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Couchtuner 2.0 is a free video search engine that lets you find and stream your favorite TV shows or movie series. You can access sites like couchtuner using your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

However, the free streaming site has fewer TV shows and multiple pop up ads that can expose your computer to malware. Sometimes, you may not access couchtuner website since some internet service providers have blocked it.

Are you unable to access Couchtuner or find your favorite TV show on the platform? If yes, the following are alternative streaming sites where you can watch your videos.

If you are a free movie and TV show fanatic, then higher chances are you’ve heard of Couchtuner.

Thus, if you’ve been using Couchtuner, then you must be bummed out after its recent shut down a while ago.

Lucky for you, there are boatloads of best Couchtuner alternatives. Among the best options include

  • Movie Watcher
  • Popcornflix
  • PrimeWire
  • Vumoo
  • Daily TV Fix
  • AZ Movies
  • Solar Movies
  • 123 Movies
  • Crave 
  • Putlocker
  • Tubi TV
  • Watch Series
  • RainierLand 
  • Fmovies
  • Popcorn Time
  • New Episodes

What is Couchtuner?

Couchtuner was an online site where you could access both online and offline TV shows. Its users could access TV shows and series from stations like CNN, HBO, Turner, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros. 

The best part about Couchtuner was that users could access these TV shows and series without the need for assessment or signing up and for free.

Aside from Couchtuner providing diversified content, its content was always up to date, and you could always expect to find new episodes every day.

The fact that Couchtuner gave its users access to free content prompted original owners to file copyright cases against it. Hence, the unavailability of Couchtuner on the internet.

Is Couchtuner Legal?

No. Couchtuner, like most streaming sites, allows its users to view other people’s content for free. What the site does is, provide a convenient interface that allows its users to stream content hosted on the servers of third-party content providers.

Couchtuner violates the law of copyright. 

Is Couchtuner safe?

The comeback to this inquiry depends on whether you value digital safety or not. For most individuals, digital security is paramount. 

When using Couchtuner, you’ll likely encounter malware and open a gateway for digital crimes on your device. This is because Couchtuner contains limitless amounts of links to ads, third-party websites, and pirated entertainment.

For instance, when you access Couchtuner sometimes, it may demand that you sign up or update your music player. This is a malicious action. IT may lead you to download malware unknowingly since the site does not make such demands of signing up or updating the music player.

Therefore, take great caution while using Couchtuner and any other site that grants access to pirated content.

What happened to Couchtuner

If you cannot access Couchtuner, it’s because Couchtuner is either blocked by your ISP, moved to a different domain, or shut down entirely from the internet.

The reason for the unavailability of Couchtuner is breach of copyright laws. Since Couchtuner provides entertainment content free of charge, the original owners have every right to report copyright cases against Couchtuner.

Are there safe Couchtuner Alternatives?


Some sites like Couchtuner that are safe to use but might not be free include:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu

Here is the list of couchtuner website alternatives

Movie Watcher

Just like Couchtuner, This site will grant you access to a range of TV shows at no cost and without having to register an account. It is suitable for individuals who don’t like long TV series since it airs TV shows only.

Movie Watcher has a vast collection o f television series, science fiction, documentaries, talk-shows, mysteries, thrillers, anime videos, and action movies. You can hardly miss your favorite film on this streaming site. Its search filter lets you find your favorite movie within a short time.

Some of the TV show genres you can enjoy from this site include animation, adventure, action, biography, crime, horror, noir, reality TV, romance, fantasy, family, documentary, mystery, musical, sport, and talk shows. Moreover, you can check out this site’s menu for genres to see if you can find the genre of your preference.

Moviewatcher’s HD movies come along with detailed analyses from IMDB to let you gauge a film’s quality before you start streaming. It has an android version for streaming videos using a smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, it is mobile-friendly thanks to its user interface, and it displays TV shows with streaming quality and IMDB rating.

A major con of this site is pop-up ads.


This site is yet another one of the best Couchtuner alternatives. Popcornfilx grants its users a range of TV shows, movies, and viral videos at no cost—there are no hidden charges nor subscription fees.

Therefore you can watch genres like documentary, action, drama, comedy, romance, mystery, sci-fi, and thriller, among others, using Popcornflix.

To use Popcornflix, you can either watch what you wish to on the website or the Popcornflix application, which you can install on iOS or Android.

Moreover, Popcornflix is a legal site. Thus you do not have to distress about breaching copyright laws.

The downside of this site is, you can only access drama shows available in your region.


This site is yet another alternative site to Couchtuner for watching free movies and TV shows.

With Primewire, you don’t have to register an account before you can access its vast collection of movies and TV shows accessible in different languages and genres. 

It also has an easy-to-navigate user interface that eases every action you do on the site and finds movies and TV shows.

Additionally, Primewire grants its users the ability to watch whatever they wish to, using different resolutions. Thus, even if you’re experiencing a slow internet connection, you can still watch and enjoy a movie or a TV show.

Moreover, with Primewire, you can select the mirror that’ll work for you best based on the quality ratings of individual mirrors made by other users. 

The downside of Primewire is, it shuts down frequently because it’s a common target for hackers.


Like Couchtuner, Vumoo, though not so popular, is a free movie, TV shows, and series streaming site and an excellent alternative for Couchtuner.

You can find a range of genres like action, comedy, horror, drama, animations, thriller, family, fantasy, and mystery, among others, without an account registration request. Also, you can stream and download movies, series, and TV shows in HD. 

Vumoo has its content sorted in order of release date, IMDB rating, and alphabetical order. That way, you can filter out undesirable content to get to your favorite content.

 Additionally, this site has a user-friendly interface to help you navigate through the site easily. 

Among the major cons of Vumoo are pop-up ads and the unavailability of many new titles to explore.

Daily TV Fix

Another good Couchtuner alternative that you should include in your list is Daily TV Fix.

Here you will find the latest content, most popular content, and least popular content —thanks to its vast collection.

You can find TV shows, movies, and series of different genres; comedy, horror, thriller, documentary, action, fantasy, and drama. The site displays the latest TV shows, movies, and series on its homepage. 

To ensure an excellent user experience, Daily TV Fix lists twelve different mirrors for every TV show or movie so that you can opt for the most favorable one. Hence, if one link is not working, you can choose another one.

Additionally, Daily TV Fix has an active forum section where users can interact and socialize, speak about TV shows, movies, or series and make requests.

AZ movies

The owners of this site have done a good job when it comes to wooing users to use the site to access entertainment content. AZ Movies has an interface that looks like those of paid online streaming service—a feature that most people like, even though it’s free to use.

AZ Movies lets you watch thousands of old and new HD movies and TV series. This site’s video library has a film produced in 1915. AZ’s movie list is classified according to the most watched, top-rated, just added, and new releases to let you find and streamline movies easily.

It has a vast collection of movies and TV shows of different genres; action, animation, western, comedy, crime, horror, mystery, romance, and fiction. As the name suggests, you are likely to find movies ranging from the letter A to Z.

Besides the categories, AZ Movies’ homepage has an indiscriminate list of favorite actions, fantasy, mystery, comedy, and animation videos which are appropriate for those who are not looking for a particular film. You can access the platform without signing up.

AZ Movies update new series, movies, and shows every week. To search for movies, you can either type in the name of the movie or the actor or director in the search bar. 

You may be fascinated to know that the oldest movie in AZmovies dates back to 1915, and Charlie Chaplin directed it.


Another Couchtuner alternative that will come in handy when you are trying to access entertainment content for free and without registration.

SolarMovie is a popular site with a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and series of any genre. Be it horror, comedy, thriller, action; you name it!  This free video streaming site has a collection of movies from all popular genres. As well, SolarMovie has favorite TV shows collected from China, the United States, Japan, South K couchtunerorea, and other parts of the world.

It has an adequately designed user interface that simplifies navigation while on the site by helping you find your favorite content easily. This feature will also make it easy for you to spot trending content on SolarMovie. Just websites like couchtuner, SolarMovie does not collect your personal information. You can stream all videos without spending a single dime.

However, if you want to enjoy more features on SolarMovie, you will have to register an account. Such features include saving a movie or a show for later viewing, rating movies, and requesting unavailable content. Luckily, registration does not demand sensitive information, and the site does not keep any files on its servers.

One downside of this site is numerous pop-up ads.

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123 Movies

If you are a big fan of streaming online movies, then higher chances are you have heard of or used 123 Movies before. This site is also one of the best sites like Couchtuner.

It has thousands and thousands of users; hence, it stands as one of the most searched sites on the internet. It is a free-to-use and access site that does not necessitate account registration.

This file streaming website has a video library with thousands of movies and TV series. 123 Movies’ developers have categorized their library into various genres for easy searching and streaming. 123 Movies’ developers keep updating the library each day.

You can access a grand collection of movies and TV series using a filter search based on genre and release year from this site. You type the title of the video you wish to watch into a search filter. Afterward, the streaming website will list relevant movies to choose from. You can stream and watch the film using your smartphone or computer. Moreover, you can bookmark videos for later use and request unavailable videos.

Unfortunately, the original 123 Movies website shut down due to copyright issues. Have fewer worries however since multiple mirrors of this site exist for you to use. The mirrors of 123 Movies have no difference from the original site; only the domain is different.

However, this site, like most other such sites, contains numerous pop-up ads.  


If you are searching for a Couchtuner alternative that will avail movies and TV shows in different languages, then Crave is the one for you. This site has a vast collection of TV shows from all over the world and in different genres.

Furthermore, you can find famous series like Game Of Thrones and Friends, among others, on this site. Also, this site uploads new episodes of  TV shows and series without hesitation. Thus, you’ll never feel inconvenienced because of such delays.

Another plus to Crave is that you can always stream content in HD; you’ll have the best of experiences with it.


This online streaming site is yet another great alternative for Couchtuner. With Putlocker, you can access multiple TV shows, movies, and series free of charge and without registration. It is ranked among the top 250 most visited streaming sites in the world. It attracts over 800,000 visitors a day

You can easily browse movies, TV shows, and series by typing in their genres or release dates in the search bar. Moreover, you can find entertainment content from regions like Thailand, Hongkong, Japan, China, and France, among others, on this site.

It also includes a graphical user interface that makes navigation through the site straightforward for anyone.

With Putlocker, availability is the last thing you should worry about since it has numerous mirrors available for you to use.

And just like most online streaming sites, Putlocker has numerous intrusive ads.

Why is PutLocker popular among video lovers? PutLocker lets you stream videos without installing video plugins. Furthermore, the site has a vast collection of movies and an excellent buffering speed. Its user interface is easy to navigate.

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Tubi TV

Are you looking for a site where you can watch over 50,000 television shows, comedies, actions, and other licensed movies at no charge? If you are, Tubi TV would be the most appropriate streaming site for you.

However, you’ll have to register for an account before you access this site’s content.

Tubi has a large selection of popular movie titles in the world’s entertainment industry. You will find content from genres like comedy, horror, and action, among others, on platforms like Xbox, Apple TV, and Roku. The site’s owners keep updating the movie list with recent releases each day. You can access Tubi TV with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

You can watch most videos without signing up. However, if you wish to watch R-rated movies, then you will have to sign up for a free user account.

Most users of this site prefer to access entertainment content from renowned studios like Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lionsgate Motion Pictures, and Paramount Pictures, among others.

Tubi TV has an easy-to-navigate user interface. Hence, you’ll have no trouble accessing its vast library of entertainment content. 

Watch Series

If you are a binge-watcher, the best Couchtuner alternative would be Watch Series. As the name suggests, it’s an excellent site to watch series as well as TV shows and movies.

This free-to-access site does not require one to register for an account to access its content, but you’ll get additional useful features if you do.

With a modern web browser, you can get series, movies, and TV shows in English or with English subtitles. Additionally, English subtitles will allow you to watch Japanese anime and Chinese dramas on the site.

To guarantee availability, this site contains multiple mirrors.

The major drawback of using Watch Series is multiple ads. However, using an up to standard ad blocker will be of help.


Our listing of best Couchtuner alternatives will not be complete without the RainierLand streaming system.

This site will give you a wide selection of both TV shows and movies free of charge, in high definition quality, and in the best terms of quality.

It is a guarantee that you will always find your favorite shows and movies on this site. It contains a collection of both oldies and the latest shows and movies. You can search for movies and shows by name or genre.

Additionally, you can be sure you’ll find the latest episode of your favorite TV show or series as soon as it is public because it instantly gets uploaded to the site.

Fortunately, Rainierland is ad-free. This is because when you choose to watch particular content, the site provides you with a link to direct streams to enable you to watch it directly from a third-party site.

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Another free site like Couchtuner is Fmovies. On this site, you will find a boatload of TV shows and movies.

Fmovies will provide you with a URL source to easily stream or download your favorite picks of TV shows and movies.

To search for entertainment content, you can use the genre, country, movies, TV series, or A-Z list category.

This site is not sensitive information requirement-free if you’d like to optimize the movie and TV show request feature. This is because you’ll need to provide an e-mail ID.


PopcornTime is also another one of the great, free-of-charge alternatives for Couchtuner. 

From this popular site, you can stream up-to-date torrent TV shows as well as movies. You are bound to access entertainment content from different genres.

A common problem you’ll encounter with PopcornTime is multiple intrusive ads.

New Episodes

Last but not least, we have New Episodes: another top-notch Couchtuner alternative that grants its users a sense of paid service but is absolutely free of charge.

If you are looking for a site that will grant you access to new episodes for TV shows even minutes after release, New Episodes is the site for you. You can also find old shows and series here.

Sony Crackle TV

Sony Crackle streaming website has thousands of old and recent comedy, crime, action, TV series, and drama movies. The site’s owners keep updating the movie list each month, to make sure that you get the freshest series and movies.

This streaming site lets you share your favorite videos through the email and other social networks. It has a reasonable buffering speed.

Crackle has an innovative feature that lets you search for a different movie while watching another. Also, the feature enables you to save videos that you would want to watch later. Different from Couch turner, Crackle TV has a mobile app for streaming videos using a smartphone or tablet.


TVMuse has a database of links to favorite cartoon shows, documentaries, TV shows, and other movies. The free-to-access platform has a search filter that let’s locate and stream videos easily. At present, TVMuse’s database has over 2000 TV shows.

TVMuse presents its videos in HD format. You don’t have to sign up to access the video search engine’s movies. This free database has a forum where users socialize, as well as share streaming links.


Vidsturm boasts of an easy to navigate interface that lets you find movies and shows within the shortest time possible. Its home page displays various genres of movies, their year of production, as well as their estimated play time.

Into the bargain, Vidsturm’s movies and television shows come along with a comprehensive criticism from people who have already streamed the videos. The detailed reviews let you judge if a particular video is worthy streaming.

TV Movie Fix

TV Movie Fix is another excellent alternative to coutch tuner. It has a broad list of TV series, favorite movies, and trailers. The streaming site lets you search video content easily through its search filter.

Why would you consider TV Movie Fix as an excellent alternative to couchtuner website? TV Movie Fix has a forum where movie enthusiasts socialize and share their thoughts. Moreover, this streaming website provides detailed movie recaps and reviews to let you stream movies that suit your taste.


What is the best audiobook website?

For most people, the best way to escape the hustle and bustles of life is through audiobooks.

Some of the best audiobook websites include:

  • Downpour
  • Audible
  • Librivox
  • Google Audiobooks

What are the Best Sites to Watch Series?

Some of the best sites to watch series, as well as movies and TV shows, include:

  • Watch Series
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Crave 
  • Vumoo
  • Popcornflix
  • New Episodes

Where can I watch Series Online for Free

If you are enthusiastic about getting access to multiple TV series and TV shows and movies free of charge, here are the best online sites for you.

  • Popcornflix
  • Tubi TV
  • Crackle
  • Hotstar
  • Retrovision
  • Internet Archive
  • Yidio
  • CW TV
  • CW Seed
  • Pluto TV

Which is the Best App for Web Series

Some of the best applications where you can access web series include:

  • ULLU
  • Arre
  • Jio TV
  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime
  • Airtel TV
  • Eros now
  • MX Player
  • Watch
  • ALTBalaji
  • Voot
  • ZEE5
  • Ditto TV
  • Sony LIV


Couchtuner was one of the most popular online streaming sites, and its shut down was a loss to many. If your internet service provider has blocked Couchtuner, or you cannot find your favorite movie title on Couchtuner’s database, our sites like couchtuner recommendations would serve as an excellent option. They are free to access, and they have plenty of movies and television series. Fortunately, there are numerous best Couchtuner alternatives that’ll accomplish the job. Use the above listing of 15 sites like Couchtuner to pick one or a couple of sites to keep you entertained.

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