A Simplified Online PDF Compression Process: GoGoPDF’s PDF Compress Tool

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If you need a PDF file that is already in an email ready size, then you’ll find this PDF compressor useful. GoGoPDF offers a PDF compression service on its website. You can easily upload any PDF that has a file size that is incompatible with web uploads, attachments, and even printing processes. You can easily eliminate these dilemmas and compatibility issues through this GoGoPDF tool.

GoGoPDF is one of your best options when it comes to resizing, compressing, and shrinking PDF files. With this PDF compressor, you can easily enable your PDF file to take up less storage and make it easier to upload to the Internet. It’s for free, and you can start compressing your files through GoGoPDF today.

Four Steps To Compress

GoGoPDF’s compress PDF tool is one that you can easily use to resize and shrink any large-sized PDF file. How easy is it? Well, you can compress your PDF files down to a respectable and compatible size in just four steps. We’re more than confident that you’ll be able to go through this four-step process in a minute! 

You can begin the PDF compression process by uploading any substantially-sized PDF into this PDF compress tool. Once you give this online PDF compressor something to work with, it’ll instantly begin reducing its file size. Simply let this compressor do its job for a few minutes!

Once it completes compressing and resizing your PDF document, you’ll be able to instantly download a new PDF file. The new PDF file should now be compatible with the size limit for email attachments, uploads, and it’ll even be easier to print! Subsequently, you can save the file on your computer or share the file to any social media account you have.

Fast Resizing

The difference between GoGoPDF’s Compressor and other compressors on the Internet is that GoGoPDF can produce an outcome in just minutes. Other online tools simply take too long to resize and compress one PDF file. In turn, it’d play out negatively whenever you have a long list of PDF documents to compress!

With that said, GoGoPDF is your best online alternative when it comes to online PDF compression. All you’ll need to do is to upload the PDF, and you can easily reduce the file size in minutes. This PDF compressor can also effectively resize the PDF file to as small as 144 dpi! With this new file size, you’ll be able to use the PDF file for web attachments, uploads, or print the file more conveniently!

This tool is a free PDF compressor that’s available on GoGoPDF. That’s right. You won’t even need to spend a dime of your hard-earned money just to resize your PDF file for compatibility!

High Quality Output

One common aspect among online PDF compressors today is a tradeoff. Surely, you may be able to shrink and reduce the file size of your PDF down to a compatible size. However, you’ll also be reducing the quality of the PDF that you uploaded. In turn, the entire PDF compression on other online tools still isn’t effective nor efficient.

With GoGoPDF, there’s no such thing as a tradeoff in quality. This online PDF compressor is more than capable of reducing any PDF down into any file size while preserving the quality of the PDF.

Compressing your PDF through GoGoPDF will mean that all data from the PDF file won’t even be touched. The only thing that this PDF tool will tackle is the file size, as it effectively reduces and resizes it.

Platform Browser Compatibility

All users will be able to compress, shrink, and resize and PDF files through this PDF compressor. When we say all users, we mean that everyone, regardless of the platform or operating system that they’re using. In turn, this PDF compressor is one that you can access and use on any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer. 

GoGoPDF is a web-based platform as well as this PDF compression service. In turn, the only requirement to access this GoGoPDF tool is a web browser. There’s no required browser as you’ll be able to compress your PDF on any browser such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and other popular browsers.


It can be quite a hassle when we can’t attach a PDF file to an email because it’s too big. There are also a ton of reasons why handling a big-sized PDF can sometimes present a ton of problems. In turn, you can effectively tackle any problem or issues that a large-sized 

PDF brings using GoGoPDF’s compressor. 

This online PDF compressor from GoGoPDF allows you to resize a PDF in the most effective and efficient way. Plus, it’s for free, and you can begin resizing your PDF files through your browser today.

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