Eleven Amazing Trends for Digital Transformation In 2018

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Digital transformations are changing the ways organizations used to market their product/services. Digital transformation has moved placed the business on fast track and with no way to go back. Digital transformation is finding a way to improve the digital presence of the brands and making them invest more money in the coming years. It is found that due to increased and improved digital presence of the brand they are gaining more customer by providing them with good personalized experience and reduction in operational costs related to marketing campaigns. Brands are focusing on establishing strong IT strategy in the year 2018.

1. The Internet of thing will push us to the edge:

Internet of things is getting the hype from the past few years as the word “things” represent that there are billions of things are on the internet, and more than 30% of those have joined in the last on the year. The internet of things have brought up an analytical revolution, 5G cell processing, and edge computing and the thing we connected to the internet are supplying us with a massive amount of data on different aspects. Which is making it much easier for the companies to avail the opportunities and work on improving your current products/service from the people’s opinion. Internet of things has made information less expensive and efficient at the same time.

2. Cloud-first strategy:

There was a time when people were too scared to put any data on the cloud due to privacy and security issues saying that their data is too sensitive to mess with so they couldn’t move their data to the cloud storage. But the experts started to explain the benefits of putting your data into cloud storages would be cost-effective for the organization with big data. Nowadays due to digital transformation, any organization cannot think of infrastructure without having their data on cloud storage for backups and other reasons. Now organizations think of it as the most secure place to keep their data.

3. Analytics:

The massive amount of data that is gathered by the Internet of things can bring a huge transformation in everything from healthcare, brand publicity, manufacturing, and advertising to functioning of entire countries creating opportunities for them to work efficiently and earn more profit out of it. By investing your time and money into the analytics of internet of things you can bring revolution in your businesses by taking an insight of the customers and using it in an efficient way for the betterment of your business.

4. Blockchain finds Its Way:

The blockchain is finding its way to change the way bitcoins were blowing away the stock market analysts. All the organizations in the financial industry are ready to take full advantage of this amazing tool in the coming year. It just a matter of time blockchain will also find its way from healthcare to the entertainment industry.

5. Mobile-first and tablets:

There was a time when organizations started to work on developing the mobile-first strategy as it was an assumption that soon everything will shift to the mobile but that doesn’t seem the case anymore. Once again digital transformation has taken us by surprise as this trend is going back to the desktop-first model, but still keeping the mobile and tablets applications effective enough as it still the most important part of digital world.

6. AI goes from newbie to mainstream:

Artificial intelligence is taking over the digital world and is brining wonderful revolutions for the business as everyone around the world of every age is using Siri, Alexa, and other voice searches to get the response from the devices after commanding them, in the same way, chatbots are using AI to give immediate response to the customers. AI is not a new thing for customers to be amazed at it is now totally mainstream users don’t get amazed by the way it responds to them it more like old news to them.  But we are still at the beginning stage of artificial intelligence.

7. Identity management in the cloud:

The number of people and organizations using cloud storage and consuming other related digital service is creating it difficult for the analysts to manage the data of a single person. Soon they are planning to come up with something more appropriate to keep the identities of a persona more specific by introducing single identity account for consuming digital services.  Due to digital transformation, it is becoming a compulsory thing for the online analysts to find ways to keep the identity management simpler to manage the identities online.

8. Multiple tools for collaboration:

In the world of digital transformation, organizations are using more than one or two collaborations tools to work through. As the competition in the market is increasing every single day organization are motivated more than ever to utilize these multiple collaboration tools and communicate effectively with their customers, business partners and colleagues. Organizations are using Linkedin, Microsoft office, google maps, emails, and much other software at the same time to collaborate and perform operational activities on a daily basis.

9. Virtual reality goes from hero to zero:

There are was a time when virtual reality created hype in the digital world and people were all excited about buying the VR headset but the moment Augmented reality stepped into the digital world it gained much more attention of the customers than virtual reality ever did.

10. Failure as a Service:

In the world of digital transformation, failing fast of a service is the most certain thing to happen when it comes to a service which creates hype at first and becomes all successful, but the chances of its decline are much bigger. Failure as a service will give a chance to IT analysts to visualize the cause of a successful service leading to a quick-failure path.  Failure as a service in the world of digital transformations determines the difference between the losers and the winners in the world of business.

11. Apps will get smarter:

Apps are getting smarter day by day. They’ve become more mobile-friendly and new technology is added to them. In 2018, the organizations will start to develop an app which will work smarter because artificial intelligence is still inexpensive to use. So, organizations like health care, marketing agencies, and human resource departments are using apps which are getting smarter and reducing the workload form the employees because of AI. Smart apps embedded with artificial intelligence software are keeping the customers engaged and made it easier for the companies to serve them with the personalized experience. This digital transformation has proven to be the most effective and efficient transformation it is very well balancing the companies and customers relationships.

All these trends mentioned above are going to take 2018 by a storm. By following these simple steps, any organization can succeed and become the best version of it. I hope it helps you out. Have a great day and stay safe!

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