9 Tips on How to Increase Your Video Editing Speed

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A lot of time, you find yourself spending too much time editing video because you have made mistakes. Or, it could be that you are editing the video in the wrong steps. If you regularly work with video, it is important that you avoid making mistakes during editing. The following 9 tips on how to increase your video editing speed.

Organize Your Video Materials

One mistake that you can easily make is to not organize the materials you are using for the video. The materials include footage, graphics, and audio clips. Name all your files appropriately according to their content and put them in the right folders. You can also arrange the video clips based on the date they are taken.

Make Rough Cuts on Video First

You should always start your video editing with a rough cut which involves reducing the video to only the necessary clips. If you make a mistake in your video during filming, you can leave a pause. In this way, you can easily place the markers for editing that part afterwards. After the rough cut, you can start making the finer edits such as adding text, transition, filter, and etc.  If you make the fine edits first before the rough cut, you will end up in a mess in the video editing.

Convert Your Video in Batch

If you have a lot of videos to compress, use a video converter with batch processing functionality like VC Online to compress them. If you compress one by one, you may miss some of the videos. Instead, just put them all into a single folder and load the folder into the video converter software. Converting the videos can help you to easily upload them to a video sharing platform like YouTube. Get more details at https://www.videoconverter.com/how-to-convert-mov-to-mp3.html

Use a Hard Drive with Fast Rotating Speed

The performance of the video editing efficiency depends on the hard drive speed. If your hard drive rotates not fast enough, the video editor may get hanged and you will have to re-launch it to re-edit your video. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use a hard drive with a rotation speed that is at least 7,200 RPM. If it is possible, you should use a solid state drive (SSD). In addition, you also have to adjust the processing of your RAM in the system preferences so that your computer can keep up with your video editing work. Usually, your computer will not use up all the RAM by default so it is necessary to make this adjustment.

Master the Keyboard Shortcuts in the Video Editor

Mastering the keyboard shortcuts of the editor will help you to edit the video faster. You can find all the keyboard shortcuts by going to the help document. There may be an online knowledge base which allows you to access a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in speeding up your video editing work. You should keep using the shortcuts and you will eventually memorize them.

Use Markers When Editing the Video

It is easier to edit the clip when you use markers. The markers let you know which part of the video needs editing. It also lets you quickly visualize the types of edits that need to be done in the video. Markers are helpful when you want to pass the video to another editor. It also enables you to easily edit the video according to the beat.

Invest in Peripherals Designed to Ease Your Video Editing Work

For more efficient video editing, you should invest in the right peripherals. Some of the peripherals you should invest are editing keyboard and gaming mouse. The gaming mouse has buttons that are programmable. By programming shortcuts into the button, you can avoid having to do the work manually.

Invest in Ergonomic Peripherals

Not only should you invest in peripherals, but you should also invest in ergonomic chairs that will keep you supported during editing. If ball chair work in relieving stress for you, then, you should get a ball chair. Editing a video can be a stressful work especially if it is your primary work and you stare at the computer for long hours. When you are stressful, you are less productive and more likely to make mistakes in video editing.

Avoid Distractions in the Video

It is easy to waste a lot of time when you are getting distracted with notifications. Therefore, if you have lots of software that pop up notifications, make sure to turn them off before launching the video editor. Without notifications, you will be able to edit your video in full concentration.

Hopefully above video editing tips works fine for video editor or for beginner. Do you know any other faster ways, then leave us in comment box. It might be helpful to sharing knowledge with others!

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