List of Illegal Android Apps that Are Not in Play Store

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The number of applications available for Android devices is always increasing. Companies and app developers are aware of what their target audience needs and they, therefore, work hard to provide them with something relevant. To protect Android users from people who might try to spread malware and to ensure that everyone is getting the right content, Google Play Store requires companies and developers to observe established guidelines, policies and restrictions. The approval process of an app on Play Store before it becomes available for download and installation is a long one. However, the number of developers who break the laws and copy content from other apps that increasing the quantity of banned android apps. This best illegal android apps might be harmful for your handy device’s privacy.

Here are Banned Android Apps not in play store

Some of best illegal android apps in Play Store that you should be aware of using. Many of banned android apps list are still increasing to safety of user privacy.

1. GrowBox

GrowBox is among the illegal android apps developed for Android users. The app, developed by ClockWorkMod, relies on ShowBox to cast movies and TV shows watched on Chromecast in addition to connecting to personal computers. To use it, you have to install the AllCast App from Google Play Store. Even though it is not available on Google Play Store, most people who use it claim that it is helpful. You can watch anything available on Showbox on your TV display connected to Chromecast or phone at no cost.

2. Popcorn Time

This is another of the interesting illegal android apps downloads that people use to stream movies and TV series. Popcorn Time offers a catalogue of the most recent TV series and movie torrents. After installing it in your Android device, you will manage to choose your favourite movies and TV shows and watch them online. The app offers movies and TV shows subtitles in various languages something that makes it a good choice for people who love streaming movies and TV shows through their mobile devices.

3. MovieBox

MovieBox is an banned android apps designed to provide movies and TV shows for smartphone users. Unlike the legit movie apps, it does not charge you to access the offered content. Moreover, they do not charge any annual or monthly subscription amounts. All you have to do is download the app, install it in your device and watch TV shows and movies from every genre. If you are a lover of comedy, sci-fi movies, action or drama, you will have something to watch. That might be one of the reasons many people are opting for the app.

4. Cinema Box

The demand for Android applications showing movies and TV shows has been on the rise. The main reason behind that is that the websites and apps that offer legit content charge high amounts. Cinema Box is among the many illegal apps offering movies and TV shows to the users at no cost. After installation, users can stream the recent content at no cost. Each day, the app offers something new for users to try.

5. VideoMix

It is time to stream recent movies and TV shows at no cost. VideoMix allows you to do that through your Android device. It offers content properly grouped in various categories. The content is organized properly so that the users can take less time to find what they need. After finding the video you want to watch, you will have to click on it so that the app can direct you to an external server, where you will stream and download it. Unfortunately, some of the external links might not provide what they promise. They might even infect your device with virus and malware. Google play store blocked as a banned android apps.

6. Ymusic

If you would want to listen to the music on YouTube while continuing with other tasks, Ymusic is worth consideration. The illegal Android app does not show the videos – it only plays the audio track in the background. It will run in the background as you use other apps, so you do not have to close other apps to use it. After downloading and installing it in your device, you will have to log in with your Google ID for the content to appear. Choose what you want to listen and click on play. It will not display any videos but you can download the streamed MP3 tracks.

7. YouTube Vanced

Another app that adds to the long list of banned android apps is YouTube Vanced. YouTube Vanced is another modified version of the YouTube app. Users can watch videos in the background or even in picture-in-picture mode. When playing videos in picture-in-picture mode, the app will show videos in a tiny window overlaying any other app you are using. So, you can watch videos when chatting on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram or when reading your emails. The app works in the background so if you are listening to music tracks or podcasts, you can lock the phone and leave them playing.

8. Aptoide

Aptoide is an illegal android Apps that works as an alternative app to the Google Play Store. After downloading and installing it in your device, you will be able to access the apps that are not available in Play Store. It is a perfect choice for people in regions where the Play Store is not available. You can download the latest apps versions, including games and utility apps. It works more like the Google Play Store.  

9. Sarahah Messaging App

Sarahah Messaging App started as a simple messaging app in the year 2016. Its popularity increased rapidly because it allowed people to send as many messages as they wanted anonymously. However, the same feature that made it very popular led to its refulgence. Most people were installing it in their devices to bully others. It did not take long for Google to realize that. The developers added several features to filter the messages and to block the users who bullied others but did not stop the bullying. Today, this banned android Apps not in play store but you can still download it from other places and install it in your device. Do not use it to bully others.

10. Secret SMS Replicator

Secret SMS Replicator is a creepy app developed to invade the privacy of others. So, if you would want to know more about the life of your paranoid lovers, desperate stalkers, bitter exes, the app will make you smile. It works as spyware that you have to install in the Android phone of your target. It will remain unnoticed but after you have enabled it, it will start forwarding all the incoming messages to your mobile phone. Google knows about this illegal android Apps and that might be the reason it is not available on Play Store. 

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