5 reasons to change your SSL provider or your Certification Authority

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Do you own an e-commerce or web site where users leave their bank details and other private information? If the answer is yes, surely you already know what this is the SSL protocol because your web already has activated a digital certificate of security. Conversely, if the acronym SSL or the https protocol for secure domains sounds like Mandarin Chinese, there is no time to lose!

Today we have set out to explain to you in detail what SSL certificates and their importance for a website, as well as some practical tips to pass your web from http to https in the right way without that migration will loss the rankings of results of your website in Google.

Beyond a web component that favors its positioning in search engines, the ability of the SSL protocol to transmit confidence in any commercial operation favors the user experience or UX, that concept of which surely you have heard much talk in the last year and a half.

Besides, there is nothing that will stop you from making the change, not even the money. Why? Because our hosting services, provide free SSL certificates in all its web hosting products. Keep an eye on this article because we will clear all your doubts.

There are many reasons why you should consider switching from Certification Authority (CA) to meet SSL requirements. While low prices are a motivation, there are many other factors that should be taken into account and which we will discuss in this blog. If you have recently been thinking about changing SSL providers, this article is right for you. Let’s review the top 5 reasons why making this change would be ideal for you.

# 1 Cost and Value

A low cost will always generate interest and motivate the decision, but you can’t ignore the total value delivered by one seller compared to another. Many CAs focus solely on price and believe that this is the only differentiator, this is where GlobalSign is different. Do you really want to buy certificates that do not cover all your security needs, and do not meet the requirements of the organization just because they are cheap? The answer is a definitely no. This is why it is important to evaluate all the immediate needs of your company, as well as the short and long term requirements. You can thus analyze what the SSL provider is offering you, for example certificate features, benefits, service levels and customer support just to name a few and thus define if they are ideal for your organization.

# 2 Service and Support

High quality service and support build relationships and long lasting business. That should be an important part of your relationship with your SSL provider. Acquiring SSL certificates requires: ordering, installation and renewal and sometimes the user needs service and support to handle any issues with which they can be found. The last thing a user wants is not to receive the help they need during the certificate life cycle.

This is also related to costs. It may seem that the cost of the certificate is cheap, the reason may be that the CA or SSL provider have saved costs by not providing telephone support, or support in different languages ​​depending on the region.

# 3 Features and Benefits

Depending on the SSL provider you select, there are different features and benefits from which you can benefit. You should be aware of these and evaluate which seller offers the highest added value. A great example would be the free SSL tools offered by GlobalSign, not any SSL offers these value-added tools at no additional cost. You should be aware of other charges for features and benefits that you do not need or potentially do not want, as some providers offer additional features only to charge more for your services. Also look for features that are imperative to your business needs and for which you can charge more, such as server licenses. Unlimited licenses by GlobalSign at no additional cost.

# 4 Trust and Compatibility

With the right tools anyone can become an SSL Provider. But what makes one company a better choice than the other? Most browsers like Mozilla and Chrome have come together and decided on which ones they trust. Certificates issued through these CAs will be compatible with most browsers and devices. The more trusted you have a CA, the greater number of devices and browsers in which you can use your certificates.

A CA has a great responsibility in the world of security to ensure they protect the information of their customers. You want to ensure that the AC with which you are working meets this in the best way. So, why use a third party: SSL provider, when you can use a CA directly? If you want to know more about the requirements and requirements of a trusted CA you can visit the CA / Browser Forum. The CA / Brower Forum is a voluntary organization of CAs and Browsers that meet and create the foundations of industry standards and which CAs and Browsers meet.

Remember to ask your CA that browsers and devices are compatible with certificates and have so long been played as a CA. If the experience is new then you must be somewhat forewarned as they do not have many years of experience that prove they can be reliable.

# 5 Understanding Life Cycle Management

Comprehensive SSL certificate lifecycle management means finding, tracking and managing all SSL certificates in your network and cloud services. When your SSL vendor makes this process easier and more efficient for you, it allows you to simplify the implementation and management of all SSL certificates – saving you time and money.

If you are looking to manage multiple certificates for your company, be sure to get a demonstration of the platform or tool you are being offered. It’s easy to use? Do you have everything you need to issue and revoke certificates quickly? Can you train the right people in the company to use it?

The appropriate SSL provider will have an easy-to-use and time-efficient tool that your computer can start using instantaneously. They must also provide dedicated account management and ongoing support for any issues that may arise.

Why choose GlobalSign?

Since 1996, GlobalSign has been a trusted CA and today more than 25 million certificates rely on our trust root. We make SSL easy from the start. Our managed SSL platform provides comprehensive lifecycle management including reissue and revocation, delegated user administration, robust reporting and auditing capabilities. All domains managed via the GlobalSign certificate platform are pre-validated so certificates can be issued immediately after they are requested.

GlobalSign is the only CA that offers SSL-compliant tools, such as our Certificate Inventory Tool, to help you find all your certificates. Also included with our services, offer the SSL Server Verifier to help you configure the servers correctly and find potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This ensures that all your certificates are installed and configured correctly from the start.

In addition, GlobalSign offers flexible business terms to meet the expectations of organizations of all sizes. Including unlimited emission plans, pay as you go and deposits. All SSL certificates include an unlimited server license, so that you can install them in as many devices as necessary. As with local language support and customer service, we work with global companies.

Benefits of Installing SSL Certificates

If you still have not been clear why you have to bet on the security of your website, then we share with you some of the main advantages of using https on your website. Introduce them!

Improved user experience

As we will see in the next point of this article, Google feels a special predilection for websites with SSL security certificate. It may not be decisive to improve our positions in the search engine rankings, but to satisfy the browsing experience of a user and potential customer who knows that our website not only offers you a quality service / product, but also purchases 100 % Secure. Without a doubt, the best ally of web conversion.

More confidence for your visitors

The safety instructions issued by this certification are visible to all users. Here’s an example. This eliminates the fears that often exist when using bank or other confidential information for fear that a third party will intercept such data. You are safe!

More privacy and integrity of user data

SSL certificates incorporate an extra layer of encryption to the data that a client leaves on your website, so that no one else can read them.

More protection from cyber attacks

With the HTTPS protocol you are hardening the protective shield of your web, preventing spammers from reading confidential communications.

You can try also https for your web by Let’s Encrypt

Key Advantages of Let’s Encrypt Security Certificates:

100% Reliable. They offer the same protection as payment certificates, their operation is identical and browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari recognize them without problems.

Easy and quick installation.

Automatic renewal every 3 months. Forget to keep an eye on the expiration date!

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