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Technology has transformed the world and led to several sources of information.  The truth of the matter is, most of the people spend countless minutes browsing and viewing new updates online. Some of the apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime are mostly used in streaming entertainment online. Websites like project free tv is one of the popular online streaming websites.

What is Project Free TV online

A question may arise what project freetv is? Project free tv is a hosting website that hosts thousands of other website links, that provides similar copies of tv movies and shows. Note that, project-free tv is an online streaming website i.e. project free tv real time, that streams popular tv shows, and movies. The website is cheaper compared to other sites. The fans have the advantage of watching 90% of the videos for free.

Project freetv shows is the only site that you will find trending shows that suit every searcher’s intent. Free tv project site is has been ranked among the most visited video streaming sites. The fact is, free project tv comes with the latest shows and movies which have won the taste of online surfers.

The site instantly dropped down. The reasons for the downfall has not yet been known. The website is still in initial subsequent stages of progress with a new domain and a new name. Rumors have been spreading that it might be the end of the road for the project-free-tv.

Abruptly, the site URL was changed with a new out-of -the-balance  web page design  and was named Goodbye. The fans were  shocked and overwhelmed by the changes that had been made. Projectfreetv is the result that appears when you google the keyword project free tv. The link holds the original part of the website accompanied by a link that performs even better.

Websites like project free tv provides tv scheduling information. In case you need to watch an episode for your favorite tv movies and shows, download the app to get the preferred searches. Assuming you are  fun of  Game of Thrones series, all you need to do is; log into the website and search for your  favourite series. The website will directly lead you to another website where the program is hosted. The video will be streamed in a web-based video player for free by Alos.

How do you access all these videos and shows? First, you sign up to project tv website, then log in to your respective account and you’re done with the process. Use the link www.projectfreetv to get to the website page.

Are you looking forward to build themes for your favorite tv shows, or ringtone for your iPhone? If the answer is yes, you have landed to the right website. Watch the shows on proejct free tv, download the theme of the song from there and make it your ringtone.

Projectfreetv online is a free website that provide shows and movies streaming service which contains copyrighted material. Therefore,  it becomes insecure and risky to use since you may receive a notification message concerning piracy. For one to be on the safe side, we recommend the user to use a fast and secure VPN when streaming tv shows and movies. The best VPN that can secure your data from a threat is; express VPN, Nord VPN, Ipvanish VPN, Safer VPN, Strong VPN, Hide my Ass, Private VPN, VYPRVPN, and Cyberghost VPN.

Why The Domain Name Changed

The circumstances surrounding why the domain name for projectfreetv was changed is still a mystery yet to be uncovered. A new domain for projectfreetv was freshly booked for July 1. Several SEO services were on the frontline claiming to have lent the owner with the previous domain. Nobody had been aware of the situation. There was no leaked information from authorities clarifying why the old domain for project tv free was not  working like before.

Preferably, new fuss Reddit users are searching for ways and alternatives that can lead to free streaming of videos. Also, they are finding a way to access online content without charges. Unlike sites like popcorns time, pirates bay and freetvproject, doesn’t have a blog updating the users on the progress of the website.

Project free tv holds a page containing the Digital  Millennium Copyright Act and ways they can handle the issues. The site argues that it is a pure service provider, and does not manage any content uploaded to its servers by the users. Free tv project, argues that it takes copyright violation very seriously. Also, it provides clear guidelines on how to issues a DMCA request.

Most of the streaming websites keep disappearing and reappearing with a new domain. For Instance, 24 July project free tv 2020 just disappeared. Meanwhile, the website does not even notify existing users before the disappearance. Now the website is back with a bang of shows and movies, though with a different domain which slightly looks like the previous one.  Everyone thought that the website would not make a come back. The fears would not hold for too long because Project freetv had a surprise in mind.

The project free tv unblocked and returns back to the market with a fully loaded database. The database contains all the latest movies and shows. Apart from that, the website has  user friendly theme and  a new domain.

my project freetv is a site where you can stream movies and tv shows aired daily. The website has focused on tv shows. It has provided service for people who prefer to watch shows and movies while at their homes. The users experience a challenge in accessing the old domain due to failure of website like my project free tv. Failure for such websites has resulted to the emergence of more similar sites like project free tv.  Due to large traffic and regular visitation, the emerging sites are becoming more popular and profitable.


In conclusion, we would let you know that you need a strong and fast internet connection to stream the videos online. If you are afraid of the website disappearing suddenly like project free tv, you can use the watch alternative sites like project free tv.  The website program will give you a chance to save your favorite videos to your computer. Once the videos are saved in you can access freetv online project every time when you need them.

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