Best Alternatives 2022 | Sites like TV to Watch  Movies

Best Alternatives 2022 | Sites like TV to Watch Movies

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Editor Futurescope

For a long time, stood as the best website for TV shows and movies as well as the site that allowed people to stream while chatting with their friends and family. Unfortunately, Kast acquired it on July 2019 and if you typed “” on your browser, you will only get redirected to Kast. Even before was acquired, its services had been shut down since May 2019. Today, Kast has every right to business.

While many other websites go down because of legal issues, app had no problems and that is among the things that shocked most of its users. The website offered a group chat room feature that allowed individuals to stream any content with their friends. Up to now, only a few sites have managed to replace the feature. That does not mean that you will easily find any website offering features that match those of But if you need a similar experience to that the site offered, here are the alternatives to Rabbit to try.

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1. Rave

Rave is one of the great alternative to Rabbit for individuals who love streaming videos on their mobile devices. The platform provides a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices in addition to an online website. Users enjoy a great experience on the two platforms. You will be able to interact with your friends and comment on movies after joining a virtual room. 

2. Kast: alternative to Rabbit platform

The people behind are the same developers of Kast. Each time you type on your browser you will be directed to this website. Apart from the online website, Kast offers a desktop application in addition to mobile applications for people who would want to stream movies and chat with their friends on the go. For the best experience, you will need to download the mobile application and host your movie watching parties with around 100 friends. Chatting option in the app and website version allows you to talk with all your friends while streaming your favorite movie and TV shows.

3. NetFlix Party

As the name suggests, NetFlix Party allows you to watch the movies and TV shows available on NetFlix with your friends. Put differently, the site allows you to host online movie parties at no cost. Unlike other websites, the developer offers a website extension to allow faster browsing. After opening the website, you just need to log into your Netflix account and invite your friends to your watch party. The whole process is stress-free and you can chat with every viewer in your hosted view party. However, Netlix Party only streams content from NetFlix and not from other websites.

4. Synaptop

Synaptop is another great free to use website that you can use to host your online watch parties. You can watch your favourite movies and other videos with your friends and chat with them at any time. The offered mobile applications will come in handy for people who want to enjoy movies and chat when on go. While the site is free to use, it does not rely on ads to make money. So, you should expect distraction-free movie-watching parties.


5. Togethr TV

If you enjoy streaming content from Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix, you can still do that today and enjoy your host parties through websites like Togethr TV is a site designed to offer streaming services like Rabbit and allow people to communicate with their friends while watching their favourite movies. Unlike many other websites, they offer a voice chat and text chat so that the users can enjoy their time to the maximum. Moreover, if you have movies or TV shows on your computer that you would want your friends to watch, there is no need for uploading them to the internet. You can stream them directly from the computer. 

6. SyncPlay streaming alternatives are many and SyncPlay is among them. SyncPlay is very different from the other alternatives. Instead of allowing users to host watch parties, it offers a media, which every user has to install in his/her device. After installing the player, ask your friends to do the same. You will be able to play files and synchronize them with your friends. Put differently, the media player will play one video on your computer and that of your friends without them having to download it. Moreover, your friends do not need to have any videos in their device for the media player to work. Unfortunately, there are no mobile apps for SyncPlay. You can only install it on your Windows, MacOS and Linux operating system.

7.  Airtime

This is a perfect Rabbit alternative. Apart from hosting watch parties, Airtime allows users to video call their friends while still streaming movies and TV shows. If you need to talk to discuss something with several people, you will manage to video call them at the same time. For the best user experience, you might need to run the platform on your smartphone. It allows streaming of movies from Netflix, Spotify and similar sites. Even more, you can listen to your favourite music while still watching videos.

8. Simulchat

Simulchat is a great chatting application that allows the users to stream videos with their friends and relatives too. The feature makes it an ideal alternative for individuals who would want to create private chatrooms, watch videos, chat, make video calls or even play video games with friends. Unfortunately, Simulchat only allows streaming of the videos available on YouTube and not Amazon Prime, Netflix and similar sites. Because it is free to use, the site is worth trying as a best alternatives to Rabbit. Create a free account today and start your chatting sessions.

9. TogetherTube

This list of best Rabbit alternatives would not be complete without mentioning something about TogetherTube. TogetherTube is a wonderful chatting app that allows people to watch TV shows and movies with their friends too. In addition to that, it offers many helpful features and options. You can use it to watch videos and listen to music online with your friends. All you need to do is send the offered invitation link to your family and friends and ask them to join your watch party. TotherTube is not available as a mobile app, so you will have to use your internet browser.

10. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is free to use Rabbit alternative. Among the things you will love about it is that it is free to use and does not require any signup. After opening the site, you can make your private room and invite people to chat with you. The user interface is modern, sleek and great looking. Stream video content from the most popular sites at no cost and listen to your favorite music with your friends.

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