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How to Find and Evaluate the Best Bitcoin Trading Bots

Cryptocurrency is a 24/7/365 market that provides endless opportunities for traders and investors to engage with markets worldwide. Because of the volatility of digital currency, trading bots are now the go-to tool to stay up-to-date with an ever-changing crypto market. As new currencies hit the market, many new trading bots emerge. Some are licensed and […]

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Which Cryptocurrencies Does The Ledger Nano S Wallet Support?

Crypto currency are person’s digital assets that is in digital form. That a person can keep it in his online account or e-wallets. It functions are similar to other physical currencies. They have a market value. You can buy products or make payments to someone else by them. Cryptocurrency wallets are the Digital Wallets. Which […]

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These Are Real world Application of Ethereum Smart Contracts

Quite often, Ethereum is termed as the second generation of the Blockchain. The first is Bitcoin, but; its capabilities are limited to cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is a whole new world that allows the scripting of its Blockchain. This gives power to developers to come up with different DApps on the Ethereum Blockchain, something that doesn’t happen […]

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Illegal sales and Bitcoin: Controversy in the United States

In previous posts, we explain the topics related to the cryptocurrencies. Such as its ease of usages and freedom when making transactions. This time, we will show its negative side; being just this the justification that the regulators and legislators of each country or company possess. We will use as a reference the report made […]

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