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Did you know that the content from most torrent repositories is not reliable or safe? You are likely to download a movie or a TV show today, only to open it tomorrow and realize that it does not exist anymore. Moreover, when downloading a file, you will never know whether it is something different from what you expect until the download is complete and you have watched the file. TorrentKing has existed for several years and it offers a wide range of content. It is also reliable.

Torrentking exists as an online search engine that hosts torrent files. The admins update its database each day so that the users can always get what is trending. It has over 500,000 movies available for free download and over 70,000 movies available for online streaming. Unfortunately, the site is known to go down from time to time and therefore the available alternatives are worth consideration when the site is down.

 Our Torrent King review shows that whenever the site is down, you will only get a “404 not found” error message. That means that you will not stream or download any video. Sharing pirated content is illegal in the United States and other countries, so the authorities will shut down the website more often. When that happens, here are the alternatives to try.  

Torrentking  Alternatives

1. 1337x

After its launching, 1337x hosted nearly all the Hollywood movies and TV series. Users could watch as many new releases at no cost and at any time. The easy to use interface allows smooth navigation when searching for content. And apart from other sites that offer TV shows and movies, 1337x offers videogames, software and other forms of content. The site owners and developers rely on ads to make revenue so you should expect a lot of them. However, the website offers lesser content than that you expect on TorrentKing.

2. is another great alternative to TorrentKing site. The website provides a wide variety of manga, TV shows, anime, and computer software along with other forms of content. Unlike what you might expect on other websites, the site features a creative user interface and a futuristic design that allows faster and easier finding of content. If TorrentKing and other websites are laggy, this one is a perfect choice. Search for the content with the most seeders if you need reliable and fast download speed.


When searching for the best TV shows and movies, RARBG should be your first stop. Apart from the quality content, you get on the website, the streaming and download speed is very fast. One the website, expect to find various content selections such as movies, TV shows, anime, manga, music and documentaries grouped in various categories. Unlike TorrentKing and many other sites, RARBG is not updated regularly. So, expect old content each time you open the homepage. Moreover, the website goes down more often, but fortunately, it has stood since 2008.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle is a decentralized website similar to Google. But unlike Google, Zooqle is focused on offering high-quality TV shows and movies. For a long time, people have been relying on it for HBO’s new mini-series. Watch the Game of Thrones and other catastrophic tales on the decentralized search engine. Unlike TorrentKing, Zooqle will need your data for registration but you do not have to worry about that because the encryption algorithm is effective and will protect your private information and password. The site is accessible 24/7.


For a long time, has been offering YIFI movie content to its large number of users. Even though the site does not work on YIFI group, it provides many TV shows and movies in various qualities such as 720P, 1080P and 3D. The owners created the site to restore the original YIFI movies and to provide quality movies. And because they offer pirated content, you should expect many ad popups. The owners rely on the ads to make their revenue. If you want to rate movies too, you should start by registering. Apart from the movie or TV show, you will also get a summary and the IMDB score.

6. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the simplest websites offering free torrents, TV shows, music, documentaries, game and anime. The developers have grouped the content by alphabetical order to help you know where to get your target content. If you have any content that you would want to share with the community, sign up and upload them. But because the site supports adult-based movies, you have to be at least 18 years of age to start streaming. Unlike many other websites that come and go, LimeTorrents has stood since the year 2009. That is a long time, so expect many ad popups because advertisers rely on the site too. 

7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a leading torrent storage website that has stood for many years. Despite facing many lawsuits and shutdown issues, the website has stood and the developers can update the offered content more often. Expect to find documentaries, Movies, TV shows, Anime, tutorials and music. However, users face many challenges such as linking to other websites and shut down. People who maintain it have also been arrested severally. That might be the reason people refer to it as the parent of pirating sites.

8. is another site offering free torrents. It works as a TorrentingKing alternative but it has suffered numerous cyber-attacks and attempts to shut it down. The owners and creators were once tracked down and arrested after they made a legal online purchase. After opening the website, you will find videos, movies, TV shows, games, tutorials, books, music and computer programs. The website has been offering meta links for the users to download more content their way. However, it does not share or borrow torrents. The number of torrents grows each day and you can upload your files too to help others. It will go down from time to time and because one KAT file might have many copies, knowing the original one is hard.

9. IsoHunt

If you are looking for the best Torrent search engine site, IsoHunt is another good choice. It offers end-to-end encryption and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) services. The categories updated daily include games, movies, TV shows and music. It is a perfect choice when TorrentKing or any of the above sites are down. Most users love it due to its stable connection.

10. TorrentRover

TorrentRover is another great TorrentKing alternative on the internet. Unlike the others on this list, it is available both as a desktop app and website version. So, you do not need to use the search engine each time you want to download a movie or a TV show. What’s more, you will love it due to its ad-free experience. To get the money they need, the site owners have opened a webpage for people who would want to support them by sending money. Search for TV shows, Music, movies and games. But because the content is pirated, you should expect the site to go down from time to time.

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