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Every sports lover would agree that there is nothing better than a front-row seat to their favorite game or tournament. However, time, money, and distance may prevent you from actually going to the game. Using live streaming sites can give you access to the same excitement, anticipation and adrenalin rush you would get from an actual match. Some may even argue that watching the game from home gives them more comfort and control.

Whichever your case may be, an online site that allows you to catch all the action wherever you are is handy. Many use firstrowsports alternatives to get access to live sports. However, at times, there may be connection problems so that this article will give you alternative best sites like FirstRowSports.

1. WatchESPN

This site allows you to catch the action of live sports anywhere, anytime. You can also watch replays of any missed games and video highlights. Using WatchESPN assures you of a vibrant experience as it streams high definition graphics with great sound. All events which are broadcast on ESPN are shown. Its optimized search bar allows you to find any sporting event you want to watch quickly. You need the connection of participating internet providers to access sports matches live. These providers include Hulu, Sling, and Directv.

Key Benefits

  • It is available anytime you need to use it.
  • Access to the site is free.
  • News updates are available on the site.
  • It is a television network, so the videos streamed are of high quality.

2. SportLemon

SportLemon is a popular firstrowsports alternatives. It live streams many sports from around the world. SportLemon also allows users to look for any sport-related content they want. You can watch sports, like football, hockey, tennis, and boxing anytime. Its fantastic overlay makes streaming uncomplicated and less time-consuming.

Key Benefits

  • It has a user interface that is easy to use and navigate. You are thus able to search for anything you want to watch easily.
  • Its well-enhanced layout makes it free from any bug issues that may ruin your experience.

3. Red Bull Tv

This is a unique live streaming site that provides free live feed anywhere around the world. It not only provides a live feed from matches; it also shows adventure sports and lifestyle content. Games available on Red Bull Tv include Racing, Skating, and Cliff diving.

Key Benefits

  • Programs you may enjoy like the UCI Mountain bike world cup and Sheckler are shown.
  • It gave a list of all athletes around the world and grouped them according to their country and sports. You simply choose a sports person you may want to know more about, and you will get a wealth of information on that person.

4. Fox Tv

For Free sports online, this live streaming site Fox Tv is an excellent firstrowsports alternatives. It has an attractive design that you may enjoy using. Fox Tv gives scores of all featured sports on top. It also allows you to access match schedules interviews and more freely.

Key Benefits

  • You can use your login details from services like Xfinity, Spectrum, and Verizon.
  • It gives free and legal sports streaming around the world.

5. Sony Liv

Sony Liv gives you access to live sports anytime, even when your internet connection is weak or slow. It is well designed as it includes essential pages like a page which shows upcoming matches.

Key Benefits

  • This live streaming site allows you to alter the quality of streaming.
  • If you want access to entertainment and movie channels, you can subscribe to premium content.
  • If you want to live stream sports only, this site is free.

6. StopStream

You can also pick StopStream as an excellent substitute for the FirstRowSports live streaming site. Its popularity emanates from the fact that it gives users a hassle-free experience when they watch a wide range of sports online. It allows you to search for any sport-related content too. At the click of a button, you can watch tennis, soccer, baseball or any other sport you fancy.

Key Benefits

  • It has a fast processing speed. This permits you to watch high-quality videos with no problems easily.
  • You can stream more than 30 sports, so you are likely to find just what you are looking for.

7. VIPBox

VIPBox is an online streaming site that has gained popularity over time. This is because of the diverse content on its platform. Its user-friendly user interface also makes it more user friendly than other sites like FirstRowSports. VIPBox makes watching your favorite sport fun and hassle-free experience.

Key Benefits

  • It avails to you a lot of sports-related content.
  • VIPBox has a breakneck processing speed, so you encounter no problems when you watch quality videos.
  • The link set up option permits you to select links that match your internet connection speed and your server bandwidth management.

8. Live TV

This live streaming site is based in Russia. It has a user interface that is similar to that of FirstRowSports. It has a huge library database that it lives streams its content from. It gives you links for several sports like football, athletics, tennis, and volleyball.

Key Benefits

  • It has a watch later option, which allows you to save live feed and view it sometime later.
  • It supports several languages, including English, French, and German. You can select the language you want yourself in the settings option.
  • You can save older links live video highlights and tables for future use.

9. StrikeOut

This is another live sports streaming site, which is among the best. It focuses on American sports. StrikeOut also covers many sports played worldwide. Games found in its database include soccer, Golf, Tennis, and Rugby.

Key Benefits

  • It is fairly easy to use since the user interface has a few links which are easy to navigate.
  • A strikeout is a gateway to other sites that live stream.


What makes an excellent alternative to FirstRowSports is the similarity between the user interfaces. For someone familiar with the FirstRowSports streaming site, is easy to use. It gives you links for various sports played around the world.

Key Benefits

  • gives easy access to channels like Velux men.
  • It provides high-quality content.
  • You can edit the video and audio quality to your preferred taste or preferences.

To Sum Up

Never miss an important match just because of any glitches you may encounter in sites like FirstRowSports. As this article highlighted, there are several top quality, legal, well-designed, and free live streaming sites you can use. It’s only up to you to pick the option that appeals most to you and has features you feel you may need. Happy watching!

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