Wikibuy Review: Is wikibuy safe? Is Wikibuy legit?

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If you have been searching for an online shopping assistant, then you might have come across WikiBuy. So, you might ask, what is WikiBuy? It is an add-on for Google Chrome and among the most popular tools among people who want to save money when doing their online shopping. Wikibuy add-on is a simple comparison service that helps you find the best deals. A quick example, when shopping for a sofa on Amazon, the add-on will display a pop-up message showing you the best deals – including those in other places. Moreover, Wikibuy searches for offers and coupons that the original retailers might be offering online and gives you a chance to use them. 

What is WikiBuy?

Wikibuy is a free website. It offers coupons and discounts to the items you love. Shop at your favorite stores while finding ways on how to save money. By using Wikibuy, you will always discover coupon codes, sales and hidden prices that everyone gets to take advantage of them.

WikiBuy is a website that allows users to buy and sell products and services. It’s a place where people can see what products are available at different stores. You can tell your friends or family members where to buy the products that you have or sell the products you have. This is a wonderful place to have in your arsenal when shopping online. Wikibuy even have affiliate programs that give you cash rewards for sending people to WikiBuy or buying the products in the stores.

Developers of the shopping assistant included other helpful features, including Wikibuy Checkouts to allow purchase of items in different e-shops without the need of logging into your account, filling any forms or allowing the retailers to get your personal information. After installing the add-on on your Chrome browser, you will manage to track all your orders and enjoy loyalty rewards and money-back guarantee. The service is free to use but the developers make money whenever you choose the product they suggest to you through the extension. Therefore, you should not expect the add-on to cause any intrusive redirects or ads. Unfortunately, most people report that the extension  does not offer the results it promises. 

Is Wikibuy Worth It?

Wikibuy is an online shopping platform that promises to help you find the best deals and save money. But is it worth it?

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use Wikibuy. The main benefit of using Wikibuy is that it promises to help you find the best deals and save money. In addition, Wikibuy claims that all transactions are encrypted and fully secure.

However, Wikibuy does not list any security measures or offer any sort of protection for buyers or sellers. The lack of security makes Wikibuy a potentially risky option for anyone looking to buy or sell digital items. Another issue with Wikibuy is that it does not offer the same level of choice that a regular online store does. If you’re looking for a way to collect donations for a cause or campaign, Wikibuy might be able to help you do that.

Is wikibuy safe? Is Wikibuy legit?

Wikibuy is a safe and secure way to make online purchases. All transactions are protected by encryption technology, and your personal information is never shared with sellers. Using Wikibuy is easy, and all you need to do is follow the instructions.

Capital One Bank backs Wikibuy. Like all other banks, Capital One Bank takes the safety of buyers seriously. Keep in mind that Wikibuy is a browser extension and for the most part Google Chrome is safe to use because Google backs it up. If you encounter any problems when using the tool, you can reach customer support easily. Open your self-help portal and submit a request to the support team. 

Wikibuy is a legitimate website that allows users to purchase items from different sellers. It offers several payment options, and your credit card details are never stored by Wikibuy.

Is Wikibuy a trusted site?

Wikibuy is a site that allows users to buy and sell items online. The site has been around for a few years and has built up a large user base. However, there are few regulations around Wikibuy and the site’s safety mechanisms.

Unlike Amazon, which has a well-established safety net that protects both buyers and sellers, Wikibuy is relatively new and lacks the same level of trust. This means that both buyers and sellers are putting their trust in Wikibuy instead of Amazon.

Wikibuy Review: Key Features

What is Wikibuy? You can now tell something about it without any problems. Wikibuy provides many features designed to give the users easier shopping experience. Here are the key features to note.

Wikibuy Universal Product Search

The search tool is among the most helpful features on this tool. When searching for a properly priced product, you do not have to visit many shopping sites. You can use their website alone. For illustration, imagine that you are searching for a Yeti Rambler. And to save your time, you want to take minimal time on the searching part. Wiki Buy will search for the product and display the one from the best seller. Also, when shopping from the local store, you can use the WikiBuy app to scan the barcode of that item and the site will search for the competitively priced items.

Wikibuy Featured Offers

Wikibuy arranges discounts on products that you can buy through their website. For instance, at the dashboard, you will find discounts for various products such as shoes, VPN service and others. Perhaps, you want to save some money during your next purchase.

Cashback (Trending Deals)

Like similar services, Wikibuy provides cashback from the leading retailers. A quick example, you will enjoy 1 percent back on every purchase you make from, 2 percent from and 4 percent from Groupon. They also provide a “Local Offers” section that offers over 4 percent from the local restaurants and retailers. Open Wikibuy website and navigate to the “Featured Offers” section for the deals.

Wikibuy Coupon Codes

Possibly, you always search for the “store name + promo code” before searching for the product. However, clicking through the many discount sites only to discover that most of the promo codes do not work is a big hassle. One of the functions of Wikibuy is to search for the promo codes automatically to save you the hassle. After one customer finds a promo code, Wikibuy makes it available for its other users. Put differently, you will not need to open another tab to find the promo codes.

Price Drop Alerts

After identifying a great product but you are not ready to purchase it immediately, you can set Wikibuy add-on to notify you when its price drops. The feature will save you a lot of time and money.

Wikibuy Credits

After subscribing to Wikibuy, you will accumulate “Wikibuy Credits” automatically when shopping online. That will happen regardless of the retailer you choose. After you have accumulated enough credits in your bank, use them to buy various items. 

How to use Wikibuy?

After opening Wikibuy website for the first time, they will prompt you to make a free account. You can easily do that by entering your email and password or clicking the links, which allow you to use your Facebook or Google account. Next, they will ask you to enter your email address, name and your location. Indicate whether you have an Amazon Prime account to help Wikibuy find you the best deals. 

Once you have established your user account successfully, you will need to install the Chrome extension on your mobile device or the web browser. Also, you can download the mobile app and install it in your Android device. Wikibuy Chrome extension has over 8,000 five-star user reviews in Google Chrome Store and over 4.4 million users. The Wikibuy app for iOS devices is less popular because the users has rated it as a 2.6 star out of 5 stars in the App Store. The results are similar in Google Play Store, where the users have rated as a 2.4 star out 5 stars. 


  • Easier to use and it will work behind the scenes as you continue with your shopping to make your work easier 
  • It is 100 percent free to use 
  • Installation of the browser extension is easy 
  • The service will save you money and time 


  • It favours eBay, which has longer shipping times compared to other online stores 
  • They will sell your data to third parties 
  • The browser add-on is only available for Google Chrome
  • The mobile application is not the best 

How does wikibuy work?

Wikibuy is a crowdsourced shopping site that allows users to compare prices and find the best deals on items from a variety of online stores. Wikibuy works by scanning the web for the best prices on items and then displaying those prices to users. When a user clicks on a price, Wikibuy connects directly with the store and makes the purchase.

Is Wikibuy copying honey?

Wikibuy, a new online shopping site, is facing allegations that it is copying the business model of online honey retailer Honey. Both the honey and Wikibuy let users shop at merchants who pay them money to promote their products. But Honey allows customers to search for items they want to buy. While Wikibuy is more like a search engine that links customers to merchants who pay for the exposure of their products. While Honey allows you to specify the price you are willing to pay, Wikibuy displays items in a “featured” category which you will have to buy. The creators of Wikibuy claim that their site is based on the principles of free market, but the evidence against them is overwhelming.

Does Wikibuy work with Amazon?

Wikibuy is an online store that makes it easy to buy and sell physical items from your home. Wikibuy has partnered with some big names in the eCommerce world, including Amazon, and now you can check out with them using their mobile app. Wikibuy is not currently available in all countries, but if you’re in the eligible country and mobile network, you can use Wikibuy to quickly and easily buy items.


If you love doing most of your shopping online, Wikibuy will help you find the best deals. The tool is free to use and you can use it regardless of the products you want to buy. But if you do not want to save money when buying items or you are worried about the privacy of your information, Wikibuy is not for you. Keep in mind that the companies provide different features and services, so remember to sign up on Wikibuy website.

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