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ACT Fibernet is among the top internet service providers in India. The broadband service company has a customer base of more than 1.2 million. The clients use high-end optic technology. The company is better placed to compete effectively in the market, owing to its strategic positioning and its use of ACT Resolver Tool. It has the best equipment to handle the work of such big multitude. Despite having a lot of clients relying on them, the company still performs effectively. The clients who use their internet have been giving positive reviews about the company. Its service is the best in the region. You cannot mention about internet providers in India without saying ACT Fibernet.

 No major complaints from customers since most of them are satisfied with the service. Those with minor complains, their claims are addressed very fast, and well. That’s why none of the provider’s customers even thinks of using the services of a competitor.

With such a vast customer base, the service provider is still new in the market in the area of offering fiber optic technology. But with experience in the industry, this is an advancement of what they have been providing in the past. The provider guarantees you dedicated internet connection to your home.

Also, ACT fibernet boasts of offering the best Internet services in the region. The provider’s data centers are well equipped to provide customers with the best services than ever before.

ACT Fibernet History

ACT Fibernet was initially called Beam Telecom. The internet provider is the best in the region and never disappoints. Over the years it has perfected its trade to make it to the best in the area.

The ACT Fbernet internet is of high speed, and customers who are keen on internet speed prefer to use this one. Compared to the charges you pay for the service, the internet speed is worth every coin you spend. You experience minimum interruption when using the internet from these providers. Also, you will get improved connectivity.

The provider even has a specific number which its customers can call to any assistance they would wish to get. The number is called ACT resolver number.

The ACT resolver number is a Toll-Free Helpline, and you can do it at any time for professional help in matters to do with the internet. Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can always call this number for assistance.

ACT Fibernet Customer Care Services

The company has the best customer care services. Once you experience any challenge, they have a dedicated team of customer representatives who can help you immediately contact them.

Internet service entails many terms which the customer may not be conversant with. That’s why it is essential for customers to call customer care. The team is there to serve the customers anyway.

By calling customer care, the clients can learn more about the services offered. If the same issue reoccurs in the future, the customer can handle the problem without calling.

Notebly, to solve minor internet issues, act fibernet resolver was introduced. This is a resolver program that once installed; the customers can use to resolve and troubleshoot internet problems from their devices. If you have the tool installed, in case of o a minor problem with your internet, you use this tool to troubleshoot it.

When you call customer care, you will most likely get advice on activating the resolver tool. So, even as you read through this post bare in mind you can obtain further information about the device by calling the customer care.

The representative will not only guide you on how to install but also how to run the tool to solve the issue at hand. Once you know how to use, you will be able to answer any of the internet problems without much hassle.

The customer care is called beam customer care or Act Fibernet. This is a specific name for customer care service providers at ACT Fibernet owing to the critical role they play for the company.  It is a team dedicated to helping anyone facing any issue with their services. The team is amicable and productive at what they do.

ACT Resolver Tool

In case you don’t know aboutACT resolver toolor you want detailed information about it, this post is for you. You will be able to learn how to go about activating and how to start using it.  ACT Resolver tool has made resolving of internet problems very easy. Resolver tool ACT is a small windows software available for ACT fibermet users to enable them to determine and to resolve internet issues.

Once you install the tool, you don’t have to call the customer care every time you face a problem. The tool isa self-help facility to enable you to resolve any issue you are facing on your own.

How to download and use ACT Resolver tool?

  • Go to the portal.ActCorp. site for act resolver tool download. On tools Select resolver tool. Click download. Install the act fibernet resolver tool download to start using it.
  • Open the installed resolver tool.
  • Click on Test.ACT Fibernet problem.
  • Wait for the tool to detect any problem.
  • Once a problem has been detected, troubleshoot to resolve it.

Importantly, you can install the ACT Fibernet app.on your phone. With the app at your fingertips, you book for internet connections, pay service bills, and you can track the service transactions. The app is available in the English version and can be installed on Android.


For top notch internet services, you get ACT Fibernet internet.  Their services are quite reliable. In case of an issue during your time of usage, you can contact customer care. Also, you can install the resolver tool, which is very important for every user. The software is available for Windows users. For instance, if you are using windows 7, you only need to downloadresolver tool for windows 7

 From the above review, it’s evident that you can have all your internet connectivity met by this single provider. You don’t have to look further. 

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