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FirStoneTV announced that it has already stopped its services. So, if you opened the recently, you might have realized that the site is not working and you cannot stream channels as you used to do. The only thing you will find on the website is an error message telling you that FirstOneTV has discontinued its services. FirStoneTV was one of the most popular video streaming platforms for people in Europe, especially the United Kingdom. The site allowed its users to stream news and sports channels from any place.

And as statistics from Ahrefs, Alexa and Semrush show, the website received over 50K unique visitors each day from all parts of the world. But because the service no longer exists, you have to rely on the alternatives to access your favourite news and sports channels.

FirStoneTV came into existence in the year 2015 but there is no information about the people who created and launched it. But we believe that the person is a soccer lover from Europe because he had Subreddit SoccerStream. The developer designed the site to allow people to watch TV channels at no cost. One of the benefits the website offered was high-quality content and many channels at no cost. People watched almost every soccer online game including UEFA, Premier League and other popular leagues. The site might have gone down due to copyright issues.

The best FirSt oneTV alternatives:


FreeeTV should be the first in your list when searching for the best First One TV alternatives. As the name suggests, all the videos available on FreeeTV are free to stream. You can access the site from any part of the globe and it does not serve any country. All you need to access the content is a good device and working internet connection.

FreeeTV offers a wide range of content. So, whether you are a TV shows and series binge-watcher, a movie buff, an anime otaku or even a person who love listening and downloading music tracks, FreeeTV got you covered. But because the website was designed to offer news channels, you will have to dig deeper to find other types of content. When in a hurry, use the search box.


If you love online streaming, you might have already heard of Modbro. It is an app that allows you to stream different types of videos at no cost. Mobdro App offers many unique features that make it a great FirStoneTV alternative. You should expect the same features that First One TV offered on its platform.

In addition to online TV channels, you can stream the latest TV shows, movies and series. You can run the app on your smartphone or Windows computer at no cost. It is designed to run on Android phone, android box and emulators. The team behind this app checks the links regularly to ensure that they are working and update the broken ones. In other words, expect every channel on this platform to work perfectly.

Keep in mind that all the channels, movies and TV shows are available solely on the mobile app, which is not available on Google Play Store due to copyright issues. Visit the official website to download the app and install it on your device. Again, you cannot stream the content through the official website.

But just like any other online streaming app or website, Mobdro comes with numerous annoying ads. To watch movies, TV shows and series or even online TV via Chromecast, you must buy the premium membership. Again, you will find the work of selecting TV episodes hard. Overall, Mobdro is a good FirStoneTV alternative. Before visiting the site, it is always good you try the app.


After FirStoneTv went down, most of its users moved to FreeInterTV, which works more like FirStoneTV. Currently, this site offers over 2800 TV channels and you can access all of them free of charge. Even though most of the links on the site are dead, the team of admins are always working hard to update any link that is not working with a new one.

On the homepage, expect to find an option to filter the channels according to the genre and country. Proceed to the drop-down box and choose your desired country. The website will provide a long list of the channels from that country. Click on the one you would want to watch. You do not require any third-party tools or web browser plugins to access the channels. All you need is a device that can access the internet and a modern web browser.

 Speaking of the user interface, FreeInterTV has an out of date appearance. In other words, the site lacks in design features. The developers used a very old template that makes this site unresponsive when using mobile devices. Furthermore, the website is blacklisted in many countries. You might need an effective VPN to access it.

How do you access Modbro TV services on your personal computer?

Mobdro TV is designed for Android device users alone. However, you can still run it on your computer smoothly. All you need is the installation of a good mobile emulator on your computer. Emulators are available at no cost and the internet provides many of them. Some of the best android emulators to try to include NoxPlayer, Memuplayer and Bluestacks. After downloading one, follow these steps to start streaming Mobdro content.

  • Install the emulator on your computer.
  • Go to the Mobdro official website and download the most recent APK file onto your computer.
  • Install the app on the emulator. The process involves dragging and dropping the APK file on the emulator.
  • Open the Mobdro application and search for the content you need. The content streaming is free of charge.


FirStoneTV is already gone but that does not mean that you will never stream live news channels, TV shows and movies again. You can always use the available alternatives. Real website owners and streamers know how to deal with challenges as they arise. Remember that streaming pirated content is illegal. Use VPNs like TunnelBear to hide your identity when doing that. You will avoid getting yourself in trouble.

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