6 Great Apps for Smooth Vacation Planning You Should Try

Planning a vacation? Here’s a great article that will guide you to plan your vacation smoothly. Use your phone for good and make use of the apps to make vacation planning a smooth affair. From planning where to go to traveling, to accommodation to having everything organized at one place these apps will definitely help you. Here we are going to share with you some of the great and useful apps to make our lives easier. The good news is that these apps are on the top list to plan any trip that will make your vacation smooth and simple.

Let’s jump onto the apps that are available for your Apple and Android devices to help organize and plan your next big trip.


One of the major concern of any traveler is to keep a track of all the expenses. With Expensify, you can take a picture of all your receipts as you make a purchase and spend money throughout the trip. Further, you can add or edit expenses, track your time, track your mileage and create expenses from it.

Expensify app offers more additional features such as expense approvals, corporate expense policy, and the ability to sync with QuickBooks and other tools. The app is available for free to the users but it will be a limited version. You can get a paid business plan if you need an unlimited number of smartscans.

Lounge buddy

Your flight has been delayed. Now the only option left is to wait. Make the wait easy by finding an airport lounge with Lunge Buddy app. Add in the relevant information relating to your flight accounts, airline credit cards etc. then plug in your trip itinerary. Lounge Buddy will locate the nearest lounge for you where you can go and pass time. You can search for facilities, ratings, and photos from all around the world within seconds.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is an app that gives you accurate weather details. With the minute-to-minute weather report for your location, it helps you plan your trip in accordance with the weather. You can receive weather report of every hour. You can do your packing for your trip as per the weather prediction to avoid any inconvenience.

Packing Pro

Once you have planned your trip it’s time to pack your bags. With Packing Pro app you can pack your bags and organize everything you’ll be needing for the trip. Begin with giving details to the app regarding the days to stay, where are you going, how’s the weather there. You can further add other information like if you’re planning to go swimming or will there be a washing machine. The app will provide you a whole guide as to what necessities will you be needing from clothes to slip on to other necessities.


Skiplagged is a smart flight and hotel booking app at the best possible rates. The app offers some friendly features as compared to other apps. With this app, you can discover great flight deals and travel deals at the most discounted rates and you can save hundreds of dollars, unlike other sites. Moreover, the app has some additional features such as swimming or parking facility so that you can book a hotel as per your requirement.


DUFL is an app that provides bagging services with which you don’t have to worry about losing your bags and packages. When you register with the app, DUFL sends you a large suitcase that you will send back filled with the clothes and accessories. When you have planned a trip, use the app to select the item you’d want to bring and submit the suitcase filled with everything which will be waiting at the hotel when you arrive. Every time you’re thinking of traveling, you just need to select the items and DUFL will bring it for you.


There are multiple apps to help you guide through your vacation planning. Whether you’re planning a trip across the country or a world tour, these apps will help to make your trip more fun. If you have these handy apps on your phone you will definitely get the benefits. So jump on the board and get your hands on these apps now.

I hope you find this article useful.


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