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If you are heading out to the lake or coast for a fishing spot, you can have the right gear or the perfect bait but you will catch nothing if you are set up in a wrong spot. With a sonar-equipped, remote-controlled and a bait-dropping mini-submersible machine at your disposable, you might not need fishing prowess. With the PowerRay underwater drone, you will get exactly that.

What is PowerRay Underwater Drone

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PowerRay UUV is a revolutionary water drone that goes to turn up fish and cast baits. The underwater robot also effectively records everything happening in water and sends back the videos to the angler who watches them on a handheld device. The product also offers an option for still photos. Actually, the drone is a better way of making a fortune in photography, fishing, and precision in agriculture, advertisements and mapping.

The PowerRay underwater drone comes from a Beijing-based manufacturer PowerVision, who is also the producer of PowerEgg UAV released in August 2017. Even though the PowerRay UUV debuted back in January 2017 at the CES, technical issues with the display prevented PowerVision from showing off the product in the natural environment.

Nevertheless, the in the company’s launch party organized at the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, people were afforded the new drone’s close up view. The PowerRay looked seaworthy. It moved through the fish tank exhibit quietly without perturbing or waking the occupants, who took little notice.

A new fishing era with drone

The underwater drone features an in-built storage capacity of 64 GB and because the unit is completely water proof up to 98 feet depths, the internal storage is not removable. Also, the machine has three motors that can propel it to speeds of 3Kn.

The 3000 mAh battery is also non-removable and to charge it, you will need two and a half hours. Its 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor and the F2.8 lens have 95 degrees FOV. In addition to shooting 25 fps videos in 4K resolutions, the PowerRay might take 4000×3000 stills with the 12MP camera.

The producer offers the tethered cord in lengths of 230 feet and 164 feet. With the controller, anglers can easily get 1080p live views of underwater drone shots through their mobile application. The lights rated at 450 lumens helps anglers to see through any murky water.

The underwater drone is available in three packages, readily available on the PowerVision’s official website. For only $1,488, you can get the PowerRay explorer, which comes with 32 GB PowerRay, a transmitter and a base station. The second package, the PowerRay Angler, comes with everything available on the explorer in addition to bait dropping line and the PowerSeeker Fishfinder. The PowerRay angler goes for only $1,799. The third package, PowerRay Wizard, goes for only $1888 and features everything available with the Angler package. However, the manufacturer has bumped its storage memory to 64 GB. It also includes the VR goggles.

You can use the PowerRay underwater drone to capture videos of tropical fishes and killer whales. And if you are a content creator, you can use the underwater drone with your UAV to make differentiated transitions such as videos of people jumping into a swimming pool and ending up in another scene. In other words, you can fly a drone over the water surface and use the PowerRay to record the underwater scenes. The underwater drone has opened opportunities for anglers and content creators.

Tech specification & Key features

  • Fish finder: The PowerRay underwater drone boasts an inbuilt sonar element that detects fish in 40 meters depths. The sonar is not limited and can detect the tiniest fish.
  • The 4K camera: even though the drone works underwater, the producer included a quality camera. The high quality camera beams videos and images with 4K quality.
  • WiFi enabled: this is another important feature of the PowerRay drone. With the WiFi feature, the drone is compatible with most platforms such as android and iOS. After integrating it through the available app, you will manage to store and share all videos and pictures you capture.
  • Substantial data: the high-powered drone features inbuilt data about underwater landscape. The data is updated regularly ensuring the anglers are aware of whatever happening underwater.
  • Temperature gauge: the PowerRay drone boasts an embedded temperature gauge that helps the angler know the temperature underwater. The information is crucial for anglers, as they can easily know about the fish that thrive within the area.
  • Fish luring light: the fish luring light is another useful feature. When prompted, the PowerRay drone shines a brighter blue light underwater to attract more fish. The scientific studies backed light, increases the drone’s effectiveness.
  • Bait drop: with the drone, you can also drop baits in strategic places to attract fish. It is a perfect solution for individuals who want to spread out baits in the desired locations.
  • Virtual reality: this is possibly the outstanding feature of the sublime drone. The virtual reality feature allows you to control the drone by virtual reality goggle. You can just imagine what you will have: the drone’s 3D first person view, which you can control by gestures and gravity easily.

When planning to explore the hidden underwater mysteries, you possibly need the PowerRay underwater drone is one of the tools you need. It will also help you plan for your next fishing trip.

PowerRay underwater drone you may like

  • The drone can easily dive down to deeper distances
  • It has many high performance and reliable features
  • The drone is easier to use and has several easy controls and features
  • Longer battery life
  • It is a lightweight drone

You may face some issue underwater drone

  • The underwater drone is corded. That limits hands-free operations
  • Big fish can easily pull it away. Therefore, you will have to observe it carefully when it is underwater.

The PowerRay underwater drone is an exciting kit that you should add to your fishing gear collection. The study product is suitable when fishing in deep waters – fresh and salty water – and for the everyday hobbyists and anglers. Even more, the drone is easy to use and will definitely work as you expect.


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