MacBook Laptops for Sale: 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a MacBook Air

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Are you in the market for a new laptop? There are certainly plenty of brands and models to choose from. From a PC to a MAC, choosing the device that’s right for your needs can be tricky.

The MacBook Air is more popular than ever. You’ve likely spotted them in nearly every coffee shop on the planet in recent years. If you’ve never owned or even used a MacBook Air, you likely have a few questions about them.

This article takes a look at what you should know when you find MacBook laptops for sale so that you can make a quick decision.

There are plenty of important details to understand, so keep reading to learn all the details that set these amazing laptops apart from everything else on the market.

1. Thinner and Lighter Than Ever Before

Believe it or not, the MacBook Air keeps getting thinner and lighter. The design team at Apple is clearly never satisfied, as they continue to push the boundary of what’s possible in laptop design.

The latest iteration of the MacBook Air is a mere 2.75 pounds. That’s a full 10% lighter than the previous model.

The thin profile is ideal for reducing hand and arm strain. The physical design makes it a dream to use because it reduces the aches and pains traditionally attributed to typing posture.

2. Improved Speakers and Sound

The Air already had decent sound, but the latest version is the by far the best that Apple has ever produced.

The sound quality is great, and the new Air offers speakers are 25% louder. It also features three microphones, making it much easier to utilize FaceTime, Siri, and dictation.  

If you’re looking for cool user tips, here is a resource where you can learn to take a Mac screenshot.

3. Unlocks with Touch ID

Personal security is more important than ever, especially as digital technology becomes more enmeshed in our daily lives. It’s nearly impossible to overstate the need for taking every measure available to insure that your money and personal information remain as secure as possible.

Fortunately, Apple has designed the new MacBook Air to be the most secure laptop on the market.

Are you tired of having to remember the password to unlock your laptop? No problem, the latest MacBook Air makes this a break by enabling you to unlock with just your fingerprint.

That’s right, you can finally relax a little because there’s really no need to keep track of the passwords for encrypted sites such as for banking and Apple Pay.

This feature not only makes your life much more simple, but it also helps you breathe a little easier knowing that your information is safe from hackers and other types of thieves who might pose a threat.

4. Time Machine and iCloud

The average laptop user stores a ton of information on their devices. And it’s important to make sure that all of your data is backed up in order to reduce the potential risk of losing anything.

The MacBook Air makes it easy to back up your data with advanced features called Time Machine and iCloud.   

Time Machine is an amazing and incredibly useful Apple product that enables you to continually back up the entire contents of your computer. Keep in mind that Time Machine does require an external hard drive connected to a USB port on your MacBook or desktop computer.

And yet it does even more than simply protect your digital documents, etc. It actually saves every version of your files. Thus, if you ever need to see an earlier iteration of something, Time Machine enables you to literally scroll back in “time” until you find that previous version.

Most people are familiar with the concept of cloud storage. iCloud is Apple’s version of this. 

Anyone with an iCloud account is able to use this product for personal storage. This enables you to store everything from music to movies, documents, and even your personal iPhoto library in the cloud.

These two Apple products will help give you peace of mind in case of a glitch or hardware issue that could potentially cause loss of files on your computer.

5. The Quality Holds Up Long Term

One of the best things about owning a MacBook Air is the fact that they tend to hold up much longer than the average laptop produced by competitors.

This is just a simple truth. Regardless of your brand preference, MacBooks are built to outlast anything else. The design and materials used make them are more solid and reliable than most similar products.

With proper care, and avoiding accidents such as liquid spills or other physical abuse, there’s no reason that your MacBook shouldn’t reliably serve you for a decade or more.

Just be aware that your existing hardware and processor might not be able to run future OS updates, but Apple tends to use higher quality parts, so your laptop will be good to go for years to come.

6. It Can Run Windows

That’s right, a MacBook Air can run Windows parallel with OSX. This might not be necessary for many people, but the option is there if you need it.

This can be especially helpful for programmers or gamers who need Windows in order to run certain types of software on their machines.

The ability to run both operating systems on your MacBook provides tremendous flexibility to the user while also providing hardware components that you know you can trust.

7. True Tone Retina Display

Need one more reason to choose a MacBook Air? Don’t forget about the amazing retina display.

When it comes to Apple hardware, the retina display is simply the best of the best. This feature really does change the experience of using a laptop. It makes text sharp and clean, and images pop from the screen. 

Once you’ve experienced the retina display on a MacBook Air, you’ll be spoiled forever.

Reasons to Consider Buying MacBook Laptops for Sale

When you find MacBook laptops for sale, you should jump at the opportunity. After all, they are great machines that easy to operate and will last for years.

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