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The internet provides almost everything you need. However, not everything is usable. Also, you will have to use the usable services cautiously. People can collect every form of information they need from you in various ways including through your email address. Some individuals believe that the email is a basic communication tool, but it is more than that. To protect yourself, you should know where to use your email address and where to use a temporary or a fake email address. The purpose of a temporary email is to help you maintain your privacy when registering in some sites to download files. It will also help you protect yourself from spammers.

Even though email service providers offer spam filters, they are not effective. Spammers are likely to send virus and other forms of malware into your device through your address so you have to take all the necessary steps to safeguard yourself from them. With a temporary email generator, you do not have to change any settings on your primary email. Here are the fake email generators to try and avoid deleting spam emails manually.

1.  Temp Mail

Temp Mail is among the best temporary email generators you can use to safeguard your email address from spammers. The app is free to use and all you have to do is install it in your device. It will generate a temporary email each time you want to open a social media account or to send messages to people you do not trust. After you have sent a message, it will publish it on their website and notify you when you receive the feedback. The developers are always updating the app with improvements and innovations. Currently, it has over 1 million users and the number is increasing.

2. Instant Email Address

Use Instant Email Address to make disposable email addresses for use when signing up to get files. After all, not everyone should have your permanent email address. It would be dangerous if you used your permanent email address to register on every site. At the end of the day, the marketers will flood your email folder with unnecessary promotional emails and others will trick you to click on malware. Instant Email Address will generate a temporary email and notify you whenever you receive a message. So, you should remember to turn on the notification on the site after you have used it to send a mail. Currently, the app enjoys over 1 million downloads.

3. IMEI Generator and Phone Specs 

While there are many websites on the internet offering video games and temporary services, most of them will demand an email address from you so that you can access them. Whenever you land on such a website, the best fake email generator will help you create a temporary email, which you should submit to them. Users of IMEI Generator and Phone Specs have tested their emails and proved that they work. Due to the intuitive website design, you will take a few seconds to create a fake email address. Over 100 thousand individuals are already using the app.

4. is a great tool for people who want to create many short time emails. In fact, people have tested it and proved it to work well. Use it to make temporary emails for work or personal use. After landing on the homepage, you will be prompted to complete the 3 steps process to register your DNS (domain name servers). The site will guide you through the stage after which you will receive messages. You can create many mailboxes or just one to protect your email from annoying spam. One of the things users of love is the easier to use interface and the fast loading speed.

5. Fake Email

The list of fake email generators is long. Fake Email is among the websites you can use to generate as many fake emails as you want. People use it to create temporary emails for their businesses and others to protect themselves from spam and fishing. The website is not only easy to use but it is also very fast. Install the app in your device and open the homepage. Push the generator button and your fake email will be ready within seconds. With the app, you will never waste your time again deleting emails from spammers. Create fake emails and delete them to keep your personal information safe.

6. Mailinator

Mailinator will provide you with free temporary emails at any time. Just open the website and create a personal email, for a group of friends or your business. The site does not require any sign up because the site will provide you with what you need without your details. After you have created an email, you will have to use it immediately because the website will delete it automatically after a few hours. Possibly, the sites ability to generate emails without your details has helped it to get many users from all parts of the world.

7. SpamBox – Anonymous Temp Email

SpamBox is designed to help keep your inbox clean. Whether your goal is to create temporary emails for your business or personal use, the best fake email maker will help you do that. It is free to use and does not contain ads. That means you will create your fake emails and send messages without any disruptions. Developers worry about your privacy and they will therefore not demand an email address from you. People have downloaded it for over 100 thousand times. The interface is simple and you can channel your emails with one click. 

8. Fake Mail Generator

If you need a fake email instantly, Fake Mail Generator should be your first choice. Open the site and it will create your fake email instantly. After creating your first email, you will have to wait for at least one hour to create the next. You will see every letter you receive on the temporary email within 24 hours. Remember to enable the notification feature so that you can read all the emails. The beautiful design will make your working enjoyable. 


With, your email will never land on the hands of spam senders or fishing sites. The website is free to use but you can install the app on your mobile phone too. After receiving a mail through the site, you will have to read it immediately because they delete any unread message within 3 days. They also delete the read emails after three hours. Create as many emails as you want without providing your details.

10. Email Generator

Email Generator offers many features that you are unlikely to find on other fake email generators. Create the number of emails you want and use them to confirm your address on websites and to create social media accounts. This email generator is among those used by both large and small companies. You will manage to open new social media accounts with the fake emails they generate and send messages to people you do not trust.

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