P30 Download Software: Is P30 Download Safe?

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The number of websites is always increasing and people are now using them for various purposes such as downloading movies, software and PDF books and to access other types of stuff. It is hard to say which website is the best because there is no method of ranking them from the best to the worst. It is the main reason people will read reviews before opening any website. Reviews help them know whether the websites or their contents are safe. 

One of the websites that are getting more popular among people who use many types of software is P30download.com. However, many questions might hit your mind when you come across this website for the first time. The first question might relate to the safety of your computer data when accessing the site and the others to the reliability of the offered software. We are here to help you answer the questions. 

About P30 Download

P30download is one of the software downloading websites. Some individuals refer to it as a free software source because it offers many full versions of computer software for users to download. Unfortunately, all the text data is in the Persian language. So, it can be hard to find the software tool you need for your computer. 

If you are new to the language, you will need to use Google Translate to understand the posted content. After opening the site, you will realize that the homepage is in the form of a directory structure of places where the website keeps the software download links. After finding the software that you need, you will have to click on the link and follow the instructions on the page that opens to download the file. 

The site provides software in various categories such as graphics, console, mobile, education and other types. P30download claims to provide over 35K software tools for the audience and people from all parts of the world. 

Is P30 Download safe?

P30download does not charge you to access the software. Its primary source of income is the ads they post. The site also keeps exclusive software that you can only access through your website. So, we can confidently say that the site offers pirated or copied content. They have no authority to offer the software tools they provide. Put differently, p30download is an illegal place to find or download software files. 

The website hosts the software files on external servers. So, when clicking on a link to download a file, you will not be sure whether you are dealing with the real thing. Moreover, most of the files will come infected with viruses and malware that can put your computer system at a risk. If possible, avoid downloading the content because no one is sure about the legality and safety of the site. The ads are also likely to cause many other issues in addition to accessing your IP, personal details and other types of content in your computer. 

The available downloads

The software downloads pages on P30download.com are as clean as they might get. You will not get any ad on the pages but they are not near the real download links. The website layout does not change, with each page displaying a long list of the links to direct you to the real download pages. In other words, you will find links to the company or author’s site on p30download website pages. Unfortunately, some of the links might not lead you to the real files and others will show hidden files. But if the file exists, you can download and install it into your computer directly. 

All it takes to reach the download page is a single click. Downloads should start automatically after you get on the website. Some of the products are as clean as released by the authors or companies. Even though there are ads next to the download links, they are all marked as such. The direct links from authors are the other thing that sets p30downloads from the other software download sites out there.  

The key features and benefits of p30downloads

–          Downloads are direct. They are exactly how the company or author intended. P30download does not add installers or wrappers.

–          Downloads are marked as open-source, freeware, or bundleware so that users can know what to expect. For example, bundleware should tell you that the software comes with many offers that might install other programs on your computer device.

–          The website links to the company or author’s website if it exists and provides direct download links from the author. That gives you the chance to get the real file.

–          All the listed files are reviewed  

What is not good about the site?

–          The program descriptions are very short. Longer reviews would be more valuable.

–          Video reviews are minimal. Therefore, it is hard to confirm that the file you are downloading is the real one.

–          Many of the programs listed on the site are not accessible. 

What should you do if the file you download does not work?

This is common. You might download a software file only to realize that it does not work after installation. The first thing that you should do is uninstall the program and visit the official site for fresh installation. That way, you will be certain that you have the real file from the official source. Alternatively, you can try other sites such as Softpedia, file-hippo, ninite, Majorgeeks, donation coder, file cluster, 100-downloads or Filehorse. 


P30download.com is not as big or as popular as Softpedia or filehippo but it is among the safe places to download software at no cost for your Android, Mac or Windows device. The uploaded software is handpicked and the admins do the updates manually. They rarely use automation processes and each software program submitted is approved manually. In comparison to many other software download directories, the site has no limitations to the content downloads. Speaking of the user’s safety, the website is very secure. You will have much freeware to download and use free of charge. 

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