What is Zinio Reader 4 virus? Is it Safe or a Virus? Should I Remove It?

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Perhaps, you are among the many computer users who have witnessed a stubborn program that is hard to uninstall after you have installed it unintentionally. It is more like a tricky virus that breaks into your computer and takes root on the hard drive. Zinio Reader 4 virus mostly finds its way into computers through Webpage browse or freeware installations. After installation, it becomes hard to uninstall the program due to many problems. The incomplete uninstallation of the Zinio Reader 4 Virus might cause many other problems. So, you must follow the right steps to uninstall it completely and remove all the files associated with it. 

What is Zinio Reader 4

Zinio Reader 4 is a program that Zinio LLC developed to help you access magazines with articles, photos and ads similar to those you find on print magazine versions. However, the program came packed with the convenience and power of digital formats. Zinio delivers every issue to your computer for you to read at any time and from any place – including offline – with the interactive and intuitive Zinio Reader 4. With the program, you can link, zoom, highlight, note, search, print or even archive the magazine. Reading magazines is easier after digitalization. 

The most used version is the Zinio Reader 4.2.4164, which has around 98 percent of all the installations. The program adds a scheduled task to your Windows Task Scheduler so that the program can launch at several scheduled times – the schedule varies from one version to the other. Zinio Reader 4.exe is the main executable program. The installer carries one file and it has a size of 4.67 MB. Most of the users run Windows 7 and Windows 10 and around 80 percent of the users are from the US. The software is becoming popular in the UK and Canada too. 

Now, you might ask, if Zinio Reader 4 is designed to help people access magazines in a better way, how is it a virus?  Zinio Reader 4 is not a virus but it is an executable file, which is part of the third-party software tools Zinio LLC develops. Size of the Windows version is around 80,384 bytes but the version you have in your computer might have a different size. The .exe extension of its file name shows that the file is executable. At times, executable files can damage your device, so you must check whether the version you have on your computer is a malware or virus that you should delete. 

Is Zinio Reader Free? What is Zinio App?

Are you looking for ways to access your favourite magazines on the go? Well, the Zinio Reader App may be the solution you are looking for. A lot of people just love to read. With today’s culture, it is so common and socially acceptable that reading eBooks is quickly on the rise. For anyone who reads at a voracious pace, they often look into subscribing to an all-you-can read platform. The most prominent among these services is Zinio Reader, which allows users to subscribe to literally thousands of different magazines, while also providing a limited selection of eBooks. The question remains though… Is Zinio App Free. The good news is, the answer is a resounding YES! Zinio is an eBook subscription service that allows users to pay monthly and access eBooks on a computer or mobile device.

The bad news, it costs money. Although the service is free for users to sign up for a one month trial, users who wish to keep reading eBooks need to fork over money to Zinio each month. While Zinio has a small selection of eBooks to offer, they do have one major advantage. The majority of publishers use the service to distribute their titles, including the likes of Conde Nast, Hearst, Fortune, and Seventeen. You also have access to all of the books in a user’s library, so it’s easy to load up on your favorite titles when you’re looking for something new to read.

Whether it is articles you want or pictures, this app can take care of all your magazine needs from anywhere you have internet connection. Before you sign up, learn if Zinio reader is free as well as how much does Zinio cost in today’s post.

What is zinio reader used for? Pros and Cons of Zinio reader

Zinio Reader is an e-reader application, meaning it only has the ability to read electronic documents. It is not used to create or edit. Zinio reader is an app that can only be used to read electronic files. It depends how big the files are. The app allows you to browse, access and read the PDF format. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and even iOS devices. Although the app is free, the website often offers paid versions. The Paid versions normally cost less than 10 dollars per year and offer more advanced features. The Pros:

• It is a free service.

• Only uses the PDF format and allows you to view it no matter what device you are using.

This content requires Javascript to be turned on, which is currently disabled in your browser.

• The layout is very easy to read.

Zinio e-books are more advanced than PDFs, although still have the same basic look and feel. The reader supports ePub, HTML, KF8 and PDF formats. There are a number of different reading modes available to customize the look and feel of the content. You can also create a wish list of your favorite books, which makes it easier to browse for a book you want to read when you have time.

The Pros:

  • It supports more file formats.
  • You can save your favorite books for later.
  • The ePub and HTML formats allow you to make annotations and highlights. • You can create a wish list.

The Cons:

  • The document is not as well formatted as a PDF.
  • Not all e-books are available.
  • You can’t search the content.
  • Zinio may not be able to provide all of the content that your library offers, but it provides a good selection of books that can help you keep reading.
  • The books are delivered via Zinio and are not available on your mobile device.
  • The ePub format is not as well supported by mobile devices.
  • Content may be difficult to find.
  • The application requires you to sign up for an account.
  • This e-book application offers content from a variety of sources and can provide e-books not available through the other providers.

How do you know that the Zinio Reader 4.exe is safe or a virus?

One of the things that will inform you whether the file you have is legitimate or a virus is its location. For example, the path of the Zinio Reader 4.exe should be similar to C:\Program Files\Zinio Llc\Third-Party Software\Zinio Reader 4.exe. To determine the path, open the Task Manager on your computer. Go to View>> Select Columns>> Image Path Name to add a location column on the Task Manager. If there is the presence of a suspicious directory, investigate it further.

Alternatively, you can use Microsoft’s Process Explorer. Open the program – no installation needed – and activate “Check Legends” under the “Options” option. Click on View >> Select Columns and an additional named “Verified Signer”. If the status of the Verified Signer appears as “Unable to Verify”, take your time to know more about the process. Not every good Windows process will have a Verified Signature label. 

Removing the Zinio Reader 4 Virus

If you suspect that your system is already infected with Zinio Reader 4 Virus, you should fix it immediately. To delete the virus, start by downloading and installing a complete security application. Remember that not all tools will detect the type of malware in your system, so you might need to try several options until you successfully uninstall the virus. And if the virus functionality affects deletion of the Zinio Reader 4.exe, you will have to enable “Safe Mode with Networking”. The secure environment will disable every process and load the necessary services and drivers. After that, run the security program and complete your system analysis.

Can I uninstall Zinio Reader?

If you are certain that your computer is infected, you have to uninstall the Zinio Reader 4 Virus immediately. You can do that easily with the help of the Add/Remove Program option in your Window’s Control Panel. To do that, open the Start menu. For Windows 8, right-click at the bottom-left corner of your screen and click on Control Panel. Under Programs, click Uninstall a Program if you are using Windows Vista/7/8 or Add or Remove Programs if you are using Windows XP. 

After you find the Zinio Reader 4 program, click on it. Click Uninstall if you are using Windows Vista/7/8 or click Remove or Change/Remove tab if you are using Windows XP. Follow all the prompts to complete the uninstallation. The Progress bar will show you the length of time it will take to remove the virus. 

Uninstall the virus with third part uninstallers

The manual uninstallation of viruses requires computer knowledge in addition to patience to accomplish. Moreover, no one will promise that the uninstallation will remove all the files associated with the Zinio Reader 4 virus or even the virus. An incomplete uninstallation will leave many useless and invalid items in your computer’s registry that might affect the performance. Many unwanted files will occupy the important space on your hard disk and slow down the speed of your computer. So, it is recommended you uninstall the virus with one of the trusted third-party uninstallers. They will identify the Zinio Reader 4 virus and remove it completely along with its files. 


Today, computer malware and viruses appear like computer applications but they are difficult to uninstall. Such malware relies on spyware and Trojans to get into your computer and some malware like adware or the unwanted programs are very hard to remove. Zinio Reader 4 virus is one of them and you should be therefore careful during the uninstallation to prevent more consequences. Some of the effects associated with incomplete uninstallation include error messages, your system failing to activate the default Zinio Reader 4 uninstaller, some necessary files missing and corruption of the registry entries.

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