Best Alternative Sites like Pubfilm

Best Alternative Sites like Pubfilm

Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

Are you looking to stream movies for free? If yes, then you certainly know alternative sites like Pubfilm. If you are free movie enthusiast, then you will understand the pleasure that comes with accessing a large catalogue of movies and TV shows at no cost. Unfortunately, Pubfilm recently got blocked due to copyright related infringement. So you’re probably asking: which sites are similar to Pubfilm?

The best Pubfilm alternatives include Popcorn Time, Kanopy, Vomoo, MovieFlix, and many more.


In this article you will find a lot of information related to pubfilm alternatives. Be sure to find out why pubfilm does not work anymore. Also find 11 alternatives to this movie streaming website.

What’s Pubfilm?

Pubfilm is a worldwide online movie streaming platform. The site attracts more than 8 million movie nerds monthly. Pubfilm is very popular among Americans but also nets many other fans from other continents.

Taking a closer look at this fantastic site reveals that the site has a unique, simple, and highly functional User Interface.  Besides its free content, you will spend less time getting accustomed to the site.

Pubfilm content is high quality and offers its users a great viewing experience. You can live stream using your preferred browser without any hiccups. 

Is Pubfilm safe?

Every movie site has got its pros and cons. Pubfilm is free, comes with a massive library and straightforward UI. 

One major worry is the illegal stuff that Pubfilm offers. Upon integration in 2014, the site attracted many fans and currently camouflages in its six domains, which helped beat the court prosecution against providing illegal content.

But this is not to say Pubfilm is safe. Illegal content includes piracy and comes with bitter consequences. You can get into trouble by watching illegal stuff online. 

Downloading copyrighted material can attract up to $150,000 for every copyrighted file. You can also serve five years in jail. Aside from these two, the law can force you to pay heavy fines.

Using Pubfilm exposes your devices to spyware and malware. The results include excessive popup ads, data or file loss, low internet speed, and identity theft. 

Like many other users, this is a reason enough to keep you hunting for other websites similar to Pubfilm.

How do I download from Pubfilm?

Although Pubfilm faced closure in 2017, it is still available on the web. There are many links on its Facebook page to get you into this incredible movie site. Once you are on the site, you can use two methods to get hold of your favorite movie. 

Method: Download button

  • On the Pubfilm site, open any Pubfilm movie of your choice. 
  • Locate the WATCH NOW button.
  • On top of the movie link, look out for the DOWNLOAD MOVIE toggle and click the button. The function will redirect you to another site known as ParryPlay.
  • To download, go through a simple registration process on the ParryPlay website.
  • While on the second registration step on ParryPlay, fill in your credit card credentials.
  • Once you complete the payment process, you are free to download your Pubfilm movie choice.

Method Two: Download Pubfilm movies with Allavsoft

With Allavsoft, you have a 100% safe, clean, and high-quality Pubfilm downloader guarantee. You can download any Pubfilm movie without redirects to ParryPlay. 

Allavsoft Downloader supports multiple movie Pubfilm downloads to any video format. This Pubfilm also supports MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, et cetera. 

Step One:  Install Allavsoft

We have a free Allavsoft download for Mac and Windows. Install and launch the downloader by following the simple steps after installation.

Step Two: 

Access the Pubfilm website from your browser or a link on Facebook. 

Key in the movie name on the Search box. You can also hop on the MOST WATCHED, NEW MOVIES or the RECOMMENDED section. 

Step Three: 

Identify your choice and copy the movie URL.Go on and paste it on the Allavsoft downloader.

Step Four: Setting up the final video output format

This step involves Allavsoft making the Pubfilm original video format as the output format by default. It is an optional step for you as you can use the Automatically Convert to button to save other video formats as your output format.

Step five:

The final step involves tapping the “Download” toggle. Go ahead and click this button to complete Pubfilm downloading process. You will The results will be your desired output format to your movie folder.

Pubfilm Alternatives

Undoubtedly, Pubfilm is an excellent website that offers movie diehards a massive collection for free. You can watch comedy, adventure, action, science fiction, documentaries, and many more by just searching a movie on its user-friendly interface.  The results give you a list to choose from, among other exciting features.  

The major drawback with Pubfilm is the provision of protected copyright content to its users. Because of Pubfilms copyright illegal dealings, you may get yourself in trouble by downloading its content. 

Remember that you are constantly under watch by the Recording Industry Association (RIA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) anytime you log into a movie site like Pubfilm. The two online illegal pub film police closely monitor any downloads you make from the movie sites.

You risk legal action by consuming Pubfilm content. Fortunately, we have alternatives that offer the same goodies as Pubfilm. Websites like JustWatch, Kanopy, Vomoo, FlixTor, and many other sites offer free and legal movie content to their users. 

Let’s look at these best alternative sites like Pubfilm.

11 Best Alternative Sites Like Pubfilm

Tap any of these best sites like Pubfilm to land on a movie entertain site;

1. Vumoo

Vumoo is an online movie free streaming sites like Pubfilm where you can access an exhaustive list of dramas, films,  and animations for everyone in Chinese, Japanese, English, and many other languages. There is no limitation on what to watch on this platform. Vumoo is a website like Pubfilm because it offers a vast library free of charge. 

All the films on this site are HD quality and allow downloads hassle-free. If you want to view shared and paid streaming HD content, this is the place to be. You also have a chance to watch various changes from different countries. 

Also, there are titles and subtitles for local and international viewers to allow hot international releases. Watch HD TV sports events, shows, series, and documentaries free of charge.  

If your interest is in downloading for future indulgence, you can do that fast and easily directly from the Vumoo website. Also, download and install Vumoo’s default video player to watch your favorite films consistently without ads interruptions.

2. Kanopy

At Kanopy, you will find thousands of free movie content in different genres, including documentaries, science fiction, romance, drama, et cetera. All these genres cater to other age groups and have an extensive collection of the latest releases. 

Most people find Kanopy an easy-to-use site because of the site’s flawless user interface. The user interface is pretty straightforward and much enhanced than most movie sites. You can even have the night mode theme if you want.

Even more fantastic is its compatibility with many devices and OS. Whether you have Apple TV, iOS, Roku, or Android, you will try out anything you still fancy in Pubfilm. 


Kanopy gives a limitless source of entertainment for free. All the videos are open source and let you download them for future viewing. 

To enjoy Kanopy movies, open the website’s homepage and click the Sign Up icon. You will create your free account with quick access to free premium content.

3. MovieFlix

MovieFlix’s website offers a free online streaming movie collection platform. This website is open to all users without restrictions on location. The size of the library is outstanding. 

There are thousands of movie links to select from your device. In addition, if you are using your mobile, the Android version is available. However, the iOS users will be disappointed because the version is not available.  

The vast library of movies available on the MovieFlix website is also one of the most attractive features.  MovieFlix’s list of movies keeps expanding daily, meaning that you have a wide range of science fiction, drama, comedy, adventure, and other types of movies in different genres. 

With stable internet connectivity, you can stream any HD movies on this website. Even the thrilling Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean drama series are available.  

4. Niter

Niter comes to you with high-quality HD 1080p movies. The site is quite popular with its Bollywood and Hollywood movies. All the content is free and easy to access. 

With a great UI, even new users navigate through the site with ease.  Thanks to Niter’s professionally developed website. Niter’s media content is premium quality and sorted according to Genres, Language, and Top IMDB. You will also view movies in the Latest movie uploaded category, among others.

This site is convenient as it has email notifications if you register yourself successfully. You will create a personal playlist and add an unlimited number of movies for later viewing. 

Though Niter does not have a download option, the platform comes with the most popular, used, and robust programming systems, including Laravel and Symfony. It is also compatible with  TVs, PCs, tablets, iPads, and iPhones.

5. VexMovies

VexMovies combines freedom and reliability in online streaming. The quality of content in this simple site is top-notch. 

Whether you want online streaming or downloading your favorite movie, all is available for you. Popular genres are also available, including drama, documentaries, sci-fi, romedy, soaps, et cetera.  

There are also other bundles on this site. You will be spoiled by the massive collection of TV series and big-screen movies. Whether it is archived for oldies or updates for the latest releases, you have all that on the VexMovies website. 

In addition to the bundles, you have got a direct and straightaway layout for ease of navigation.  You can always expect a flawless exploration, thanks to the friendly UI, which also makes this site perfect for unlimited entertainment.

 6. JustWatch

JustWatch lists exclusive to movies, blogs, books, TV shows, and a wide variety of content for free. Generally, the site’s layout and design are easy to walk through and find content. Whichever content you intend to view, the interface is user-friendly and convenient. 

Additionally, you will also get your search results quite fast if you have a robust internet connection. There are several categories to indulge you in this site. Whether it’s a documentary or a series that you missed out on, you can go back and watch. 

JustWatch is absolutely free and updates its library regularly with the latest release. All these features are on the homepage so that you can spot them right on time. 

7. Movies Found Online

This site is a perfect alternative to Pubfilm. Movies Found Online covers Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, and many other classic films from all over the continent.  The collection is incredible and allows you to live stream movies of your choice without limitations like forced signups and subscriptions. 

Movies Found Online site collection is vast and comes with a friendly User Interface. On this website’s homepage, there are various movie categories like “Featured Movies”, “Most Watched”, and even the “Latest added” for the latest releases. 

In any of the above sections, browsing is easy as everything falls into Action, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Wester, Family, Melodrama, Comedy, Suspense, and Fantasy genres.

If you have a weak point for Anime, the Movies Found online website will offer you this Japanese category for free. The only drawback you will encounter with this movie site is the slow loading of content. Otherwise, it is one of the best alternative sites like Pubfilm.

8. YahooView

If you didn’t know, Yahoo houses movies too. YahooView is another reliable standby site on the list if you missed Pubfilm on your browser. You can use your official Yahoo account to get into YahooView or the link we have provided above.  

With YahooView, you have a callosal number of movies at your disposal. The homepage features the latest uploads of movies, documentaries, and series. You also get to watch TV shows that you missed. Just type the genre and key in your movie. 

In addition, you can also check the most-watched on the homepage. If you have no idea of the genre, just type the movie title on the search box. It will appear for you to select and enjoy.

All new releases appear in a separate section on the homepage. All the live streaming on YahooView is ad-free and great, like Pubfilm.

9. Hotstar

Hotstar is a prominent Indian movie platform. Bollywood and Hollywood dominate this platform. The most appealing detail is the ability to download the app from Google Playstore and App Store.

Another appealing dimension is the site’s User Interface. Hotstar web design is smooth to navigate and outshines many movie websites.  

All the media content on Hotstar is available for free. Still, you can opt for a premium membership to benefit from premium content like the Indian Premier League.  If you wish to stream from your mobile device, the site’s HD video streaming is compatible with Android and iOS. Hotstar also allows you to set video playback speed.  

10. ExtraMovies

How can we ignore ExtraMovies when listing the best alternative sites like Pubfilm? ExtraMovies regularly improves itself to offer its users the best viewing experience. 

This site is a reliable and easy-to-use site with visually appealing features. Like Pubfilm, you will find an impressive and vast collection of movies. 

All the categories in ExraMovies take in Bollywood, Anime, Hollywood, Dual audio movies, and many more. You can access anything you want on this site with the search button, either Hindi or English or Hindi.

ExtraMovies website offers two resolutions, 720P and 1080P. In addition, you can also opt for Torrent files download. The choice is all yours.

All the above features and many more are fuss-free; no subscriptions and registration with ExtraMovies.Also, you can watch from any locality on the globe.

11. PopcornTime

Finally, we list Popcorn Time as one of the best alternatives to Pubfilm. The platform is free for watching online and downloading to watch in your leisure time. You have a choice to install the app version on your Windows.

Popcorn Time app allows you to download movies and is perfectly compatible with most mobile versions. All movies on Popcorn Time are high quality and buffer-free.  Again, the website is free and comes with no subscriptions and signups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best website like Pubfilm?

Several sites on this guide can substitute with Pubfilm, but our best pick is the Niter movie website. This movie site contains a vast collection of movies in all categories that you ever think of. Niter’s User Interface is straightforward and safe for use. 

About downloading options, Niter does not offer that. The most probable reason is your safety. Niter safeguards copyright material and will not allow you to download stuff that can lead to legal issues.

Is Pubfilm a Legal site?

Pubfilm is an illegal site. Recently, MPAA shut down the site because of providing its users copyrighted material without a license.  MPAA fined the site owners $19.8 million. The site is still carrying out illegal activities by camouflaging on its many domains. The domains include,,, and many other domains.

Pubfilm domains are not available on Google as their ads remain blocked, but the site distributes its links on Facebook. 

How can I access Pubfilm?

Currently, Pubfilm remains an illegal site since MPAA took its action against the illicit streaming content. Accessing the site is only through its domains like the and Pubfilm remains blocked by Google search engine and cannot market itself through the ad sense. 


Our list of Pubfilm alternatives assures you that if Pubfilm goes down, you can still stay entertained nonstop. You have got Hotstar, JustWatch, Kanopy, YahooView, and many more sites to keep you delighted. 

Like Pubfilm, all of similar sites Like Pubfilm in our list includes freebies, unless you want to subscribe for premium content like books and sports. With this list, you do not require registration. Above all, we advise our readers to stay safe with online entertainment as it can turn out to be fussy, especially redirects to malicious sites.

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