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If you are a regular Amazon customer, you might not be aware of the number of times you have received emails or in-app notifications about Amazon Courtesy Credit. The notifications might have confused you mainly because Amazon has never publicized or explained the credit. We are here to help you understand the Courtesy Credit. We will also help you understand how it applies to the purchases you make on Amazon.

What is an Amazon Courtesy Credit?

Most online shoppers do their shopping on Amazon. This customer-centric e-commerce platform solely focuses on attracting more and more potential customers. Even though most other online retail stores operate similarly, Amazon is several steps ahead when it comes to customer satisfaction. If you are a loyal Amazon customer, the Amazon Courtesy Credit is not new to you. It will mostly appear when checking out for items on the platform. The credit works more like the Amazon promotional balance.

Amazon does not load the Courtesy Credit on every user account. They load the credit at no cost to every user account working as per the internal policies of Amazon. Briefly, the Amazon Courtesy Credit is a systematic approach to satisfying the customers who had bad experiences when shopping on the platform.

Whenever you purchase a product and Amazon fulfils it but delays arise during the delivery, the situation may create bad impressions among Amazon customers. To compensate for the delays, Amazon pushes the courtesy credit to its customer’s account. As the customer, you might or might not receive an email notification from Amazon relating to the money credited into your shopping account.

Amazon will credit your account with the free money. The credit might show or not show under the “Credits Balance” but when making an eligible product purchase, the courtesy credit balance will appear. For example, if Amazon credits your account with $20 as the courtesy credit, the amount will appear in your account when making the next purchase. So, when purchasing a product worth $20, you will not need to pay from your bank or wallet. The Amazon Courtesy Credit is more like a coupon code.

How to Get Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance

Amazon does not disclose the courtesy credit system on their website. That is because it is not as simple as making one purchase and Amazon credits some money into your account. It is something different from winning the lottery. Amazon will credit the money to your account if only you are eligible for any of the following conditions.

  • If the delivery of a product you bout took very long to reach you after the estimated date elapsed.
  • Tracking information for your Order# does not exist after the shipment. You should wait for the delivery date to pass because this condition falls in the late delivery category as we have discussed above.
  • If you already paid for a gift-wrapping but the product came without any wrapping.
  • If you received a product in a damaged wrapping
  • If you the product you received was broken
  • You did not like the customer support through chat support or phone call. Amazon will have all the information relating to your phone calls and chat conversations to ensure that nothing is wrong from your side. They have to check your shopping history before deciding on whether to credit your account with free money or not.

To apologize for the bad customer experience, Amazon offers a courtesy credit between $1 and $50. The amount they credit to your account will highly depend on the severity of your case and the amount you paid for the product. For example, you might get $2, $5, $10, $20 or $50.

Amazon Courtesy Credit Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Courtesy Credit expire?

A: More like the Amazon Pay balance, the Amazon courtesy credit balance has no expiration date. Unlike the coupon codes, which come with expiry dates, the courtesy credit you receive may remain in your account as long as you want. You will find it beneficial when making your next purchase. Keep in mind that Amazon might change its policies on this credit. So, spend it as soon as possible to avoid losing it.

Q: How does a Courtesy Credit balance differ from a promotional balance?

A:  Amazon promotional credits are another type of credit that Amazon provides for the products within its digital categories – only those that have an offer. The products include Amazon MP3 and Prime Videos. On the other hand, Amazon offers the courtesy credit only after something goes wrong during the purchase of an item. Amazon can apply for the courtesy credit on the products it sells and fulfils.

Q: Are the Courtesy Credits Amazon refundable?

A: Amazon courtesy credits are not refundable after the product is shipped. For example, after Amazon applied the courtesy credit for an eligible product but you later cancel that product after its shipment, they will not revoke the credit. But the cancellation of an order before the shipment might lead to a reversal of the courtesy credit. Spend the credit wisely to benefit.

Q: Can I use both the Courtesy Credit and Amazon Gift Code?

A: Yes, that is possible when the product you purchased is eligible. But when using both the Amazon courtesy credit and the gift code, you have to note down the category of the product you bought. That way you w will easily find the eligible category. For more help, you need to contact the Amazon customer support.

Q: How do I check my courtesy credit balance on Amazon?

A:  You can check the courtesy credit balance under your promotional balance tab or your account. Sometimes, the credit might not be visible but Amazon will apply it automatically during the checkout.

Q: How do I use my Amazon credit at checkout?

A: You can use the courtesy credit when buying any product on Amazon but some of the products sold and fulfilled by the third parties will not be eligible. So, choose the products sold and fulfilled by Amazon.


Most policies on Amazon favour long-term buyers. Whether it is the courtesy credit or the promotional credit, they use it to make regular customers. That might be the key reason Amazon has remained the world leader in the E-commerce industry. Remember to spend the courtesy credit if it exists in your account.

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