How to Clear Clipboard on Android

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

Last Updated on October 24, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

There are over 2.5 active Android phone users globally, making Android devices the most popular choice among smartphone users. Its popularity can be accredited to the user-friendly and straightforward interface packed in Android devices. The pocket-friendly Android devices come with excellent features to elevate your digital experience. One of the exciting features packed in Android devices is the clipboard.

Android clipboard comes as a built-in feature to enable you to access copied or selected items like texts temporarily. Are you aware of the clipboard service on Android? If not, you will get a proper answer in this article which addresses what a clipboard is and how to use it.


On the other hand, you might already be familiar with clipboard functionality but have no idea how to clear the clipboard’s items on the Android clipboard. If that’s your case, you are in the right place. In this information-packed article, you will learn the exact method of how to clear a clipboard on Android. Additionally, we shall give you alternative methods you can use to perform the same task.

What is Clipboard on Android?

Clipboard on Android is a temporary storage platform that stores your copied content. After copying any item on your Android smartphone, for example, links, images, and text, they are stored in the clipboard by default. The last copied thing covers the clipboard history, i.e., the latest entry removes the items you had copied earlier. After copying the things, you can later paste the content in your desired location.

How to Access Clipboard on Android

Many people are unaware of where to access the Android clipboard from in their devices. If you are among them, worry less, you are going to find out how to access the clipboard on Android in the following paragraphs:

  1. Open the text messages app on your mobile device: Unlock your Android device and launch the messaging app. Depending on the device manufacturer, the app can be labeled Messages, Text Messages, Messenger, etc.
  2. Create a new SMS: Click the icon located on the top right corner of your screen and open a new text message page. Hold and press anywhere on the blank message field until two options appear on the screen; Paste and
  3. Access the Clipboard: Before accessing or deleting the copied content, click To proceed to the clipboard, where you can see all copied items, click clipboard.

If you are a Samsung user, you can long-press the customizable key on the keyboard. After this, select clipboard to view the clipboard contents on your Android. An alternative method of accessing the clipboard is opening any other instant text messages or chat apps like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. Once you open the messaging app, long press on the message field and click on the clipboard.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

Once you understand how to access clipboard contents on Android, deleting it requires just a few clicks. You can choose to clear a single item or delete all the Clipboard content.

A stock Android device does not have an accessible clipboard. In this regard, you do not need to clear the clipboard since it does that automatically. Stock Android devices automatically delete the last item you copied after copying another thing or switching off the smartphone.

For pre-equipped Android devices, you can access and clear the clipboard using a manual method. To do this:

  1. Long press on a clear message and click on the clipboard
  2. Select the Delete All option at the lower-right corner of your screen
  3. To delete a single item, click on it, then select the delete option

How to Clear Clipboard on Android with Apps

Whether you own a stock Android or a pre-equipped one, third-party clipboard manager apps will make copy-pasting easy for you. Rather than relying on the Android built-in clipboard, you can install an excellent clipboard app that enables you to access previously copied items, select what to paste, among other features.


Here are three Android clipboard apps that you can try:

1. AnyCopy

AnyCopy app comes in two versions; premium and free versions that you can download on Google Play Store. With the free version, you can enjoy these features:

  • No Ads
  • Encrypt all the notes you’ve made
  • Lock feature to lock the app against third-party access
  • Access the app quickly using a notification that stays on your device’s screen

For premium users, you can enjoy these advanced clipboard features:

  • All limited version’s feature
  • Sort copied texts based on their sources (where you copied from)
  • Edit the default save folder
  • Edit the text sizes

Whether you choose the free version or the affordable premium version, you can use the AnyCopy app to clear the clipboard; access copied text, among other features.

2. Clipper- Clipboard Manager

Clipper, just like AnyCopy, comes in free and also paid versions. The paid version stores all your copied items regardless of the time or the number of things you copied. On the other side, the free version is limited to 20 copied items. The paid version also has a feature for users to syn all the copies online, search through copies, and get rid of ads.

Though the app is not security-sensitive like AnyCopy, Clipper ensures that you never lose copied items. More so, you can delete unwanted clipboard items.

3. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is not only a handy clipboard manager but also a free keyboard app. If you don’t mind getting a new keyboard to boot with a fully functioning Android clipboard manager, SwiftKey Keyboard is your best choice. Once installed, you can select it as your default keyboard app.

To access the clipboard manager from the SwiftKey Keyboard screen, click on the “+ “icon on the top-left corner. SwiftKey Keyboard auto-deletes copied texts after one hour, but you can store them with the pin feature for as long as you wish. All pinned texts are stored until you choose to erase them.

Android Clipboard Manager

If you never knew about the clipboard on smartphones and how to clear it on Android, I believe this article has given you an insight into the Android feature. Additionally, you can do more with Android Clipboard, for example, permanently save a copied item. To do this, open the clipboard panel and select the Lock to clipboard option and unlock if you wish to remove the clip.

If you have a stock Android device, consider downloading a third-party app to get clipboard features on your smartphone or tablet. Kindly use the comment section to share with us your experience while using the apps we recommended. More so, you can comment and share the article by using your clipboard’s copy and paste function.

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