What is CCXProcess.exe? Is it Safe or a Virus?

What is CCXProcess.exe? Is it Safe or a Virus?

Last Updated on April 20, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

If you’re a regular user of Adobe, chances are high that you may have encountered CCXProcess.exe at some point in time. CCXProcess.exe is a component of the Adobe Cloud Suite. It comes from programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After effects, Adobe Muse, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Systems, and Adobe.

It’s a process name, one you can find running in the background on your Windows machine. You can observe CCXProcess.exe on your PC’s task manager.  When you see it, you don’t need to panic. Usually, the process is not harmful at all.

On the other hand, the process can be a malware type, though cases are rare. The process often time is the culprit for performance issues. Error messages like,   “unable to locate the file on startup” and “File is missing or corrupt” are some of the errors associated with the process. In this article, we shed some light on what is CCXProcess.exe.

Purpose of the CCXProcess.exe

As mentioned earlier, the CCXProcess.exe is from the Adobe Creative Cloud. You encounter it when you have the Adobe application installed on your Windows computer. The process is the one responsible for the creation of one workspace for all Adobe-related programs.

Usually, as soon as you start Windows this process appears in the task manager. This happens even when you run or want to run Adobe programs like Photoshop or Lightroom.

Often, you may see more than one instance of the CCXProcess.exe. The reason why you see many instances of the CCXProcess.exe is that the CCXProcess.exe would have called script.exe and conhost.exe so that it functions correctly.

Another purpose served by the CCXProcess.exe is to make an effort to synchronize all adobe programs if you run many of them simultaneously. This, however, can result in problems especially if your computer is weak. Having said this, you should avoid running several adobe programs simultaneously if you’re using a weak PC.

Should the ccxprocess.exe run at startup?

You may want to know if the CCXProcess.exe must run at startup. If you are a regular user of the Adobe program then we recommend you to let the CCXProcess.exe launch along with your Windows system. The process won’t take much of your computer’s resources. Also, the speed of Windows startup won’t be affected much by the process.

However, if you rarely use the adobe program, you can disable the process by using the Startup menu found in task manager. To do this first open the task manager, then Startup. After that click on CCXprocess.exe. On the right bottom corner, you will see the disable button. Click there to disable the process. Disabling the process will not cause any problems so don’t hesitate to do it if need be.

Is the CCXPricess.exe safe?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether CCXProcess.exe is safe. First, you should know that for the CCXProcess.exe to be considered a genuine file the Adobe application installed on your pc should also be genuine. If the Adobe application installed on your pc is not genuine, then this can be the case with CCXProcess.exe as well.

Often users have seen several processes that are related to CCXProcess.exe like the conhost.exe file. Usually, the culprit for such a case is the antivirus software installed on your machine which is incompatible with the Adobe program. An example of such antivirus software is the AVG antivirus. The problem comes when you see these .exe processes taking a large amount of memory space, something that causes your machine to perform poorly. In such an instance the process may be unsafe.

Many other processes can be wolve’s in sheep’s skin as they pretend to be genuine while they’re malware. The CCXProcess.exe is one such process. It can be form of malware. Below we look at how you can know if the process is a possible virus.

Is CCXProcess a virus? Signs & Facts of possible virus

To determine whether CCXProcess.exe is a virus, you should look out for some red flags. These include CCXProcess.exe file location not related to Adobe, when you recently downloaded illegal files, and many others which we discuss below.

When the location of CCXProcess.exe is not related to the Adobe software

First, you should know where the legitimate version of the CCProcess.exe is located on your personal computer. It is located in the folder named-C:\Program Files (x86)\ Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud Experience. Usually, the size of the file ranges from 144,008 bytes to 679,048 bytes.

To see where the CCXProcess.exe is located go to Task Manager, click on the Details Tab, select and right-click on CCXProcess.exe. Now Open file location. If the folder where the file is located is not related to the Adobe software then you need to run a virus scan asap.

If Adobe is running in the background but you aren’t using it

Another red flag that the process is a potential virus is when you see that Adobe software running in the background but you aren’t using the app, then it is a possible virus.  In such a  case we recommend you use anti-malware software to scan and remove the virus.

When your system’s performance becomes slow since you noticed CCXProcess.exe

Often the CCXProcess.exe may cause your PC to perform poorly if it’s a virus. You need to do a virus scan immediately if your system’s performance is slow since you noticed CCXProcess.exe.

If you downloaded an illegal file/s recently

To determine whether CCXProcess.exe is a possible virus, you may need to remember if you recently downloaded any illegal files. If you recently downloaded such files like a torrent which are forbidden we recommend you to do antivirus software.

Note: We recommend you use a third-party antivirus software.

How to prevent CCXProcess.exe issues

CCXProcess.exe issues can be frustrating. They may cause your machine to perform slower than ever and many other problems. The good news is that these issues can be avoided. Prevention is better than cure, so you may need to take some preventive measures to prevent CCXProcess.exe.

These preventive measures include making sure that your computer is always clean. To ensure that you should run a virus scan regularly to get rid of any form of malware. Cleanmgr or 2sfc/scannow are handy tools to use to prevent problems with CCXProcess.exe issues.

Another thing you can do is to use 4 misconfig to check for programs responsible for autostart. Performing a windows update can also help you to prevent CCXProcess.exe. Also, refrain from opening email attachments that seem suspicious. Also, make sure to update your Windows System and any other programs that may be installed on it. Lastly, refrain from downloading suspicious pirated programs.

How to remove CCXProcess.exe?

If you are having issues with CCXProcess.exe, you might consider getting rid of it. There are several things that you may do to get rid of the process. These things include uninstalling the Adobe software program(where the process originates from) and using antivirus software if the process is a virus. Below we look at how you can get rid of the CCXProcess.exe in detail.

  • Uninstall the Adobe program

The CCXProcess.exe can be unpleasant and a pain in the neck if it’s a virus. Because of it, you can face regular performance issues on your PC. In such a case you might need to get rid of the CCXProcess.exe from your computer. To do this uninstall Adobe Lightroom Classic software or  Adobe Premiere Pro depending on which one you have installed on your PC.

To do the uninstallation search control panel in the search bar and click on it. Now go to uninstall a program and remove the program.

  • Use an antivirus software

If the process is a possible virus, we recommend that you use anti-malware software to get rid of the virus. GridinSoft Anti-malware is one of the best tools you can use to remove the virus. You can download the GridinSoft Anti-malware on the internet and install it on your pc. This anti-malware software will allow you to perform a thorough scan on system files as well as your installed programs files.

Another handy tool that you can use is Malwarebytes. This antimalware can detect and get rid of the malware. It’s probably the ultimate solution for sleeping spyware, keyloggers, and Trojans.

Note: After using antivirus software use RESTORO to repair any damage that the virus may have caused.


The CCXProcess.exe is usually not harmful so you should not panic if you encounter it on your machine. However, in rare cases, if you see this process and your computer starts to perform slowly, then it’s a cause for concern. CCXProcess.exe can be a virus in disguise that can do more harm than good to your computer.

If CCXProcess.exe is causing you problems, you may need to disable it. You may need to remove the process from your computer. If it’s a possible virus you may need to use antivirus software to detect and remove the virus.

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