How To Fix Modem Keeps Resetting

How To Fix Modem Keeps Resetting

Last Updated on June 19, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

A modem that keeps resetting every few minutes is not anything new.

You’d be bewildered how many people experience it daily, regardless of their modem model and Internet Service Providers (ISP).


To tackle this issue, you could either: reset your modem, rectify your power and cable connections, update your modem, power cycle your modem, check whether your modem is overworking or overheating, reset your modem or replace your modem.

This article will comprehensively tackle the question: Modem keeps resetting, how to fix it.

Reasons why Your Modem Keeps Resetting

Usually, a resetting modem will have all its lights turn green before the downstream and upstream start flashing concurrently.

Soon afterward, it will reboot itself, give you a connection, then reset itself again after a few minutes.

Your modem could be resetting itself after every few minutes because

  • You are using a modem that is either overloaded, old, or defective.
  • Both your modem and router connection are loose.
  • Your modem is outdated.

These issue-causing factors are, in most cases, unavoidable. However, the good news is, they all have solutions.

How to fix a Modem that Keeps Resetting

Here is a list of quick fixes for a modem that keeps resetting.

The best part about these fixes is, they offer solutions to various modem models regardless of your internet service provider.

Check Your Power Connectors

Among the first measures to apply when trying to remedy a modem that keeps resetting every few minutes is, checking your power connectors.

This is because it’s a common culprit of a modem that keeps restarting. The power port behind your modem or the outlet could be having a loose connection. 

To do this, wiggle both ends of your power connection while keeping an eye on your modem’s power lights.

If they twinkle, it means there’s a fault in the power connection. Thus, you’ll need to get another power adapter.

Additionally, always keep your modem connected to a surge protector to ensure that your modem receives constant, stable power.

Check Your Modem’s Cable connection.

Another common culprit of a misbehaving modem is a loose coax cable connection. A coax cable creates a connection between an outlet and a modem.

Check that the cord is fastened tightly enough to the input port on the back of the modem and that the connection is clear of any physical cracks and breaks.

In case there are physical cracks and breaks, replace the cords.

Additionally, you can troubleshoot your cable connection by unplugging all of them then plugging the back simultaneously.

Update Your Modem

Your modem could be acting up because you have not updated it.

It is a common practice for modem manufacturers to update the software occasionally for it to work better.

Some of these updates include software bugs, security patches, and performance updates.

To update your modem, visit your modem’s manufacturer’s site for the software upgrade, then download and install it.

After that, restart both your modem and router to check if the issue has resolved.

Power Cycle Your Modem

If you are using an old modem, this could be why your modem is resetting itself every few minutes.

Performing a power cycle on your modem will flush its memory to cool it off, thus fixing the modem’s internet and restarting issues.

To carry out a power cycle, proceed as follows:

  • Unplug both your modem’s and router’s power cord, wait for thirty seconds to elapse before connecting only the modem’s cord back.
  • Wait for five minutes, then power on.
  • Connect your router’s cord back to the router after thirty seconds, then wait for two minutes to elapse. 
  • Reactivate your router, then check to see if the issue has resolved.

Check if Your Modem is Overworking

In many instances, a modem that carries the router feature is bound to experience the issue of restarting itself occasionally.

If you’ve added all your devices to your network, then your modem may have reached its functional limit, and that’s why it’s misbehaving.

To relieve your modem of overwork, switch off all the devices on the network, restart the modem, then switch your devices back on one after the other while checking at what limit your modem will reset itself.

If that is the case, you could advance to a new and better modem.

Check if Your Modem is Overheating

An overheating modem could also be the culprit behind a modem that keeps overheating.

A working modem should only be warm to touch and not hot. Therefore, if your modem is hot to touch, then it is not cooling off as required.

To remedy this issue, create enough space around your modem and clean its vents if they are dirty.

Reset Both Your Router and Modem

Over time, the settings and features of your router or modem change. This could happen intentionally or unintentionally.

Therefore, settings change could be causing your modem to reset itself intermittently.

To carry out this quick fix, you will first start by resetting your router to check if the issue goes away. If not, you’ll proceed to reset your modem.

You will find your modem’s reset button at the back of your modem. It is usually recessed and red.

To reset a modem, use a pen cap, for instance, to press the reset button for fifteen seconds. Once the fifteen minutes elapse, the modem light will gleam red/orange. After five minutes, the modem’s power light will turn amber. 

Proceed to carry out the activation process and once the power light turns green, go ahead and enjoy a stable internet connection.

Replace Your Modem

If you have tested all of the above solutions and none have worked, you’ll have to get yourself another modem as a final solution.

The choice to either upgrade your modem through your ISP or getting a new modem is entirely yours.


Why Does My Router Keep Rebooting Itself?

If you are wondering why your router keeps rebooting itself, then here are a few reasons why.

  • Your router may be overworking.
  • Your router may be overheating.
  • Your router may be out of date.
  • Your router may be having some loose connections.


A modem that keeps resetting unannounced and after every couple of minutes is enough to drive anyone up the wall.

Use the above quick fixes to eliminate the issue for you to continue accessing trouble-free internet.

However, if the solutions in this article: Modem Keeps Resetting-How To Fix, don’t resolve your issue, feel free to contact your ISP to help you out.

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