The Best Smart Health Gadgets to Get the Most out of Your Fitness Training

The Best Smart Health Gadgets to Get the Most out of Your Fitness Training

Last Updated on January 27, 2020 by Editor Futurescope

Most people out there would do just about anything to drop a couple of pounds. But there is a long hard road between wishing for something to happen, and actually doing it. If you’re one of them, you should first realize and accept the fact that there’s not enough money in the world, not enough personal resolutions, not enough gym subscriptions and not enough diets that can get you there without the proper will and motivation!

But look on the bright side: you live in an era of outstanding technological advance, where everything you need to get shredded can be purchased online, and delivered to your front door in about 24hrs, or so. With just one click, you can access dedicated websites like, and find out the best workout programs and accessories out there, in a matter of minutes. Let’s be honest, you have it much easier than your parents did! Forget about old school exercises, chopping wood, lifting barrels or doing push-ups on park benches! All you have to do is identify those fitness technology products that suit your lifestyle the most, and click ‘Order Now’.  In order to support your efforts, we’ve decided to make things even easier and compiled a list of some of the best and smartest items that can help you make the most out of each exercise session.

Top 10 Gadgets for Perfect Fitness Training

There are also downsides to living the technology era, and in this particular case, one of the first examples would be the enormous amount of products available in the same area of interest. This is only natural, as great products will always constitute great models and sources of inspiration for up-coming competitors. But for this article, we have focused only on the best categories of health and wellness gadgets, leaving it up to you to decide upon the best brands to purchase for each:

1. Proper Fitness Tracker

The Best Smart Health Gadgets to Get the Most out of Your Fitness Training

If you are one hundred percent decided to start training and commit to it, the first thing you need is a proper tracking device. This will not only help you keep perfect track of each session, but it will also motivate you to constantly improve your performance, and score better results. The best tracker models come equipped with 24/7 heart-rate monitoring, goal-oriented exercises, do you can personalize your exercises, and sleep tracking functions. In addition to this, they can all connect to your phone easily.

2. Wireless Headphones

And speaking of motivation, music can play an extremely important part in it. Most people, who’ve watched Rocky training during the motion pictures, tend to associate workout with that classic “Eye of the Tiger” tune. And then, there’s all that aggressive hip-hop and progressive drum’n’bass going on nowadays, that can seriously boost your confidence, and make you go harder at it. Wireless headphones are a blessing in this direction. All of the best models are extremely light, sweat-resistant, and adaptable for a perfect fit. And this is just the beginning, as Intel is planning to release the ultimate model of wireless ear buds, in the very near future. The best part about the upcoming models is their ability to monitor heart rate through a dedicated app and to play slower or more intense tracks based exclusively on your biometric data.

 3. Smart Body Analyzer

The time has come to say goodbye to all those old school one-function household scales. Say hello to the new, improved, and way more smarter body analyzers. These are some of the best fitness gadgets on the market, for both beginners and professional athletes. Think of your old simple scale on steroids!  Besides measuring weight with extreme accuracy, they can also record the resting heart-rate, the body fat percentage as well as the quality of the air you breathe indoors. When it comes to perfect workout sessions, these are all key ingredients.

4. Smart Headband

The Best Smart Health Gadgets to Get the Most out of Your Fitness Training

Smart headbands are great for keeping track of the core temperature of your body, but also for gathering accurate data on a wide range of points of interest, such as traveling distance, GPS location, speed, heart rate, and level of burned calories. All of the best models out there also have their own dedicated app, which can also give you detailed workout recommendations based on your monitored performance. Why choose a headband over a wrist one? Due to GPS signal variations, tracking wristbands may sometimes display unreliable or misguiding data. Unlike these, the smart headbands use an integrated Performance Optimization Device, also known as POD, which collects accurate biometric data and represents a step forward for all health and wellness gadgets.

5. Smart Shoes and Dedicated Apps for Them

The training shoes of today have also advanced to the next step of evolution. These new models come equipped with built-in pressure sensors, being able to measure your steps and movement in accordance with your weight spread. They also have their own app which can give you live feedback on the efficiency of your current technique and posture, ensuring your training is performed at maximum potential. The apps of some models also offer several preset workout programs from some of the world’s top athletes, so you can measure yourself by the highest standards. Impressive stuff, and one of the best fitness technology products nowadays, don’t you think?

6. Smart Cup Hydration Tracker

Hydration is a key factor for any type of workout routine or fitness program, but many people tend to overlook this aspect. Here is where smart cups come into play, utilizing advanced hydration trackers that will prompt you through vibration signals, to fill up and get hydrated exactly when you need to. They are one of our top picks when it comes to health and wellness gadgets, as they can also be synced with numerous other health tracking devices through their dedicated apps.

7. Smart Rope

Jumping rope has always been one of the greatest ways of training almost all of the muscles in your body. But today’s products aren’t like anything you’ve ever witnessed before. The modern smart ropes can display statistics in mid-air, courtesy to their built-in LED lights. If you’re looking for the best jump rope around, this is it! Due to this neat new feature, you can considerably improve your hand-to-eye coordination, increase your endurance and strengthen your muscles, being able to keep track of your progress in real time. And, depending on the model, you can store up to 100 sets of training data, so you can get shredded easier. , Borderline sci-fi, if you ask us!

8. Smart Foam Roller

But after all of that hard and intense workout, one thing you should always take into consideration is muscle recovery. This is the key to your athletic evolution and, at the same time, an extremely important factor for your health. If you want to improve your muscle development, then you will have to pay a great deal of attention to muscle recovery. After your workouts, this process is closely linked to how your muscles develop and is actually the key element that determines how much more mass you can grow. No matter how much you train, if your body does not recover properly afterward, the expected results will fail to appear. But with the new smart foam rollers, this problem becomes obsolete. They are the perfect fitness technology products for body recovery, featuring various degrees of intense vibration that will help your muscles relax and unwind. The average battery life for most of these products is of two hours or more.

9. Mirror Interactive Home Gym

This is one for the books! Let’s say you have a variable schedule and a complicated job that doesn’t always allow you to go to the gym and train. No reason to worry, or to cancel your regular training session! Much like its name suggests, the mirror interactive home gym has the exact same look and a regular home mirror. But behold, once you turn it on, its LCD screen will connect you to your professional trainer through a live feed, giving you the impression that you are physically present in your gym and training. This is possible due to its interactive display that comes equipped with built-in speakers and a hi-res camera. From boxing to cardio, from strength training to yoga, the mirror interactive home gym has just about everything you need to carry out your training, from the comfort of your own home, setting a whole new standard for all the best fitness gadgets of the moment.

10. Adjustable Dumbbell

And since we’re talking about getting shredded at home, one of the best fitness gadgets you could go for, are dumbbells. And with today’s technology, you won’t need an entire rack of various weights that take up so much space. Modern dumbbells are adjustable, allowing you to choose and set any weight between five to sixty lbs. And that’s not all, courtesy to an integrated Bluetooth device, you will be able to keep track of the weight you pull, and record sets and repetitions for your workouts. Some of the best models out there even offer a 3D trainer that will help you make the most out of each session.

Down to Earth-Conclusion

If you are decided to use fitness equipment for weight loss, you should be aware that each device has its own particularities, and will only be effective when used properly. From the simpler ones to the most advanced, each of the products enlisted above can help you reach your goal in a much faster and smarter manner. Some of them can be adapted for different exercises & post-workout recovery with CBD, but not all of them have the same effect. It all depends on the type of exercises for which you intend to use them. Whether its cardio, weight loss, muscle mass increase or endurance, these gadgets will bring in a lot of great features that can maximize the efficiency of your training program. Some of them can be quite expensive too, so first you should settle your goals, and then choose the best fitness gadgets for your desired purpose.

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