The Best Bitcoin Mining Tools of The Present Time

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Surely, very surely, you have heard the word Bitcoin over and over again and heard about the Bitcoin mining boom. Do you want to enter the complex world of bitcoin mining and do not know where to start? In the following article we have compiled those that we believe are the best Bitcoin 5 mining equipment of the present time.

ASIC Mining Equipment

First of all, we must clarify that they are the ASIC mining teams. An Integrated Circuit for Specific Applications (or ASIC) is a custom integrated circuit for a particular use, rather than intended for general purpose purposes. They are used for a specific function and little or no use for other tasks. An ASIC mining team is exclusively used to solve blocks of Bitcoin.

Hence, specialized Bitcoin mining drvice can solve Bitcoin blocks with much faster and use less electricity or energy than other solutions such as CPUs, GPUs or FPGAs.

But, is it profitable to mine Bitcoins with these equipments? To answer this question we have to take into account 2 factors: the cost of the equipment and its electricity consumption. If the cost of electricity in your country is low enough and you can get the right hardware at a good price, then Bitcoin mining is for you.

Another aspect to take into account before deciding for one of these teams is their Hash rate. The processing power of the Bitcoin network measure in unit called “Hash Rate”. The Bitcoin network must perform intensive mathematical and cryptographic operations for security purposes. For example, when the network reaches a hash rate of 10 Th / s, it could do 10 trillion calculations per second. Thus, mining equipment with the highest hash rates (computing power) are able to complete a Bitcoin block in much less time than equipment with a low hash rate.

In conclusion: the higher the hash rate, the greater the number of mined Bitcoins and the less time required to achieve this. Finally you must store securely in a hardware wallet.

Without further to-do, let’s start:

Antminer S7 ASIC Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner

Hashrate: 4.73 TH

The BitMaster S7 AntMiner has proven to be so popular since its launch in mid-2015 that it has now reached its 19th production batch. The S7 assumed market dominance for a good reason: It offers a high hashrate for the amount of energy it consumes. In fact many industrial mining farms still continue to operate with AntMiner S7s racks. The S7 is also a popular choice among amateur miners for its reasonable price and good performance.

The S7 is powered by a 28nm BM1385 ASIC processor. 135 of these chips are distributed across 3 boards and are kept cool by double fans (a single fan in the case of the most recent version). The strong metal housing features a tongue and groove system that allows the orderly arrangement of multiple miners.

The AntMiner S7 can reach to a hashrate of 4.73 TH / s (5 in its most recent revision) and consumes a minimum of 1293W. Its price is around 650 $.

Antminer S9 13 TH/S 16nm ASIC Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner

Hashrate: 13.5 TH / s (Antminer S9) and 11.5 TH / s (Antminer T9)

The Antminer S9 is one of the most recent ASIC miners of the company Bitmain. With a hashrate of 13.5 TH / s this is one of the best miners available on the market.

For a price that can be around US $ 2,900 (excluding the power supply), the device uses the most modern chip in the company. The Bitmain BM1387 chip is the most efficient bitcoin chip today is using TSM’s FinFET technology at 16nm and, with a record of 0.098 J / GHs,. It has a total of 189 of these chips distributed in 3 circuit boards, which combine to achieve a high processing power. This hardware triples the hashrate of the previous generation of miners, producing almost 14 terahash per second, while at the same time owning the energy consumption level of the Antminer S7 miners.

The Antminer S9 almost the same size and follows the same form factor as the very popular Antminer S7. However, it has more than three times the power and double the efficiency of the S7. The S9 making it about 2.5 times more efficient than the Antminer S7 as it uses just 0.1 jules per Gigahash. The total power consumption of the device is around 1350W.

Although some time has passed since its launch (it was introduced in June 2016) the S9 is still by far the largest ASIC miner available on the market. Everything seems to indicate that it will remain at the top of ASIC mining equipment for at least 1 year.

This is due to the manufacturing process of 16 nm used in the manufacture of S9, which represents a huge jump compared to 28 nm of the previous generation. Although a 10nm process is on the horizon by the end of 2017, further increases beyond that remain theoretical.

It should be noted that Bitmain sends its Bitcoin miners in batches. Each lot is different from the other and they also have a different hashrate. In the last revisions, the hashrate has remained around 13.5 TH / s.

Due to the limited production of units, the price of Antminer S9 varies greatly. On the official site of Bitmain you can buy it for approximately $ 1300 dollars. In Amazon you can find it for a figure that can reach $ 3000 and on eBay you can have it for only $ 2000 (probably the best place to look for it). It should be noted that if you want to acquire directly through Bitmain you must be aware of the arrival of each new lot, as these are sold out in a matter of days.

AvalonMiner 741

Hashrate: 7.3 TH

The bitcoins mining market has been quiet settled in the last 12 months for a number of reasons. Requiring users to remain more patient than usual due to the scarcity of new options. But at the beginning of the year, news can change the landscape for those who did not expect major changes in 2017, and it is precisely the return of the Avalon miner, this time from the Chinese company Canaan.

The AvalonMiner 741 unit with dimensions of 40 x 21 x 22 cm & a 4.8 kg. Which makes it a practical, lightweight miner ideal for running bitcoins mining both at home and on a large scale.

The equipment has a total of 88 chips of 16nm each, to add a processing power of 7.3 TH / sec and an energy consumption of approximately 1150 Watts. This has a guarantee of 90 days from the moment the user receives the miner.

AntMiner T9 ASIC Bitcoin Miner

Antminer T9 uses the same ASIC 16nm chip as Antminer S9 and can deliver a hashrate of 11.5TH / s with an efficiency of 0.126J / GH (+ 7%).

The new AntMiner S9 miner that are apparently synchronized with a higher operating frequency & comes with slightly less chips. The new T9 is a little cheaper, but not as efficient as the S9, based on the official specifications we know that the T9 consumes around 1450W and offers 11.5 TH / s while lot 22 of the S9 arrived with 11 TH / Sa only 1078W and lot 23 with 14 TH / s for a consumption of 1372W.

The new T9 miner comes with only 171 BM1387 chips, while the S9 is based on 189 BM1387 chips. The two cooling fans of the new device are the same as the S9, so you can expect a similar level of device noise.

This makes us wonder why Bitmain would replace the more potent S9? The answer to this has to do with the stability problems encountered in some units of S9. The T9 has been redesigned to offer better stability and efficiency, with a lower cost of production.

In summary, the new AntMiner T9 does not seem so smart at first sight. But with the lack of new S9 miners in the market and its low cost proof that we do not have a better option available in market.

Antminer R4 Silent Designed Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner

Hashrate: 8.6 TH

The Bitmain Company introduce the most recent and exclusive product the Antminer R4 is one. R4 reaches 8.6 TH / s with an efficiency of 0.098 J / GHs, making it the second fastest miner behind Antminer S9 and just ahead of Antminer S7. The R4 uses 126 16-bit Bitmain BM1387 ASIC chips. The BM1387 chip is built using TSMC’s latest 16MM FinFET technology.

Antminer R4 is one of the most unique features that it is designed to ensure the minimum possible sound with maximum hash speed. The Antminer R4 replaces the traditional fan with a system of rotary blades. The traditional fan has been the biggest source of noise for other mining equipment. The R4 fan is similar to the fan of a quiet split air conditioner and reduces the noise of a standard miner by 50% to a noise level of 51 db. The fan speed is controlled automatically, ensuring that the noise is regulated.

With a hash rate of 8.6 TH / s, the R4 is the second most powerful miner on the market, behind the Antminer S9. It has an energy consumption of approximately 845 W using an APW5 PSU power supply.

Leaving aside the price we have that the R4 is one of the best bitcoin mining equipment for the mine, thanks to its compact and quiet design. Consider an investment of approximately $ 4313 for the R4 and $ 240 for the PSU of APW5.

Avalon 721 6Th/s bitcoin miner

Hashrate: 6.0 TH

The introduce of the Avalon miner to the market breaks the monopoly that Bitmain has inherited until after the departure of the rest of the manufacturers. So that we can begin to dream of a competition in the sector that can offer us better options every time.

Avalon, the company that first introduced ASIC chips to Bitcoin mining, launched a new miner at the end of 2016 with a very unusual move. The AvalonMiner 721 (or more commonly known as Avalon 7) seems to be a minor upgrade from its predecessor, the Avalon 6.

The AvalonMiner 721 incorporates the latest A3212 processor using the 16 nm TSMC process with Smart Layout, the AvalonMiner 721 contains 72 A3212 chips in each unit providing a consistent 6 Terahash per second (THS) at 900 Watts, all designed for long-lasting operation.

Any good 1100W power supply will work with the Avalon 7. The unit uses about 1050 watts when using a platinum rated PSU and is quiet enough to run at home. It is also possible to reduce the base frequency to reduce the level of noise and heat generated.

Amazon sells the Avalon 721 for $ 1199 from its website.

Honorable Mention: Block C Avalon6 Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin Mining

Hashrate: 3.5 TH

The AvalonMiner 6 running at 500 MHz for a respectable 3.5 TH / s hashing approaching the AntMiner S7. It also built with contains eighty 18nm A3218 chips. Avalon 6 requires a Raspberry Pi (B / B +) or a TP-Link TL-WR703N as controller. Up to 50 miners of a Raspberry Pi can be kept.

The Avalon 6 work will with any good 1100W power supply. The unit uses about 1050 watts when using a platinum rated PSU and is quiet enough to run at home. It is also possible to reduce the base frequency to reduce the level of noise and heat generated.

Avalon 6 can be purchased from $ 875 through Amazon.

Bitcoin mining in a short!

In recent months the Bitcoin mining equipment market has been dominated by Bitmain and its powerful ASICs Antminer S9 and Antminer T9. Thanks to its manufacturing process of 16nm and high hashrate we estimate that they will be at the top of our list for a good time.

If you are an experienced miner, both the Ant9 S9 and the T9 are the best choice to expand or renovate your mining farm.

The cost of these two miners leaves much to be desired, and they are definitely not the most suitable models to start mining, so our second best option to consider is the Avalon6 Bitcoin Miners, which we can purchase from the manufacturer’s website for $875.

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