your spouse; the android spy app is always on standby all of your issues single-handedly. The monitoring app has powerful, well-regulated and reliable features along with the affordable price. The tracking app enables a user to monitor all actions performed and complete information about the data along with the accurate time statistics.

The rising nasty impacts of the social media websites and social messaging apps on kids and teens, their security may compromise by the culprits such as cyber bullies, pedophilias, stalkers and many other social media abusers. The great spy app gives your kids safe and sound environment and prevents them from all tormenting moments. Android spy software has all the features you name it, you may found in more than one spy software, but the surveillance software has all the features you are looking for.

Why is android spy app necessary for Parents, Employers, and Spouse?

The facts and figures on child exploitation through social media websites such as hookup websites and instant messengers such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Skype and many others; is at their peak. Cyber bullies and stalkers became very active in digital media since they have realized that young kids and teens can easily trap on social platforms.

Younger generation mostly effected through these social messaging apps in terms of socially, psychologically and physically. They become addicted to the digital world through the use of smartphones, tablets and IPads and available social apps when connected to the internet.

Groundbreaking Features of TheOneSpy Software:

The cellphone surveillance app is compatible with all Android and IOS smartphones along with the complete features. The most important and fascinating thing about the android spy app software is its groundbreaking features and its reasonable price which actually makes it lucrative, acceptable and world’s no.1 monitoring app. Even the competitors compel themselves to appreciate surveillance app due to its user-friendly features. Here are some benefits of monitoring apps explained.


The bugging feature allow user to create a bug and send a command on target device to record surrounding sounds from 1 minute up to 1 hour through its MIC bugging feature, user can also make videos from 1 minute to 1 hour through SpyVidCam bug feature and also enable to capture photos with the help of back and front camera through Cam bug feature of the monitoring application.

Spy on Calls:

The user can record calls of their targeted device, weather the device belongs to kids and teens, the company owned device assigned to employees and belongs to a spouse. The user is enabled to records calls at any time along with the complete time schedule by using the Record live calls feature of the monitoring software. The user can see the calls history through view call history sub-feature of the tracking application.

IM Social Media:

Parents who are worried about their kids because of using social media sites and apps, Employers who are insecure of wasting the time by their employees within the working hour and spouse who are doubtful about their partner who is using dating apps. Android Tracking app’s IM’s social Media feature has the power to spy on all instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Skype, Yahoo and many others. The user can spy all logs of the social messaging apps within no time.


The user can easily monitor all the keystrokes applied to a target device, if you are looking forward to knowing the keystrokes of email of your kids, employees, and spouse then you needs to use the email keystroke feature of the spy app. The user is enabled to get information about password keystrokes, Messengers keystrokes, and SMS keystrokes as well.

Spy On Messages:

Parents, spouse and employees can easily monitor the all the sent and received messages on target device by using the text messages spy feature of the android spy app software. They can also track MMS sent or received through MMS feature, can track BBM chat messages and heads up ticker notifications through Spy on messages feature of the android monitoring program.

Track GPS Location:

If you want to track the location of your kids, employees and loved one, you can track down the location with the help of Track GPS location feature of the android tracking software. You can even view current GPS location, weekly tracking history and also can set preferences by marking safe and restricted areas.

Read Emails:

Read all incoming and outgoing emails and Gmail’s of your kids, spouse, and employees by using the Read email feature of the monitoring application and read professional emails of Gmail’s account by using the view their Gmail feature.

View multimedia Files:

Parents, employers, and spouse can easily view all phone activities of their kids and teens, employees and partners such as get screen shots through capture screen shot feature, view gallery photos through look at their photos, see videos through view their videos feature and listen all voice recording by using the main feature of view phone activities feature of the android spy app.

View Phone Activities:

Android monitoring program allow its users to view phone book of targeted device, calendar events and view all appointment schedule of the target user through view phone Activities feature of spy application.

Monitor Browsing Activities:

If you want to spy on browsing activities of your kids and teens, employees and spouse then you will be able to view browsing history logs, visited websites and bookmarked websites by using the Monitor the internet activities of the surveillance software.

Instant Alerts:

You can get alerts in-case your child and spouse change the SIM card of target device then you will receive a notification with the help of instant alerts feature of android mobile phone tracking app.

Remotely Phone Controller:

Monitoring software allow you to control remotely to your target device through remotely phone control feature of the tracking application such as you can view installed apps, you can lock and unlock the device, you can control SMS command, you can pause or start the app, remotely uninstall the tracking app, user can set monitoring preferences, parents can block SMS when teens drive behind the wheels, you can block the other apps and also block the incoming calls remotely.

License and Switching:

If the user suddenly makes their mind to change its target device or want to change the operating system such as want to switch from Android to IOS then he can change the platform by contacting our customer service. But if the user is willing to change the target device having the same operating system then he/she can change the target device on the same license and activation code.


Android spy software is compatible with the all android IOS and BlackBerry devices and operating systems.

Installation Process:

You just need to install the surveillance spy software on your target device then see the given instruction carefully; in case you are facing come problems then you just need to contact the customer service. The professional developers are always, therefore, you on standby to answer your all quires and help you out to install the monitoring application.

Help and support Center:

No matter what your issue is, you just need to make a contact with our help and support center department, submit all queries and you will be able to get a quick response from our help center department, it will provide you complete guidance until you got satisfied.

Short Summary:

TheOneSpy spy software for android is the complete package of all problems whether you are parents, employers, and spouses. We guarantee you’re the protection of your beloved kids and teens, scrutiny on your employees and well reliable source to get true information about your spouse through spy software. TOS provide you effective, efficient, accurate and reliable service on which you can trust blindly. The spy software has developed to serve humanity to the fullest.

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