9 Useful College Apps You Didn’t Know About

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Need some smart applications that can boost your study life and life in general? Don’t look any further. We’ve listed down a bunch of free ones that you might have never heard of, but they pack a practical punch. 

And suppose you’re looking for resources to help you survive in college right now. In that case, there are many services online that you’ve probably never tapped into but have infinite potential to enhance your work and grades seriously. 

On that note, Studyfy is a website that offers students from all walks of life numerous academic resources and help! For those struggling with their coursework and writing, Studyfy offers affordable paper help at the hands of professional essay editors with huge experience. Invest in your time and your education, and try out Studyfy’s services to help you with any of your academic needs. 

Moving on, here’s the list of our top picks: 


A practical calendar and planner application with a simple and easy design. Users can also write down ideas, groceries and make other lists on the app. Users can change the color theme of their app and enable a flying dog and cat animation whenever they strike something off their list. With TeuxDeux, you can:

  • Get organized
  • Plan out schedules
  • Note down ideas

It’s free-to-use for some time, then $3 monthly or $24 yearly for a subscription. It has one of the simplest and, in our opinion, best UI (user interface) from all of the other calendars. It’s cheap as well, but it gets everything done. Users won’t need to download anything else; it’s an all-in-one planner. 


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track its users. DuckDuckGo evidently has a corresponding app available for iPhone and Android users. Private search engines are a much better alternative to using Google or other search engines that basically spy on you. The results on a search engine like DuckDuckGo are not saturated with advertisers trying to sell you their product/website as well. 


College students who want to take it a step further can download a private browser on their phones as well. So, what does Brave do? It blocks ads, trackers, saves bandwidth and time. All for the user. 

Moreover, users can open private windows and private Tor windows, which is a level above the rest. Brave is free to use and download, and it should seriously be considered by any student out there. 


Trello is like a regular planner — but take the concept of a planner and pump it up a hundred times more, and that’s the type of planner it is. For readers and college students who like their lists, this is the app you never knew you needed.

It’s great for handling numerous projects at the same time. This way, users won’t lose track of a single thing and project they want to accomplish. It’s perfect for college students since all students have numerous classes. 

And for students who need to work with other students on a detailed project, Trello can be ideal for logging everyone’s activity in. Students can assign cards for their classmates and vice versa. The UI is intuitive and easy to get around with, and it’s free to use and download. 


Prezi helps students create and capture beautiful presentations by providing templates and interactive animations. Students can use these free – and cop an outstanding grade from their professors.

Not only that, Prezi offers services for video editing and even design, and it can really enhance any work you need to present to the class and professor. The techniques are simple but elegant and modern – we thoroughly recommend this application.


With Chegg, students can buy textbooks and rent them for a discounted price. This will help any student save money in the long run. Users are also provided with live tutoring sessions, guides, and more study resources. It’s completely free to download!

Hotel Tonight

For students who love traveling and want to find cheap deals for accommodation, this is the application for you. Traveling is great but can be a financial burden, especially if you have no source of income or have a small salary. 

Hotel Tonight is a website with an app that can help anyone find cheap accommodation on the spot. Hotels give the company discounts on empty rooms, which the end-users of their website and application reap. 

Their hotel search engine also gives an incredible variety and types of hotels, and it can be pretty amusing to see what you can find. Especially since there are numerous unique hotels in many cities around the world, and they can be easily overlooked, but not with Hotel tonight. 


Brain FM provides its users’ music that has been scientifically proven and cherry-picked to help with focus, meditation, and better brain function overall. For those having difficulty with their studies, this might just save your grades for this semester. 

If studying without music is getting old, but studying with music doesn’t work, then this is the probable solution. 


This application is for creating flashcards and can help boost memory. In turn, that could save you in your next exam. Students can make customizable flashcards with text, audio, images, and videos. Those who need to study in a group can do so by downloading it together and using it together. 

Brainscape helps students memorize what they need to by using intervals between the cards, which has been proven to be a better way of memorizing things. Walls of text are apparently outdated, and flashcards are in. Ace that test today and try this one. 

Final Thoughts

There are many applications out there, and there might just be one for every occasion, but they are not always good or even functioning. The ones we’ve listed are sure-proof to enhance the quality of your school life, so we hope this guide has helped. We recommend our readers check the apps out as soon as they can – and see which ones suit them.

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