How To Remove WebHelper.exe Adware (Uninstall Guide)

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Web helper virus is a malicious tracking malware software. It’s designed to infiltrate your computer system specifically and identified as a Trojan- hazardous type program. Its security danger estimated at approximately 84%. Generally, users install this malicious software, unaware as they assume it’s an authentic, secure program. It’s an unwanted application. Luckily enough, it can become detected by the way over 55 anti-virus programs.

The malware is not a Windows system file. Instead, it has two other components that are utorrentie.exe and webhelper.dll. Together with these two components, it comes bundled up with uTorrent. It distributes itself through insecure freeware installations, infected email attachments, malicious online advertisements, social engineering, and software cracks. In this article, we are going to look at its two components and its signs so that you will be able to detect. I am also going to highlight the damage this virus causes to you, the user and your computer system. Moreover, I will also outline a step by step guide “how to remove webhelper virus” that help you remove the web helper virus.

Webhelper virus components

Webhelper virus has two associated entries that are utorrentie.exe and webHelper.dll. These two components can be found in your Task Manager.

1)   UTorrentie.exe

UTorrentie’s primary duty is to communicate with the servers and utilize PC resources. It’s an uTorrent helper that reinstalls itself over and over again. It puts third party ads on your computer. Moreover, it causes your computer to slow down and regularly tracks your activities on the computer.

2)   WebHelper.dll

When the web helper virus is deleted, this component reinstalls it and launches it. It even performs its intrusive activities like displaying pop-up ads and sounds on your browser. WebHelper.dll acts as the browser helper object. Moreover, if you delete it, once the computer is rebooted, it reappears all over again. It also tracks your activities online.

Signs of webhelper virus

  • The most visible sign the virus has infected your computer is the pop-up ads and banners. When you are using BitTorrent and UTorrent or any other services to download programs, you will see web helper virus opening and playing ads repeatedly on your computer desktop. It sends ads based on your browsing activities and performed searches.
  • It also sends audio and videos with error and malware alert out of nowhere. The sound is detected by opening the Volume Mixer. These audios and videos also contain links from insecure websites.

Problems caused by webhelper virus

If you notice a web helper virus on your computer, remove it urgently before any harm is done. Here are some of the problems caused by the web helper virus.

  • It causes high CPU usage and affects your computer’s performance speed.
  • It infiltrates your computer system without your knowledge.
  • It invades your privacy by tracking your online activities without your knowledge.
  • It runs in the background recording your keystrokes and mouse inputs. Moreover, it collects your personal information such as passwords, systems details, IP address, banking information, data entered, and location. As a result, cybercriminals can quickly get hold of this information, which can lead to identifying theft, computer hacking, or your money being stolen.
  • It manipulates and controls other programs installed on your computer without your permission.
  • It downloads more unwanted programs and software and even shares them with other people.

How to remove webhelper virus

Manually removing the webhelper virus is a long process. However, it is highly recommended you delete it manually to eliminate it. Here is how to remove it manually

  1. First thing, you have to identify the web helper virus from your Task Manager.
  2. Download Autoruns program
  3. Reboot your computer on safe mode with networking.
  4. Remove the downloaded archive and run the Autoruns.exe file
  5. Click ‘options’ on the Autoruns app.
  6. Check the ‘Hide Windows Entries’ and ‘Hide Empty Locations’ options. When you are done, click the ‘refresh’ icon.
  7. A list of all the programs will appear. Go through the list and find a web helper virus and any of its associated entries you want to remove.
  8. When you have found the right ‘click’ on it and click the ‘delete’ option.
  9. When you are done, enable hidden files.
  10. Go to the program ‘This PC.’ On the search bar type in the name of the virus and click search.
  11. When you find it, right-click and click on delete.
  12. When you are done deleting. Reboot your computer in normal mode. After that, the web helper virus and any other related viruses will be successfully removed from your computer.
  13. To be 100% sure you have removed the web helper virus. You can scan your computer using Malwarebytes.

After successfully removing the virus, make sure to reset all the affected web browsers. If you don’t want to remove it manually, you can remove the web helper virus automatically using anti-virus or anti-malware applications.

Tips for using to avoid your computer from getting infected by webhelper virus

  • For starters, to avoid installing a web helper virus, you have to browse the web with care. Always check the software before downloading, installing, and updating them.
  • Always use official, secure, reliable websites and direct links to download software
  • Use implemented functions or tools provided by the official software developers to update installed software.
  • By all means, do not open email attachment from unknown sources or email addresses
  • Don’t use cracking software tools to active installed programs
  • Install an authentic anti-spyware or anti-virus software. Make sure it is enabled at all times.
  • You should use Custom or Advanced installation options whenever you are installing software. This allows you to check all the other links that come with the download, and you even delete the new links you don’t want on your computer.

NB* web helper virus can be a persistent threat if it is entirely removed from your computer system. Some files can be left out during the uninstalling process.  Uninstalling the program and resetting the web browser is not enough. You also have to remove utorrentie.exe, webHelper.dll, and any other associated entries to thoroughly remove the web helper virus from your computer system.

 After the virus is removed, to keep your computer safe from the web helper virus or any other malware l recommend you use Reimage to scan and fix virus damage. Moreover, to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with their associated entries and core files, use SpyHunter 5 and Malwarebytes. Be careful when downloading uTorrent, BitTorrent, and any other downloading app from the internet as web helper virus tends to lurk there.


The webhelper virus is a hazardous virus that poses a threat to you and your computer because of its intensive data tracking. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you take extra caution whenever you are browsing the web and installing software to avoid your computer from getting the virus. However, if it so happens, your equipment gets the virus. I hope the guide on how to remove the webhelper virus will help you to remove the virus before any serious harm is done.

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