XIAOMI YI ERIDA Review – Price, Strengths and Weaknesses

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YI Technology continues to innovate with action cameras and powerful equipment designed for adventure and entertainment. In recent months few details have been revealed about the new Xiaomi Yi Erida drone, but the good news is that the Chinese firm finally confirmed its arrival in the market among the most expensive drones.

The unmanned aircraft vehicle stands out among the competition for its modern design, novel handling and promising flight capabilities. It can reach fast speeds and is capable of flying twice as long as other drones. In addition, Xiaomi integrated action camera that offers recordings of videos in 4K.

Due to its powerful structure and functions it becomes one of the best leisure aircraft. Also, it simplifies its transfer by having propellers folding and a light body. The Xiaomi Yi Erida was one of the most anticipated teams of CES 2017, for that reason today we will know in detail along with its pros and cons.

Xiaomi Yi Erida: An innovative, fast and light drone

Xiaomi is a recognized  manufacture brand of the latest technology equipment for amateurs or professionals. Recently, the Chinese firm confirmed the arrival of the second drone of its series, the Xiaomi Yi Erida, which represents innovation in both design and flight capabilities.

Beyond being a new member, its purpose is to compete with the best aircraft brands to provide the user with a high performance and simple handling equipment. This is due to its tricopter design consisting of three folding propellers and a lightweight body to achieve fast speeds.

In addition, it has built-in a battery of long duration that guarantees a reliable flight of up to 45 minutes. Thus, it provides longer flight time than other unmanned airplanes, as these last up to 20 minutes in the air.

In general, drones are handled through a remote control with intuitive buttons and buttons. However, the Yi Erida is controlled by the user’s smartphone. Where you only have to download an application to configure the settings in a practical way.

On the other hand, its key piece is the action camera Xiaomi YI 4K, which as its name indicates is capable of recording videos in 4K. Also, it is attached to a cardan (a universal joint) and has integrated an image stabilizer to guarantee the high resolution in any maneuver.

Characteristics of the Xiaomi Yi Erida


Xiaomi YI 4K

The new Xiaomi Yi Erida is equipped with one of the best action cameras of the company. The same is the Xiaomi YI 4K, a small and powerful chips that provides high resolution in image.

Its optics are comprised of 12 megapixels and a brilliant aperture of F2.8. Ideal for capturing professional-quality aerial photography. Nevertheless, its most powerful capacity is the recording of videos in 4K  with the image stabilizer of three axes.

In addition, the camera offers different capture modes such as delayed shooting, burst, time-lapse and slow motion. In any mode the picture or video is recorded with a viewing angle of 155 °.

On the other hand, it has a rechargeable battery of 1400mAh that not only guarantees 120 minutes of recording, but also lengthens the energy of the flight of the aircraft. In addition, the Xiaomi YI 4K is suspended in a detachable gimbal that employs a movement from top to bottom.

Flight control

Although the aircraft is equipped with powerful flight capabilities, controlling is simple and comfortable. Xiaomi has innovated with its new drone because it is controlled only with a smartphone app both iOS and Android.

The user only need to download the application Yi Erida mobile to turn device into a remote control instantly. This application provides manual controls to configure the image settings such as ISO, aperture, white balance, etc.

You can also control the takeoff, landing, direction, height, speed, flight mode, battery status and more. On the other hand, it transmits a signal of 2.4GHz and the aircraft receives it until a maximum of 1500m.


The unmanned aircraft stands out for its high performance due to its incredible flight capabilities. This is mainly due to its lightweight body that makes it an agile and fast drone.

The same can reach a fast speed of up to 120km / h and a maximum altitude of 6000m, like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Moreover, it comes with  a battery of 6700mAh that provides a flight time of 45 minutes. That is, double of the time than the other teams of the competition.

There is no doubt that the Yi Erida is the fastest aircraft in the entertainment category. For this reason, the company added a system of laser scanner to detect any obstacle from 30m to ensure a safe flight.

Folding Facilty

One of the highlights of the Xiaomi Yi Erida is its novel design. Its body is shaped like a tricopter because it consists of three propellers and three powerful rotors. In addition, the body is supported on three legs and the two front in conjunction with the arms are foldable to simplify their transfer.

In addition, the unmanned aircraft is light (1600 gr) because it is made of carbon fiber, but in turn is very resistant. As we mentioned before, thanks to its light weight allows you to reach fast speeds in seconds.

Meanwhile, in the bottom is suspended in a cardan the camera of action of Xiaomi and in the inner part is the drums of the drone.


  • It has the action camera Xiaomi YI 4K
  • Manual Image Controls
  • Fast flight speed up to 120km / h
  • Flight time 45 minutes
  • Laser Scanner System
  • GPS
  • Folding and lightweight tricot design
  • IOS and Android compatible mobile app


  • Unique handling from a smartphone
  • Limited signal transmission
  • Knowledge is require to control speed

Price and availability

According to the Chinese firm, the Xiaomi Yi Erida drone will be available in the second quarter of this year (2017), but its official cost has not yet been revealed. For more information you can visit: yitechnology.com and for your future purchase in: https://store.yitechnology.com/

This unmanned aircraft is perfect for those looking for high-quality image, speed and simple handling. Its arrival represents the latest technology of Xiaomi to have integrated the best camera of action of the firm and to become the fastest aircraft in its category.

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It is also due to its long battery life that doubles its time in the air compared to other competing equipment. Its tricopter design is undoubtedly an innovation because it breaks the schematic of the quadricopter shape. In this way, it provides greater comfort for arming, storing and moving.

However, it must be taken into account that its fast speed can be difficult to control. Therefore it is advisable to have prior knowledge of flight drones to ensure proper handling.

What do you think of the Xiaomi Yi Erida? Will it dominate unmanned aircraft vehicle market?

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