Easy Guide To Deactivate Snapchat Account Or Permanently Delete It!

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Snapchat is a fun way to express your personality or bond with friends, relatives, and like-minded peers. However, at times, the social media platform can frustrate you to the extent of wanting to terminate it forever.

Are you in such a state? If yes, we have provided two step by step procedures that can help you delete your account within the shortest time possible.

Why would you delete Snapchat permanently?

Deleting it would safeguard your privacy

Snapchat’s employees can access your contact information, geolocation data, saved snaps, and other sensitive information using the SnapLion tool. They can use the information to spy on you, steal your identity, and or bully you online. Therefore, erasing this social media platform would be an excellent way to protect your integrity from mischievous individuals.

Terminating the social platform improves your productivity, and it saves you valuable time

Would you wish to enhance your productivity, or create enough time for your family? If yes, you should get rid of Snapchat and other less critical social media platforms. Why? Social media wastes the time you could have spent doing useful activities. Moreover, Snapchat can distract you from spending quality time with your friends, relatives, and other peers.

Deleting this social media account safeguards your reputation

Snapchat can easily ruin your reputation. For instance, some people may use one of your silly photos or videos to spread malice about you. A tainted reputation can subject you to stress or destroy your professional life.

Getting rid of Snapchat would boost your mental well-being

Snapchat is one of the primary sources of comparison stress, an anxiety which results when your peers have a better life than yours. This kind of stress can knock down your self-confidence, spark depression, or even lead to self-hatred. If you have been struggling with comparison stress, terminating your Snapchat would be an appropriate resolution.

But, how would you delete your account forever? Snapchat allows you to delete your Snapchat account using your desktop or your smartphone any time you feel like. Following is a guide to help you eliminate a Snapchat, within a few minutes.

How to Delete Snapchat on your computer

Go to Snapchat’s official website

To delete Snapchat account on your laptop or desktop, access its official website through https://www.snapchat.com/. Scroll down to the bottom of Snapchat’s home page and click on “Support,” a subheading under the “Community” heading.

Click on “My Account and Settings”

On Snapchat’s support page, click on “My account and Security,” an option listed on the leftward of your computer’s display. On “My Account and Security” page, go to “Account Information,” and click on “Delete My Account.” 

After clicking on “Delete My Account,” a page will display on the right side of your screen. It will ask you to click on “accounts portal,” a link that will lead you to Snapchat’s account erasure page.

Log in to delete your Snapchat

On the account deletion page, key-in your username and your password to validate the account termination process. What if you cannot remember your password? Click on “Forgot Password,” and Snapchat will help you repossess the forgotten login credentials.

Confirm that you wish to delete Snapchat forever

Re-enter your username and password to confirm that you surely want to erase your user account permanently. After providing your login credentials, click on continue to delete the account.

How to permanently delete Snapchat on your phone

Are you looking to delete snapchat using your Android, tablet, or iPad? If you are, here is a direct procedure to help you eliminate your user account on the social media platform.

  • Tap on your Snapchat app to open it.
  • Tap on the settings icon located on the top right corner of your phone or tablet’s screen.
  • On the settings page, tap on your Snapchat’s support menu option.
  • Scroll down, and tap on “My Account and Security” section.
  • Then, go to the “Account Information” section.
  • Choose the “Delete my Account” option, and follow the instructions provided to erase your account.

After deleting your account, Snapchat will store all your personal information for 30 days, and your account will be deactivated. After the 30 days, Snapchat will remove your account permanently.

Can you restore your Snapchat account after deleting it?

Yes. You can restore your deleted account within 30 days after deletion. How can you restore it? Go to Snapchat’s official website or open the app on your smartphone. Use your username and password to log into your deleted account.

After logging into your erased account, you will receive a prompt asking if you wish to restore your account. Click or tap on the “Yes” option to restore your account. If you used your email address to sign-up, Snapchat will send an email to let you know when your account is ready to use.

What happens if you don’t restore your Snapchat account after the 30 days?

After deleting your user account, your friends won’t send you snaps.  Furthermore, you will not log into your Snapchat account using the login credentials of the deleted account, and you cannot recover it.

On the other hand, Snapchat will delete your geolocation data, videos, conversations, snaps, and account settings from their databank. Additionally, the social platform will delete your followers, device information, story, and any other personal information in the possession.

However, the social media platform will retain the date you acknowledged its terms of service, your accepted terms of use, and the history of procurements you might have done on the platform.

Snapchat can use the stored information to develop targeted advertisements. As well, the social media platform can share the information to security agencies, affiliated companies, and any other agencies permitted by law.

Take Away

Deleting Snapchat account is straightforward. You access the social platform’s deletion page and confirm that you undoubtedly wish to terminate your account forever. Afterward, Snapchat will deactivate your account for 30 days. You can restore your account within the period. If you don’t restore the account, Snapchat will delete it forever.

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