The fastest SD card in the world from Sony and offers 299 MB / s of writing and 300 MB / s of reading

The competition for storage not only focuses on capacity, but also on speed, since it does not serve us having many GB if transferring information will take forever. For the above we have seen how new interfaces and standards have emerged that seek to adapt to the new times, where files grow in size and devices are ever faster. Most innovations have gone to SSDs and hard drives, but SD cards are also part of an important market. The UHS-II Class 3 standard, which in theory would be able to offer transfer speeds of up to 312 MB / s, has been announced for just over two years, and today the first to raise its hand SONY fastest SD card.

Sony fastest SD card SF-G series.

The human being is impatient by nature. This feature has been accentuated in this society that accustoms us to want everything for yesterday. It is clear that we are demanding more and more speed, and that is why mobile devices have evolved years to work faster and better. It seems that the more they offer us, the more we ask.

Technology advances by giant steps, and a good example is how memory cards have changed. If we look back and see the amount of space and speed they offered, we sure want to give a hug to the ones we have now. But the one that Sony just presented takes the palm.

Sony is a technology company that is in all. It has high-end mobiles, has a reputation for reputation in the photography market and is present in the homes of half a planet with its televisions. But the Japanese company also manufactures external memory cards, and the one just introduced this time has beaten all the records in the world.

Sony unveiling the new range of SF-G Series sony fastest SD card, and with it has been released in the market that automatically becomes the fastest SD card in the world. It is a card that reaches 299 MB / s writing speed (with 300 MB / s read speed), which leaves in diapers the 170 MB / s of writing that reaches the microSD card UFS Samsung or even the 260 / 300 MB / s of the SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-II. It does so through the UHS-II Class 3 standard.

Sony today gave good news to photographers, video professionals and consumers interested in creating high-quality content with the launch of its new range of SF-G SD memory cards. Created with an eye on video recording in 4K format, these cards are described by the Japanese manufacturer as the fastest in the world. The new SD Card SF-G series from Sony is designed for the new generation of DSLR cameras, where the main objective will be to record content in 4K. Of course it will be compatible with UHS-II and UHS-I devices. In addition, Sony claims that it will be shock-resistant, waterproof, X-ray, and will operate in temperatures ranging from -25 to 85 degrees Celsius.

By making a quick comparison, companies offering UHS-II Class 3 SD cards have not been able to reach 299 MB / s of writing. Here we have the case of Transcend with 285/180 MB / s (writing and reading respectively); Lexar with 150/80 MB / s; And SanDisk which is the one that most approached and that had the title to the fastest before this announcement, which stood at 260/300 MB / s.

The company has just announced that this new SD card will go on sale in the coming months. Although Sony has not confirmed the price of this new range of external memory cards, we can get a good idea of ​​its starting price by taking a look at what it costs right now the Lexar Professional 2000x, which until now was One of the sony fastest SD card on the market: 32 GB for 62 euros, 64 GB for 105 euros and 128 GB for 257 euros.

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