Best VIPLeague Alternatives And Reviews

Best VIPLeague Alternatives And Reviews

Last Updated on October 1, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

A sports hard-line seeking the best VIPLeague alternatives? Check out our list of free live stream sporting events on BT,  Free, Sky, and Premier Sports, among others.

Watch rugby, cricket, football, golf, motor, and other sports on our VIPpLeague alternatives.

VIPLeague alternatives include Sport2P2, FirstRow, SportLemon, WizWig, Live TV, LiveSoccer TV, and many others.

As a sporting zealot, VIPLeague is not a new name. The site is hype to many and remains the most visited in the online sporting world. The reason is the flawless UI and the long list of links it offers for various sports and matches. 

Despite the name VIP, the site is not for big names only. It is available for everyone and for free of charge. But, VIPLeague will treat you like a dignitary.  There are no mandatory signups to access VIPLeague. Plus, you will watch top live sports like soccer, golf, rugby, basketball, and many more on a clean and well-arranged site.

But we are not digging into this glorious sports site; neither are we asking you to ditch VIPLeague. We are giving you the best alternatives! Why seek alternatives to VIPLeague? Whether you are new or a VIPLeague die-hard, you need to know things can go haywire for this site and leave you regretful.

Find out why you need a VIPLeague alternative and the 12 best alternatives to this super sports site.

What is VIPLeague?

VIPLeague is a free online sports streaming website that contains a vast collection of links for football, rugby, handball, motorsports, basketball, hockey, badminton, and any other sporting activity in the world. 

The website does not ask you to sign up to access the games. As long as you have a device with an internet connection, you are good to go. VIPLeague is user-friendly with large thumbnails and easily accessible functions. This site has well-organized categories with scheduled matches, dates, and times. Whether a veteran or an amateur, the site is faultless and straightforward.

Is VIPLeague legal?

VIPLeague is a fantastic site for all your sporting events streaming but it is not a legal site.  Reason being the site offers its users copyright content to view. 

Any site that breaks copyright laws is illegal and can land you into serious trouble for consuming its contents. That is why we are recommending other alternatives where you can find similar sports content, legally and free of charge.

12 best VIPLeague Alternatives

You don’t have to get hooked with a channel that many people are shying off due to copyright issues. Besides, if the copyright authorities catch up with VIPLeague, who knows, a pull-down is possible.  Here are some of the best alternatives to bail you out;

1. WizWig

Wizwig is an intriguing one-stop live streaming website for sports, live radio and tv shows. It makes a great alternative to VIPLeague as the site is free and accessible regardless of your location. WizWig is reliable and consistent as it provides high-quality links with HD videos. 

Watch your favorite game and players by clicking on the live sports button. You will get the match schedules to create time for watching. This website is easy to walk through and search your games. 

There is no clustered look and the site allows you to set up the time according to your location. All live plays are free for you to view but you have to sign in to alter the time zones.   

Other than changing the timezone, Wizwig does not require any other signup. Every other game is free. The only requirement is stable and high-speed internet connectivity. With a PC or mobile device, you will enjoy sports live streaming from a variety of channels.

Sporting categories on this site include football, motoGP, tennis, baseball, cricket, rugby, and many others. Other than sports channels you will enjoy several games and listen to countless radio stations and TV channels.

2. CricHD

As many may guess, CricHD is not a cricket-only website.  Over the years, the site has transitioned from a cricket site to an all sports center. 

With its traffic skyrocketing daily, other sports categories are finding slots to satisfy fans. That includes motors, tennis, UFC, soccer, basketball, American football, golf, boxing, and many more upcoming sports.   

From its inception as an only cricket platform, the site has enjoyed a flawless UI. It is well-organized, clean, and super easy to use. 

Unlike other sports sites, you will not encounter side promotional banners. Instead, CricHD provides its users with a list of upcoming and current sports matches.

CricHD allows its visitors to interact via chat. In addition, the site embraces language diversity. The sports streaming is in English and many other languages. You do not have to abide by the time zone on the CricHD homepage. There is a provision for you to set that to suit your location.

At the center of the homepage, a table indicates the sport, time, date, competition, title, link, and status. The site keeps it simple for users worldwide.

3. LiveTV

To be honest, LiveTV is one of the most charming sporting sites. The site uses a red and blue color scheme, which is quite attractive.

Users view sports online without the site hosting any channel. LiveTV operates by rerouting video games from other websites.  

The site comes with a tab that tips you on the next video games. That way, you have a clue. You can even read mark notifications on the live games and view the sports highlights on the site.  

LiveTV video quality is HD  for the perfect picture and quality, and you are not required to register with this site. The only drawback you will encounter with LiveTV is a few ads here and there.

4. SportLemons

Enjoy live sport streaming online on this free website. If you find live matches more pleasurable, this site is the perfect deal. The site provides the best HD and 3D visuals and real-time sports streaming. 

With SportLemon, you do not have to download surveys, toolbars or risk your device with malware. You will follow football matches for the English premier league, Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, et cetera. 

This site does not limit the number of users at any given time. In addition, you can watch medium to high-quality live streams because the team publishes its streaming using Peer to Peer (P2P) software technology. The technology redistributes videos continuously and in real-time.

5. Live SoccerTV 

Undoubtedly, soccer is the most populous sport globally, and so is Live Soccer TV. If you are among the 3.5 billion fanatics, you will feel at home with this website. It is very appealing and live-streams all the soccer tournaments from all over the world. 

Like VIPLeague, the site is free and compatible with iOS and Android devices. You will not require a signup to watch any event on this site. Besides sports, you will get a host of information about your favorite players, match news, soccer standing, and many more.

6. Live Football TV Streaming HD

As the website’s name depicts, you will view High Definition live videos of exciting football matches from all over the world. If you ever missed a match, you have the archives for any football match ever played.  

Live Football TV software allows you to view the UEFA champions league.  The software is also offering a live match feature that takes you to live-action anywhere in the world.

This sports platform allows you to watch series like UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League,  LA Liga, English Premier and UEFA Europa League, and many more exciting matches.

In addition, if you have low internet speed, you have an option to live stream a lower quality as our connectivity allows. All your shows have the latest updates with stable flows. You can download the software from googles’ play store or use APKs.

With this VIPLeague alternative, you do not need to inconvenience extra plugins for instant network support.  

7. JioTV

JioTV works with over 600 TV channels around the world. Users also access over 100 HD channels. The site is very expansive, with instant access to many programs. You have a better substitute to VIPLeague as you can watch live matches around the globe.  

JioTV provides diversity in languages and genres. In addition, you can replay any show that you ever missed and also start from where you left. 

There are advanced search options to expand your viewing experience where you can set reminders, share your favorites with friends, rewind, and even forward. 

That is not all; the software is compatible with mobile devices to ensure that you view the programs wherever you go. Catch up and enjoy past shows at JioTV with uncomplicated search functions.

 8. Social442

Social442 allows you to watch soccer on your android and iOS app free of charge. You have the email subscription options so that you can stay informed on the upcoming matches. You also get the stream remaining in HD. 

With Social442, you do not have to deal with annoying advertisements that cropping on most websites.  

If you sign in, you get a chance to exchange with other soccer die-hards on the chat platform. This feature is equivalent to other social media platforms where soccer fans discuss football masters. You can catch up and talk about players, matches, and any other football-related stuff.

Social442 is a site with a great UI. It is easy to use and does not require anyone to hold your hands through any navigations.

9. SonyLIV

We do not doubt that you will find this site elegant and an alternative to VIPLeague. Firstly, it is a one-stop platform for sports, news, TV shows, wrestling, and many more. 

One reason you will fall in love with SonyLIV is the sports channels. These highlight football and cricket, among other sports. You get live broadcasts of major events like the world cup and other exciting leagues with the software.

If you missed any live events, no worries, the software allows you to retrieve the matches and other popular shows. You can also find football gossip, news, and upcoming events on this intuitive website. 

When you are not in a sports mood, comedies, web series, drama, horror, and any other movies and documentaries are there to keep your spirits high. But you will rarely miss a sporting event. 

On the SonyLIV channels, you don’t have to pay. Everything is free, but you can pay for the site’s premium services. There is a provision for you to register to view some shows and movies.

10. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports uses an old fashioned user-interface; however, that doesn’t compromise its live stream purpose. This site is similar to VIPLeague as it provides live streaming links. It also offers a neat feature that provides live scores like those found inSportStream. 

On the FirstRowSports, there are no intrusive ads on its homepage. That’s a plus as it unclusters the site. The only time you encounter the adverts is after clicking the links. Even then, you can close the links within a blink of an eye to avoid redirects.  

FirstRowSports offers you categories like soccer, rugby, basketball, American Football, Tennis, cricket, baseball, badminton, et cetera. The layout is easy and allows you to swap from one sport to another without a need to return to the site’s homepage. 

Surprisingly, all these provisions are unpayable. The site is free to enter and does not subject you to any sign-up. 

From your browser, key in the website or click on the site’s URL and jump straight to the sports category. Select your favorite sport, and you will be redirected to your selection. 


Try ATDHE, and you will never regret it. The site is a perfect alternative to VIPLeague. It is easy to navigate and offers a massive collection of sporting links. The links redirect you to tennis, wrestling, boxing, soccer, volleyball, handball, hockey, and any other sport that you ever think of. 

While ATDHE may not be a very appealing site, every step here is hassle-free. There is neither a subscription nor a sign-up. ATDHE design is straightaway.  This site’s homepage contains two types of links; the one with the lesser ad links and another with many ad links. The choice is yours. 

If you choose the first link, you will apply minimal effort to close redirected pages during the live streaming. On the homepage, you can view a game, the teams involved, and the time set up for the event. 

Additionally, ATDHE provides its users with the exact number of sports links on the site. All this information is at the bottom of the page. The site also provides the number of seconds it has updated the links.

You will not find fancy features like a fan page and betting corner, but we can bet this is one of the best VIPpLeague alternatives. 

12. Time4TV

Time4TV is indeed timely as it goes well with all members of your family. You can watch basketball, cricket, hockey, and soccer from the best of the best teams.  

Time4TV web design is neat, with very few ads on its homepage. There are also all-around features to keep you on your toes in your sporting entertainment. The site maintains reliability and consistency, which includes provisions of popular channels. 

Once you click on the schedule at the top menu, you will view the time and list of available videos for streaming. If you want to stick with the Sports Channel, a button helps you navigate through several channels. 

You can watch live matches, past matches, highlights, and also gameplays. Also, explore both UK and USA channels alongside others. 

After a heartwarming game, you can switch to the News Channel to get the world updates. There are also other tv shows and documentaries on Time4TV. 

Get into the chatbox and engage with other streamers. We are talking about a free site that does not require you to create an account to enjoy its wonderful features.

Final Thoughts

We have a list of the best VIPLeague alternatives. VIPLeague remains the most favorable platform to watch live sports for soccer, cricket, motorsports, basketball, hockey, golf, and many other sports events. You can watch all these on your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet, or any other device with an internet connection.  

VIPLeague is free and offers an independent live streaming platform. It assures its users quality by not hosting third-party channel streaming.  

But all these goodies come with a major drawback.  VIPLeague operates illegally. By using the site, you can be charged guilty of consuming pirated material. 

That’s the reason why we wrote this article; to provide you with alternatives that are at par with VIPLeague. Pick any of these alternatives and enjoy your best sports game.

FAQ of vip league alternatives

Does VIPLeague operate legally?

VipLeague does not operate legally. The site uses several portals, including,,, and to live-stream various live broadcast channels illegally. 

Streaming any live channel with copyrighted material is illegal. The site can receive a hefty penalty or face suspension if found guilty of the offense.

Is VIPLeague offered for free?

Yes, VIPLeague is a free site. For free, you can watch all your favorite leagues, including LA Liga, Champions League, Bundesliga, and many other soccer leagues. It doesn’t have to be soccer only; cricket, motorsports, football, basketball, rugby, and many other sports are available for free on this website.

Can I access VIPLeague on my mobile?

Yes, you can access VIPLeague on its mobile platform, VIPLeague mobile. You will equally enjoy all the games as you would on your PC. The mobile app allows you to watch at any locality any time you want. That includes when traveling or when you are away from your PC. The quality is the same and includes an HD option for your live streaming. You will also find the VIPLeague mobile UI quite friendly and attractive.  

Why do I need a VIPLeague alternative?

It is important to acknowledge that VIPLeague operates unlawfully. It broadcasts copyrighted material. We all know that if the law catches up with VIPLeague, the most likely thing to happen is a heavy penalty. It is possible to be suspended from the internet. With several alternatives to VIPLeague, you will not wake up with a sad face. After all, you have a list of twelve sites to view your favorite upcoming match.

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