How to strikethrough on Google Docs? Quick & Easy Way For You

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A large percentage of the people who use WordPad, Google Docs and MS Word do not know what the term “Strikethrough” means. Strikethrough is a representation of texts crossed out through the centre but without affecting the readability, for example, Strikethrough. Up to this point, you might understand its significance. Some years ago, typewriters and other non-erasable text printing machines were the only option for typists.

So, when the typist made an error, he/she would not erase the content and the only option was to cross it out with a Strikethrough feature. Later, computer developers adopted it as one of the features and implemented it in most typing tools. Today, almost every typing software, such as LibreOffice, MS Word, Google Docs and Wordpad, has the feature but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use it. In some typing tools, it is a standalone option in the toolbar but most people try to find in all the other offered menus.

How to do a strikethrough in Google Docs

Google Docs offer many helpful features and that is the key reason the number of users increases each day. Unlike Microsoft Word, the cloud platform allows easier sharing of documents. It is also a better choice when creating brochures, resume templates and cards. When a need to add a Strikethrough arises, here are the steps to follow.

Unlike in many other editors, strikethrough toggle button in Google Docs is not situated next to the bold and italics buttons. That should not mean that Google Docs does not have the option – it has only hidden it. There are two methods to do a strikethrough in google docs. 

Step 1: Open Google Docs and select the portion of text content you would want to add your strikethrough effect. After selecting the text, click on “Format”. 

Step 2: On the drop-down menu that pops up after clicking “Format”, click on “Text” to display more formatting options. Now, choose the “Strikethrough” option. Your selected text should change to strikethrough.

Step 3: If there is any need to revert the strikethrough effect, follow the same process. Google Docs also supports keyboard shortcodes. 

The method will work but if you are planning to strikethrough severally in the same document, you should admit that it is cumbersome. It can be painful if you have to strikethrough large text blocks in one word document. Do not panic, the following shortcodes should make your work easier. 

–           Mac Computer: ⌘+Shift+X

–           Windows computer: Alt+Shift+5

–           Linux distros: Alt+Shift+5 

The shortcuts are default settings but if you are a Mac user, you can change the main features for faster access. For example, you can swap the ⌘ feature with the option key. So, if you have such settings in your Macbook, use the right keys to make the strikethrough easier. And to undo the strikethrough, use the same shortcodes. So, highlight the text and apply the keyboard shortcuts or apply the menu option. That will remove the strikethrough from your specific text block. 

Why people use the strikethrough feature in google docs

People use strikethroughs to indicate deletion of errors or removal of text in draft copies. If a professional has proofed or edited your paper, the strikethroughs will help you know the suggested changes or those already made. Here are the main uses of strikethroughs.

–           To recommend deletion of text in the traditional editing processes 

–           Used ironically in the modern social media posts 

–           In technical contexts, people use them to show the history of the document changes such as struck passages. They are a valuable public tool. 

The conventional uses of strikethroughs methods

During document editing, through computer-aided editing or by hand, strikethroughs convey the intention of an editor or to show the content to be deleted. A strikethrough in Google Docs is a basing copyediting symbol and in ink-on-paper proofreading, the editor has to include a loop at the ends of each line to show deletion. 

By contrast editing with the track-changes option in Microsoft Word indicates a deletion through red strikethroughs. After the editor revises a document with the reviewing tools on MS Word, they either accept or reject proposed deletions. Each time you accept it, the struck text disappears and if you reject it, the strikethrough disappears leaving behind the plain text. Each time you encounter a black strikethrough when proofing a document, you should know that someone is intending to edit it but he/she is not using the “Track Changes” feature.

Alternative uses of the strikethrough

Online communication uses strikethroughs for better communication. The users mostly intend to show their humorous irony. They indicate that any non-stricken language is official but the purpose of the stricken-through words is to show the genuine, unfiltered opinion of the writer. In that context, the strikethrough is not a proofreading symbol but it is a line crossing through text. Some people use double-strikethrough effects on their text without using any other editing tool. You can colour it red or mimic the track-changes edit. The alternative use of double or single strikethrough text:

–           Has to be viewed by the readers

–           Reflects opinions that the writer has to express through wording 

–           Can lightly veil insults at times 

–           Is not meant for editing 

You will see the approach in social media and blog postings where implied snarks are more accepted than they are in the formal business contexts. Keep in mind that the strikethrough options function more like toggle similar to italic and bold options. So, if you would want to continue typing from where your strikethrough text is, you should expect the new text to be strikethrough. In such cases, use the above method to turn off the strikethrough before you continue with your typing.


So, now you know how to strikethrough on Google Docs. But it is important you memorize the strikethrough keyboard shortcut if you are planning to strikethrough many times in your documents. Even though the menu option will work fine, it might be tedious when you have to strikethrough your text occasionally. The keyboard shortcut for Mac devices is ⌘+Shift+X while that for Windows and Linux desktop is Alt+Shift+5. Mac shortcut is customizable.

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