Top 7+ Tips to Improve Enterprise Security

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With cybercriminals moving a step forward every day to match the levels of cyber technology, it has become essential to invest in a good cybersecurity strategy to protect the website and e-commerce business.

No matter big or small your business is, you have proper planning and strategy to fight against the hackers, to reduce unauthorized access, internal and external threats and so on.

Moreover, all the companies should invest in sound security management which includes planning, accessing and improving the protection levels. 

In this article, we will discuss the top tips that keep your company free from any cyber-attacks or data loss.

Now, let us see the top tips that will enhance your enterprise security:

Evaluate security:

Cyber attackers will always search for the vulnerabilities to attack and steal the necessary data that might be a great loss for you. So, by keeping in mind the business development, it is important to regularly evaluate the website security for overall protection of the business and website. 

It is advisable to approach a professional cybersecurity team for all the latest security techniques and strategies to help you to fight against hack. 

Access the website vulnerability on a timely basis to avoid major data and money loss.

Follow the data-centric approach:

It is important to follow a data-centric method than concentrating on all unrequired things. Focus your attention on protecting sensitive data no matter wherever it is stored. 

You should identify the sensitive areas where the attackers are likely to attack the website and accordingly implement the security techniques to safeguard the valuable data and information.

This way you can reduce the risk of losing the data and your company can always ensure access and control data without a doubt.

Develop an understanding of cloud models:

It is necessary to store all the information present in the system in cloud to avoid any kind of data crash which further adds up more money loss. These days many small scales to large companies are going cloud to secure their data.

Following such insights and enforcing strong protection policies across all the data and applications protects the company on many bases and yielding good results.

Use of SSL Security:

Google has made an SSL certificate mandatory for WordPress and other types of websites. SSL Certificate is nothing but small files of data that are digitally signed or digitally bound to cryptographic keys to a company or an organization.

Moreover, the SSL certificate is used to secure online transactions, credit card information, login credentials, contact details, and address. 

So, when you install an SSL certificate on your web server, you should be able to see the HTTPS in which ‘S’ stands for secure.

On the other hand, when you need a single security solution for your multiple domains then, multi-domain SSL certificate is required. COMODO Multi-domain SSL certificate allows you to secure up to 250 domain names.

Leverage threat intelligence:

As there is a saying, be roman in Rome similarly you should think like a hacker to penetrate the system to know the actual threats. Many organizations now opt for commercial threat intelligence technology services which helps companies to go through the system, analyze and adapt operational insights into security plans.

By integrating this latest technology and inculcating into security programs to minimize the risk of cyber attackers.

Work with cyber-security services: 

Cybersecurity managed services are tactfully designed to augment the security forces for a company. It gives you flexibility and constantly changing security requirements and threats. 

Furthermore, it helps you with the added benefits of retained ownership and changing policies effectively.

Install an anti-virus: 

Installing a good anti-virus will keep checking almost all the virus, spam and junk that is wanted or unwantedly crawls into your system. Regular scanning of all the applications, files and documents, and links will help you to identify the threat and you can act accordingly. 

Also, install anti-malware which acts as a security barrier between the web servers and the website. It filters all the toxic and dangerous malware that gets injected through malicious links and documents. 

Be Proactive:

It is the best tip so far. Yes, be proactive and avoid all sorts of security threats in the first place. Have a proper security framework that your organization should follow. Preventive measures are always safe than crying over spilled milk.


By following the above tips, you will keep the attackers at bay and saves your organizational time, money and business a great time.

The simple tip is to regularly keep checking the security levels and if possible, increase every single time with the help of a professional cyber expert.

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