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Repeaters that improve the internet signal in our home. Thanks to this guide, as you get everything of usage and get the most out of a WiFi repeater. A device specially indicated to improve the internet signal in places where the router does not reach, such as in our home, offices, commercial premises .. and it is a very common device to improve the WiFi signal, especially in houses and flats in order to offer greater coverage of a WiFi network. Beyond choosing a model that suits the user’s needs, it is important to know how they work and their best tricks to make the most of them. Therefore, below we offer you a practical guide to know how WiFi repeaters work and their best tricks.

What is a WiFi repeater?

All of a sudden, you are trying to load a page and the connection is worse than the Miami Dolphins NFL season start.  The solution may be in one of the best Wi-Fi repeaters. WiFi repeaters, also known as WiFi amplifiers or adapters, are small devices intended to amplify a router’s WiFi signal in places where the original coverage is not sufficient. Thus guaranteeing a greater intensity of the WiFi signal in areas where the original signal of the router does not reach. Although cable connections are always the fastest, safest and most efficient. Now, oday it is very difficult to apply due to the great mobility of our devices with wireless connection. In addition, the range of WiFi coverage of a standard router also has its limits.

Therefore, the use of this type of WiFi signal amplification devices is recommended in those cases where the signal does not have sufficient power, either by distance from the original source (for example, the home router) or poor coverage of the same. These WiFi repeaters what they do is to capture the WiFi signal of our router and expand it so that the coverage is greater through their own antennas. It is important to know that the new generated and extended signal is the same router signal, with the same name and password.

In short, it is a bridge device between the router and the devices you want to connect outside the range of the original WiFi signal. In addition, WiFi repeaters work in both directions, that is, they amplify the original signal while collecting data from devices connected to the repeater to send them with the highest possible quality to the router.

On the other hand, some models of WiFi amplifiers are also able to create their own WiFi networks from the original signal, with their own name and password, which force us to reconfigure the connection of the devices that we connect through the amplifier.

How a WiFi repeater works

The operation of WiFi repeaters is very simple; This type of device has two wireless routers, one to pick up the router’s WiFi signal and the other to amplify the same signal to the areas where the original coverage does not reach.

One of the basic examples of its operation is if we have the original router at one end of our floor (for example, the dining room or living room) and we see that the signal does not arrive with sufficient strength at the other end of the floor (for example , In the rooms). The solution is to install one of these repeaters in a middle zone between both places to amplify the original signal in areas of home where the router’s coverage is insufficient.

The most advisable thing is to connect the WiFi repeater in an intermediate area of ​​the home (possibly, free of obstacles) where you still receive enough WiFi signal from the router. Since if we connect it too far, it is likely that it will not working because it does not receive enough signal. We must also keep in mind that the repeater is plugged into the power, so we must have at our disposal a free plug in the indicated place.

Best tricks for WiFi repeaters

Here are the best tips and tricks to get the most out of WiFi repeaters or amplifiers:

  • Appearance: The most frequent and economically accessible repeaters are usually a small block or plastic box that connects directly to a plug. They usually have a couple of small antennas, many others do not, although they do have a couple of LED lights to report their status, to know if they are on or not and the strength of the signal. The most expensive repeaters tend to have a larger size, in addition to ports and extra options, with a greater resemblance to standard routers.
  • Connection: To start using a WiFi repeater, we only have to connect it to the electric current through a plug, in addition to knowing both the name of the network and its password. We can also streamline the process through the WPS protected configuration that will connect the WiFi repeater to the home network by pressing the specific button on both devices.
  • Network security: The current WiFi repeaters incorporate the most advanced security standard WPA2-PSK (AES), the most current encryption method so that no one outside your home can access your WiFi network and avoid intruders in your internet connection wireless. Remember that the current security standards are as follows, ordered from best security to worst:
  • WPA2 (AES)
  • WPA (AES)
  • WPA (TKIP / AES)
  • WPA (TKIP)
  • WEP
  • Open network

The most recommended WiFi repeaters:

  • TP-Link TL-WA850RE
  • Agital WiFi Repeater
  • TP-Link RE450
  • Cudy RE300
  • TP-Link RE200 AC750
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