5 Reasons to Digitize Your Study Materials

5 Reasons to Digitize Your Study Materials

Last Updated on August 27, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

The most valuable skill today is quick navigation in the ocean of data. To succeed in the studying process, students need to have this very skill instead of book knowledge. There is no need to accumulate extra knowledge as a reserve.

New Age, New Ways

Times, when young people had to carry heavy books and tons of notes from one class to another, have already passed. Now teachers send e-copies of lectures to their students. Universities provide access to electronic libraries and supply students with e-versions of course materials. 


The onset of the pandemic moved all educational programs online and made teachers create video lectures. Students, in their turn, got a convenient option to avoid writing by hand. Thus, OCR programs, digital co-working spaces, e-lectures, video chat rooms, and essay writing services quickly gained popularity in 2020-2021.

Writing essays service EssayWritingService offers students and working people who need help with essays. Yet, it is better to read some reviews before you pay for an essay and then make a decision. It is difficult to trust one particular company or writer in this mess of offers. 

Work Faster from Any Place 

How often do students forget or lose documents and books in a swirl of tests, exams, lectures, and other things? The answer is – very. 

They could often forget to bring some significant home task to class, or its paper version may get wet from the rain. Do you still carry tons of printed study materials along from home to college every day? If so, drop this habit immediately. 

Scanned copies of books are as informative as their paper versions. It is all about storing and accessing course materials from home and the classroom. Students can access the cloud spaces with lecture materials from the computers with the client app and through the web interface. 

The quick access option is a crucial thing for people working on several computers at the same time. For example, a student could carry a laptop to classes, work at home on a large and powerful computer, and simultaneously watch the results on a mobile phone while still in bed in the morning. All of it while also checking an EssayPro review provided by NoCramming platform. This is what we call efficient time management.

Shared Coworking Space

Traditional cloud storage such as Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, Croc Disk support file-sharing functions. They also allow multi-user access to the documents. This option works best for team projects. 

You can create a shred box for a team or have separate boxes, and share working folders. The second option is preferable but requires a basic level of computer training. Upon installing the client, a folder appears on the computer in the Shared Documents section, where you can put documents and use them as a regular folder.

An undoubted advantage is the maintenance of the activity log. In this log, users can see which files were changed or deleted, when they were added or edited. 

A huge advantage is the option of restoring deleted files. As you know, this one does not work with paper files. Users also can give a link to unregistered users to download the attached files via the web interface. 

Easy Overhaul

Lecture materials in paper form take up physical space. When the first year of the studentship is over, soon-to-be sophomores have to choose what dusty lecture notes are worth keeping and what should go to waste. Digitalization reduces this dull time-consuming chore to a couple of clicks on a touchpad or a phone screen.


If you stack paper versions of all coursebooks, notes, and lecture materials gathered in 4 years of college, this would probably make up a pretty noticeable mountain, or at least a hill. Thus, the best copy of a document is an electronic copy. 

Free Some Space for Other Things

Heavy books and immense amounts of lecture notes take up space in your room and day bag?

Cloud storages help free even more space and share files quicker. Files on the user’s device are synced to the cloud, and users can share them with others. With Google Drive, there is no need to send files by mail – just send the link and open access. 

On the Last Note: The Advantages of Digital Files Over Paper Ones

• Easy access available at any time

• They are easier to handle and share

• Cloud storages allow the users to reduce the number of copies and avoid confusion

• E-copied do not take up any physical space

• They are pretty hard to lose, especially in cloud storages

• Recently, teachers prefer to receive all papers in electronic form

• Students can open electronic versions of books and lecture materials on any device

• E-copies on your phone can serve as cheat notes for tests and exams

The world is undoubtedly going digital. Information is everywhere now, and access to it is available at all times. Just reach out and get it.

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