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If you are a movie lover, you already know that has a special community. It has many content uploaders who offer direct torrents from other websites. For a long time, the website has been a good choice for people in need of free download TV shows, movies, software, popular music, digital books and games. Unfortunately, more recently, the website has been banned in many regions and most Internet Service Providers do not allow their customers to access it. If your Internet Service Provider or country has already blocked the torrent website, then you cannot access it directly.

You might be wondering why you should choose 1337x proxy over the other torrent platforms. The reason most people opt for the site is that it is among the highly rated torrent websites and it offers many types of content. If you cannot access 1337X website from your country or your ISP does not allow its access, you can opt for a proxy/mirror site or use a VPN service to hide your identity. Here are the best 1337X unblock methods.

How to unblock 1337x proxy

If you have realized that you cannot access the 1337X website from your country or region, do not panic. The internet offers many tools that will help you access the blocked website from any place and device. The factors behind the blocking of websites are numerous, but the most critical one is a copyright rules violation. We do not recommend the consumption of pirated content, but it is an interest and choice for many people. So, here are the three ways to access 1337X unblocked XYZ site from any place.

Use an effective VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) should be your first choice if your goal is to access the internet without showing your IP address. When using a strong VPN, your ISP will not track you. That means you can access as many torrent websites as possible without worrying whether they are blocked or not. Even though the internet offers many VPNs, not all of them are effective.

You will have numerous free VPNs to try but most of them provide limited server locations and bandwidth. After the installation, open it and choose the USA server location because most of the blocked websites load from the United States.

Use Tor browser

Tor browser is the next option for people who want to access torrent websites anonymously. The browser does not show your IP address when accessing the internet. It will hide your real IP address behind three or even four IP addresses. This browser, from the US Navy, is free to use. When using it, never expect your ISP to track you. Most hackers rely on the browser.

Use 1337x Proxy Sites List

Web proxies are third party sites that allow you to access the blocked sites in your region – the sites work as intermediaries. To understand how they work, imagine that you are opening the 1337X website without a proxy. In that case, the admins will see your IP address and the type of web browser you are using. Your Internet Service Provider will see the same information.

But when using a proxy website to visit the website, the admins will not see the details because you are visiting the proxy website. The proxy will then request 1337X to load URL of the page you need on its servers and displays it in your browser. Today, the internet offers many paid and free web proxy websites that you can use to unblock 1337x but you should expect limited bandwidth, very low server speed and many irritating ad pop-ups. Here are some of them. 


Remember that the proxies might also be blocked in the United Kingdom, Australia, Russian Federation, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Spain and Norway. If any of the above proxies fail, you can always try the next.

The Best 1337x proxy Working Alternatives

The 1337X torrent is a great site. You will love its many features. All you need to do is use the above three methods to access it from your country. But if that is not possible or you cannot find your desired TV shows or movies on the site, use the following Best Websites Like 1337x proxy.


Torrents are a great source of content. Kickass is among the best torrents & best 1337x alternatives that offer a wide range of index contents. You will find a wide range of TV series, movies, software and other types of content without hassles. The admins update the website regularly to ensure that you have what you need. 


LimeTorrents is the other name you will come across when searching for the best 1337x torrents alternatives. On the website, you will find a wide range of content that you can download at no cost. Expect ad pop-ups when browsing the offered content. Apart from movie torrents, the site also provides Anime, eBook, Apps, TV shows and games.  

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent websites that offer thousands of movies in many languages. It has millions of users from all parts of the world and most of them visit daily to download TV shows, movies, Apps, Anime, Documentaries, Games and Documents. The Pirate Bay community is always uploading the safest and best alternative to the 1337x website. is another great 1337X alternative. It specializes in movies something that makes it slightly different from 1337x. Many users find the offered torrents legit and of great quality. Navigation of the site is smooth, thanks to the great user interface. It is good for people who need movies in 1080p, 720p HD or even 3D. 

Rarbg stands among the most popular file-sharing protocols. Currently, the site stands as the third site in the list of top torrent platforms in the world. As a user, you need to create an account and then upload your torrent files. It came into being in the year 2008 and within the last few years, it has existed, the platform has gathered many files.                                          

Wrap up

One of the great directory sites available for torrents lovers is 1337x. Unfortunately, the website might be blocked in your country or region. Use the above three methods to unblock it and access content from any part of the world. If you do not find the content you need on the website, the above 1337x proxy alternatives will be helpful.  

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