8 Best TV Antenna Booster Reviews And A Comprehensive Buying Guide

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The best TV antenna booster improves your TV reception by reducing noise and pixelation in weak signal areas.

The best TV antenna booster is Antronix MRA4-08/AC. The antenna distributes signals equally to nine outputs and has an additional modem port to allow internet connectivity devices.

This post is the product of researching 25 websites looking at that’s different TV antenna boosters and reading hundreds of customer feedback for each TV antenna booster. Some of the antenna boosters made it released was the majority was kicked off because they didn’t meet our test threshold.

In total, we spent more than 100 hours looking into all the type of TV antenna boosters and analyzing each of the critical details about them. So, you can trust that this article brings you the newest best-reviewed and functional boosters for your TV antenna.

Best TV Antenna Booster Comparison Table

TV Antenna BoosterProduct4 Main FeaturesEditor’s rating out of 5 (X/5)Check Out!
ANTOP HD Smart Boost Antenna Amplifier• 85 miles booster range
• Antenna, TV, and Secondary device outputs
• Power booster dialing
• FM antenna adapter
3.5/5Price in Amazon!
Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier• TwinAmp design
• 60 miles booster range
• Live streaming device pairing
• Outdoor/indoor antenna
4/5Price in Amazon!
GE Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier• Low Noise Amplifier
• Durable design
• Power booster
• 360 miles range
3/5Price in Amazon!
Antennas Direct 8-Port TV Distribution Amplifier• PA18 Preamplifier Kit
• Output TV/CATV Distribution Amplifier
• Clear-stream Juice Preamplifier System
• Durable kit
4.5/5Price in Amazon!
Channel Master Ultra Mini TV Antenna Amplifier• Single Output port
• More channels
• Compact design
• Power surge suppression
4/5Price in Amazon!
Antronix MRA4-08/AC• Four ports
• Powers surge protector
• Rust-proof material
• Compatible with standard TVs
4.5/5Price in Amazon!
Antronix VR900B/AC• Nine output ports
• Modem port
• Power surge protector
• All-weather
4.8/5Price in Amazon!
Antennas Direct ClearStream Juice VHF/UHF• ClearStream Juice VHF/UHF
• Preamplifier Kit
• Output TV/CATV Distribution Amplifier
• Weather-proof kit
4.5/5Price in Amazon!

Have you bought several type of amplifiers antenna for your tv, but none seems to work? ANTOP HD smart boost will get your TV/radio reception issues sorted out effectively. This magic indoor/outdoor amplifier deals with the interference of channels that may happen to most TVs and other devices at different times of the day.

HD Quality Signals

If you want instant access to HD quality TV signals, this is the amplifier to get. The booster works consistently by restoring the reception of many channels substantially. Also, it strengthens signals from different stations and narrows those into your system for sound and HD picture clarity.

UHF/VHF Amplifier

Even more beneficial is the ANTOP’s capability to amplify both the UHF and VHF signals. You also get minimal picture pixelation, thanks to its 4g LTE inbuilt filter. Additionally, the wireless 4G LTE signal gives you a complimentary digital TV reception.

Smart Boost Technology

It is good to note that ANTOP is a smart boost technology. The antenna signal booster has a signal range of up to 85 miles. In addition,  ANTOP smart tech comes with a splitter amplifier to allow you to connect to several devices at a go. Also, the technology enables this amplifier compatibility with all types of antennae, including the non-amplified (passive) ones. 

Connecting Multiple Systems

Installing this multi-purpose, high-tech device means that you can connect two TVs and other multiple systems, including FM stereo, OTA Ready projectors, and streaming devices, among others. You do this through the secondary device output features on the amplifier’s hardware.

Power Booster Dialing

ANTOP is easy to install and use. The user manual guides you through the simple installation process. Once done, you can increase the signal gain by turning the power booster knob clockwise. To decrease the gain, dial the same knob anticlockwise. 

Other Notable Features

  • Green LED power indicator
  • Antenna, TV, and Secondary device outputs
  • Direct Current (DC) jack
  • FM antenna adapter
  • Item dimension – 10 x 10 x 10 inch
  • Item weight – 12.8 oz
  • 45 ft Coaxial antenna cables
  • Pole mounting kit
  • AC/PC adapter
  • Outdoor/indoor digital antenna


  • The amplifier works consistently.
  • Easy to install the amplifier.
  • Powerful amplifier.
  • It amplifies both VHF and UHF signals.
  • ANTOP connects to several devices.


  • The company has a complicated customer care return policy.
  • Antop amplifier doesn’t work well with rooftop antennas.

Have you had a chance to use Winegard’s antenna innovations? You probably know the company’s reputation with its satellite communications products, including antennae. Also, the Winegard company designs custom antennae solutions for many communication gadgets for home and RV use.

Variety Of Features

Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV pre-amplifier antenna solutions are the perfect answer if you have a persistent reception and sound problem. Its design is specific and includes bandpass filters,  free HDTV, among other features. 

60 miles Booster Range

This hdtv antenna amplifier by the Winegard company is beyond comparison because of its booster capability. The antenna signal booster strengthens the non-amplified antenna by giving you more clear channels at the range of up to 60 miles. It picks up all signals for your amplified antenna.

TwinAmp Design

With a TwinAmp design, the preamplifier boosts both the UHF and VHF signals independently to optimal levels. When it amplifies the UHF and VHF separately, the performance of your existing antenna improves notably.

Compatibility With Passive Antenna

If your existing antenna doesn’t offer a solution to noise and pixel consistency, Winegard steps in to solve such issues. Thanks to the device’s boost-clear circuit technology. 

With Winegard, there is no more interference and noise on your passive outdoor antenna. The device lowers noise and reduces signal leakage. Installing the booster preamplifier also handles your system’s pixelation by giving you a clear output.

Live Streaming Device Pairing

What if you want to pair the device with another live streaming device? No worries, as Winegard works perfectly. 

Though you have to buy the streaming device separately, you can pair your antenna with Fire TV, Roku, Chrome, or any live streaming device of your choice. The pairing will enable you to watch your favorite live show, be it weather, sports, or local news. 

You can also subscribe to Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix at a fraction of the subscription cost. All this courtesy of Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier.

Other Notable Features

  • Item dimensions – ‎3 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Item weight – ‎8.1 oz
  • Coaxial cables
  • Outdoor/indoor antenna
  • 110V adapter and power inserter
  • USB port power cable
  • Hose clamps 


  • Inexpensive and easy setup.
  • Excellent value preamplifier.
  • Perfect manufacturing quality and durability.
  • Signal strength works on a large circumference of up to 60 miles.
  • Winegard pairs well with indoor amplifiers.


  • Winegard’s warranty is scanty.
  • Some users reported a disappointing performance. 

Can’t watch your favorite channels due to excess noise on your TV? This noise reducer antenna Booster by Jasco Products Company is the remedy to the noise imbalance. The booster amplifies low-Strength channels on your Digital TV to give you the best sound and pictures. Several other features will make you want to try this one out.

Easy Step By Step Installation Setup

GE outdoor antenna comes with a user manual with a simple installation instructions like 1-2-3 steps. The first step is to connect the GE amplifier to the TV antenna. Next, insert the amplifier into your power connection and AC power adapter. The last step is to scan your channels, and that’s it!

Signal Power Booster 

The work of a signal booster is to strengthen the signal from a passive outdoor antenna. GE outdoor power booster antenna goes ahead to clear fuzzy and pixelated channels depending on the signal range from the broadcast rowers. 

Low Noise Amplifier 

During transmission, there is a possibility of signal leakage via your cable. This loss leads to sound and picture interference. GE outdoor antennas eliminate noise by improving the signal-to-noise ratio. The amplifier also compensates for the lost signal to give you a perfect viewing experience. 

Durable Design

When choosing the best TV antenna booster, durability comes fast. You will be mounting the device outdoors in the best location where there is no signal interference. The antenna has to endure harsh weather, be it wind, rain, or storm. 

This antenna body comprises weather-resistant materials. So you can go ahead with wall or mast mounting without worrying about the weather patterns.

Technical Support

TV antennas suffer technical errors from time to time. The most disappointing experience is if you do not have anyone to help you out. GE makes sure that there is sufficient technical support for its antenna customers.

The U.S. technical team is available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 8:00 Central Time. Jasco Products Company’s technical support services are free. If the equipment breaks due to the manufacturer’s fault, you have an added benefit of a limited lifetime replacement warranty.

Other Notable Features

  • Product dimensions – 7.04 x 5.59 x 2.32 inches
  • Item weight – 8.3 oz
  • Power inserter  


  • The antenna covers over 230 miles range.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • This is an advanced preamp with crystal clear TV sound and picture.
  • Inexpensive antenna.
  • Durability beats up any weather pattern.
  • Lifetime warranty


The amplifier picks up limited VHF stations.

Do you require splitting the signal to multiple TVs? This Antennas Direct 8-port distribution amplifier will take care of up to eight TVs with a reliable signal quality, including sound and pictures. 

You will not worry about the signal loss on any eight outlets, as the inbuilt equalizer will do the magic. The antenna boosts the signal in each location to give you a clear and consistent reception. There are more features attached to this amplifier:

Clear-stream Juice Preamplifier System

TV antennas that do not have a preamplifier experience weak signals. Adding the Juice preamplifier helps pick the signal in congested areas like cities and the weak signal regions like rural locations.

The added feature works by rejecting interference and overcoming weak signals from wireless and cellular data services. We recommend using a splitter and coaxial cable exceeding 100 ft from the amplifier to the TV to overcome weak signals. That is necessary at the TV antenna to increase available signal strength.

For city, suburban, and rural locations, the Juice Preamplifier System overcomes weak signals and rejects interference from cellular and wireless data services. Use a 100 ft. or longer coaxial cable from the antenna to the TV and a splitter.

PA18 Preamplifier Kit

Antennas Direct designs their PA18 Preamplifiers for use in low signal installations. The antennas include the rural TV antenna setups where you fight with low reception.

PA18 Preamplifier Kit provides consistent reception performance for quality sound and pictures in these locations. However, you also require longer than 100 ft coaxial cables to overcome the weak signals in such areas.

Durable Kit

You are going to fix this amplifier kit outdoors. That means for it to withstand harsh weather like storms and wind, you need durable equipment. 

Antennas Direct designs sturdy equipment that can stay strong high on the mast and offer you great reception regardless of the weather condition.

Notable Features

  • ‎Item dimension – 4.5 x 4.53 x 1.5 inches
  • Item weight – 0.16 oz
  • Coaxial quality Cable – 3ft
  • Output TV/CATV Distribution Amplifier –  8 Way
  • Indoor Power inserter


  • Splits signals for up to eight TVs hence saving you on resources.
  • Ninety days warranty is available for all the antenna parts.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Available technical support.
  • Highly durable antenna.


  • Not UL approved.
  • The kit overheats quickly.
  • No lifetime warranty.

Channel Master is an expert in manufacturing over-the-air communication products. This ultra mini tv antenna amplifier will be an amicable solution to the low-quality reception. The simple device works by increasing the overall signal and distributes it throughout your home.

Single Output Port

The Ultra mini-TV antenna comes with a single output port that works well in HDTV, digital RF, CATV, and off-air applications. In addition, the port holds 15 decibels gain, enough for distribution to your output.

For both your analog and digital applications, that is all covered by this mini amplifier. If you want to improve your cable TV signal performance, reliability, and reception, the antenna will fix that effectively.

More Channels

Installing an Ultra Mini TV antenna amplifier offers you more channels because it is unsplit. Though the gadget is not compatible with satellite signals, it increases the number of channels, reduces pixelation, and improves the overall signal strength.

The Channel Master Ultra Mini 1 distribution amplifier will boost TV signals, increasing the overall signal strength for distribution throughout the home. The Ultra Mini 1 offers one amplified output port with 15 dB gain. Channel Master distribution amplifiers will work with all TV antenna installations.

Compact Design

Small spaces require compact designs. If you live in a location where you do not have sufficient area to mount your communication gadgets, an ultra-mini HD tv antenna antenna will do the trick. It is small but will deliver the strongest signal to your screen. The inbuilt features offer you the equal signal strength that a jumbo antenna would offer.

Power Surge Suppression

We all know what a power surge does to our electric equipment. For example, an antenna can emit up to 500W of radiated power. Mostly, this indoor HDTV antenna power comes from lightning. The radiated power is dangerous enough to damage all the devices connected to the antenna, including your TV, computers, and FM stereo.

Ultra Mini antenna comes with a power suppressor of 6kv, 3kA surge on all ports. In addition, it has a ground screw with attached ground copper wire that prevents electrical surges. The feature works by counteracting with the radiated power and rendering it non-hazardous to your equipment and outputs.

Other Notable Features

  • 6ft RG6 Coaxial quality Cable
  • Grounding screw to prevent power surges.
  • RF input
  • Power Adapter
  • User Guide
  • Flexible powering points 


  • Ultra mini is a high-performance and reliable antenna.
  • Sizeable space-saving equipment.
  • Powder-coated to withstand harsh weather.
  • Solid and high-quality mini antenna.
  • Inexpensive antenna amplifier.
  • Easy to assemble and set up equipment. 


  • Not compatible with satellite signals.
  • The one-year warranty is not clear on what it covers. 

Did you know that you can connect several TVs to a single amplifier? Antronix VR900B high-performance antenna does that for you. The best TV antenna amplifiers kit offers you a splitter signal booster to split your cable TV. Thanks to its multiple sets of ports. In addition, the signal amplifier has got several features attached to it that provide you with specific services.

Nine Output Ports

Antronix VR900B antenna stands out among many antennas with its nine output ports. Despite the signal split, a single port bears the same signal strength as what the input port carries. It does not matter whether it’s a forward or reverse direction. The signal is equal in all the splitter ports. 

The ability for Antronix to tap and split the signal without any loss makes it a valuable signal brand. In addition, its unique design allows you to connect any cable TV device of your choice virtually.

Modem Port

Antronix VRA series offers a connection port for your VoIP devices. With the port, power failure will not affect signal reception. Antronix modem port is compatible with all digital and standard Cable TVs, including the Triple play telephone services.

Power Surge Protector

Many gadgets that depend on antennas to solve signal gain issues are also vulnerable to power surge damages. The reason is the devices connect directly to the antennas, which require power to run.

Unfortunately, antennas do not have special features to filter power from different sources. Instead, they operate on good and dangerous power. That includes radiated or magnetic energy from lightning and higher voltage from your power supplier. 

All this is dangerous to your devices. A 6 kV power surge protector and PTC Short-Circuit adaptor take care of all your RF ports. The protector uses a self-resetting circuit to guard against short circuits.

All-weather Protector

All Antronix antennas come with a powder-coated aluminum box that is non-corrosive. The coating also offers resistance from fog and salts from the air that enhance reception quality of signal. No amount of rain or heat will destroy your antenna with this housing.


When you get this antenna, you have got a five-year warranty from the manufacturers. Although the warranty does not cover cables and power supply, it promises to take care of the manufacturer’s faulty parts that may make your amplifier not perform. The warranty also covers all three F59 terminators.

Other Notable Feature

  • Nine output ports
  • Power surge protector
  • Coaxial cables
  • CamPort
  • Product weight – 1.15 lbs
  • Dimensions – 6.46 x 4.21 x 4.17 inches


  • High signal strength levels.
  • Easy to set up the device.
  • Antronix VR900 series work well for multiple screens and stereos.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Sturdy and rust-proof device.


  • If the broadcast signal is already low, the antenna will not improve as it is only a splitter. So you may have to get a separate booster to work with it.  

Antronix takes care of all your outputs with this brand new, four-port cable TV amplifier. It is similar to the eight-port but caters for you if you have fewer splits to do. Antronix MRA4-08/AC is similar to what your cable TV company uses to strengthen its reception quality signals. 

So, let’s look at what else this fantastic antenna offers:

Signal Power Booster

MRA4 series is known for its capacity to strengthen signals with over 5x (+7dB). The antenna enhances HDTV, digital, and analog picture quality with its strong reception. This also includes VHF/UHF/FM antenna signals.

Multiple Ports Digital Tv Antenna Amplifier

Multiple ports allow you to watch TV in the comfort of your bedroom. Whether you are upstairs or your guest in the other room, you all enjoy your favorite channels without any disturbance. 

The Antronix MRA4 series comes with four ports that allow you to connect to several devices with no signal losses. So you get what maximum gain, clear images, sound, and no pixelation at all.  

Compatibility With Other Devices

Antronix MRA4-08/AC is compatible with all standard TVs, including the digital cable series. Though the system is not compatible with existing amps and preamps, it works well with OTA antenna signals.  

Power Surge Protector

A power surge causes short circuits in electronic devices, especially those connecting to antennas. However, there are unique features that can prevent power surges. The antenna’s 6 kV surge protector guards all the connected devices against power surges and lightning strikes.  

Nickel-Plated Rust-proof Housing

A nickel-plated housing for Antronix prevents the device from fog, rain, and storm. In addition, the material is corrosion-free and protects your equipment from salt, moisture and any climate conditions.

Amplifier Warranty

Excellent products come with a warranty. For example, the Antronix amplifier comes wuth a five-year warranty that covers the amplifier. This guarantees that if the amplifier doesn’t function due to manufacturer error, Antronix fixes or replaces the gadget.  

Notable Features

  • Dimension 4.5 x 3.25 x 0.8 inches.
  • Weight – 7 oz.
  • Four ports.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • The compact package is a space saver for a limited mounting area.
  • The amplifier withstands harsh environments, including rain, heat, fog, and storms.
  • Reliable for multimedia platforms.
  • Multiple ports allow multiple connections.
  • It does not require extra splitters.
  • Easy to install and use packages.
  • Antenna endures high power surges.


  • Warranty is limited to the amplifier only but not other parts.
  • Causes radio frequency interference.

Why would you require this kind of antenna? Antennas Direct ClearStream Juice VHF/UHF is one of the best TV antenna boosters that will work for you if you live in low signal areas. These include congested urban centers and remote rural locations. The system consists of a low-noise system that filters and offers you clear sound on your output. Let’s see what it offers;

ClearStream Juice VHF/UHF

Sometimes the loss comes due to long coaxial cables (over 100 ft). As a result, the signals become weak and create snowy reception. Also, signal leakage occurs during the splitting process.

This decisive ClearStream UHF / VHF juice steps in to overcome the challenge. The feature also beats overloads with its 7.5dB VHF and 19dB UHF capacity.

Shielded in cast weatherproof housing with an integrated low pass filter that rejects nterference from cellular and wireless data services and offers maximum signal to noise for efficient reception

Weatherproof Durable Kit

Any outdoor antenna kit requires robustness. When you mount it high on the mast or wall, fog, rain, wind, and other weather conditions can damage the antenna. 

Antennas Direct ClearStream Juice VHF/UHF has a special weatherproof housing unit that shields the kit from harsh weather.  In addition, Antennas Direct Company designs its equipment with durable nickel/aluminum materials that can survive through storms. 

Notable Features

  • Power inserter
  • power supply 
  • 2/ea. x 36inches coaxial cables
  • 2/ea. zip ties
  • User manual
  • Item weight: 0.95 pounds
  • Item dimension: 5 x 2.1 x 8.3 inches


  • All-purpose antenna.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • The device comprises weather-roof material.
  • Available technical support.
  • Highly durable.


  • Overheating
  • The amplifier may not give you all the channels that you desire.


If you experience poor signal from time to time, the only amicable solution you can have to fix the issue is getting the best TV antenna. The best TV antenna amplifiers will solve the signal challenges. 

The device of your choice will also allow you to connect multiple devices through several ports. With up to eight options to choose from, you can now decide depending on your needs. Next, get a TV antenna and solve signal, splitter, and poor reception challenges.

How To Buy Best Antenna Boosters (Features to Look for)

The best substitute for weak signals is acquiring the best TV antenna booster. Installing an antenna is the only way to take your entertainment to an enjoyable level. We already expounded on some of the best options available around. 

All of the boosters we discussed are superior quality brands, but choosing what suits you will depend on several factors. Let’s get you to the features to look for in an antenna.

Available Output Ports

Suppose you require a booster to connect several TVs in your restaurant? Naturally, you will need several ports. Unfortunately, many people jump to purchase antenna amplifiers without calculating the number of connections that they require. Such a decision is not reversible unless and may force you to spend more as you go back to shop for the appropriate device. 

Antenna Durability

Most of the TV antennas are for outdoor use. This requires durable solutions that do not rust or break due to strong winds and storms. In addition, a high-quality antenna will serve you for a longer time. So, when buying the antenna amplifier, look for a durable material. 

Get a device that has solid and suitable housing to prevent rusts and power surges. Nickel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials offer durable antennas that withstand harsh conditions.


Do you want a splitter, a booster, or a multi-purpose antenna? It would be uneconomical to go for a single-purpose antenna when you already choose a multi-purpose device. 

You ought to consider if you have an existing device that requires a booster and vice versa. Then, go for an antenna booster after analyzing its sole purpose.


Some pre-existing devices may not be compatible with some boosters. So before spending a penny on a TV antenna booster, remember to check out its compatibility with existing devices. That will save you money and time as you will not have to go back and forth for costly replacements.


Your pocket rules out how much you will spend on the best TV antenna booster. When it comes to antenna prices, there is a wide range where some are pricey while others are not.

The available booster features determine the prices, but other times it depends on the model. In other words, you can get a low-priced antenna with many features. Other times, this is not the case. You will find that some pocket-friendly boosters have fewer features. 

If a model does not offer a variety of features, it loses its value. Also, well-known brands are costly, but it doesn’t mean that they are efficient. So, be wise when it comes to price considerations, as you require a booster that will solve your reception issues and give you peace of mind.

Signal Range

The nearest broadcasting signal booster range matters a lot to you. It will be illogical to go for a booster that covers a lesser range than you require. For example, some boosters cover 240 miles range while others cover 80 miles. Get your calculations right on the range before you commit your money to a non-performance booster.

VHF or UHF support?

When it comes to frequencies, TV compatibility is different. Likewise, Very High Frequency (VHF) or Ultra High Frequency (UHF) amplifiers work differently. Your choice will narrow down to your TV’s frequency. 

Some TVs support UHF, other VHF, while others consume both frequencies. Before you go ahead with the purchases, first get your TV frequency. If you miss and buy the wrong antenna, some frequencies will get blocked.


Decibels (dB) are the units for noise levels. The lower the value on the booster packaging, the lesser the noise. A 2dB is a lower level noise than a 5db. Suppose an amplifier has a low dB, the better. Manufacturers indicate the decibels on the packaging. You will find different price ranges for different decibels. Get a lower decibel device to eliminate noise in your output.

Indoor Or Outdoor Antenna Amplifier?

The best TV antenna amplifiers come as either outdoor or indoor. The outdoor antenna amplifier stays out high on the mast while the indoor one stays next to your TV. 

You need to know that the outdoor antenna requires a preamplifier to strengthen the already tapped signal from the antenna. The work of the indoor one is to split the signal equally to the number of outlets that you have. Without knowing the differences, you are likely to make the wrong purchases. 

The two work independently and do not substitute for each other. Furthermore, the outdoor amplifier has to stay close to the antenna while the indoor one stays near your TV for the best reception.

Additional Buying Query For Best TV Antenna Amplifiers

Do TV antenna boosters really work?

Some people believe that buying a TV antenna booster is a waste of resources. For others, the boosters are a magic potion for their lame TV reception. The fact is that digital signals work differently in different locations. And so are the antenna boosters. 

An area could have strong signals that do not require antenna boosters, while other areas have weak signals. If you live in a strong signal location, you will wonder why people use antenna boosters and vice versa. 

So yes, the TV antenna boosters work. It all narrows down to whether your area has TV reception or not. If you live in a weak TV reception area, try our best pick boosters to experience the improvements.

What Is The Best Antenna Signal Booster You Can Buy?

The best antenna booster you can buy is the one that is compatible with your devices and offers you several features. A multi-purpose antenna with several ports will save you from the hustle of getting several booster devices for different rooms or locations. You will also have a neat TV area with no annoying cables hanging from behind. 

We have outlined the best TV antenna, but we still have our best pick, Antronix VR900B/AC. This antenna booster has nine ports that give you the best signals without losing the quality during the splitting process.  

The Antronix series also has a power surge protector that prevents your devices from short circuit damages. We would recommend the booster because of several other features that conspicuously miss out on other brands.

What Is The Difference Between A TV Antenna Booster And An Amplifier?

Sometimes, we use these two terms interchangeably, but that should not be the case. A TV antenna booster is a gadget that improves your TV signal. We would describe the gadget as a kit that includes antennas, coaxial cables, accessories, and the booster itself. 

An amplifier is an independent device that intensifies weak signals and makes them stronger. With an amplifier, you will split signals to different units like TVs and computers and still get a great reception. It has ports to connect your outputs.

How Can I Boost My TV Antenna Signal?

There are several tips to boost your TV antenna signal;

The higher the mast, the better

Placing your antenna on a higher mast improves solid performance. Just try with a low mast and then a higher one. You will notice a significant difference. That tells you why broadcasting towers have masts floating high near the clouds.

Where is the location of the broadcasting tower?

If you can locate your local broadcasting tower, that will show you where to point your antenna. Once you locate the tower, you will notice that pointing the antenna away loses the signal.

Fewer antenna obstructions

Solid walls do not allow signals. Avoid such obstructions to get the best TV reception. For example, you could try to keep your indoor TV antennas near the window.

Metallic surfaces are antennas worst enemy

Believe it or not, metal surfaces are the antenna’s worst enemy. Metal interferes with signals. Place your antenna on wooden surfaces. 

Test a couple of locations

The way to improve your signal is to move your antenna from one location to another until you find a suitable point. Sticking to one position will not be of any help. 

Whenever you move the antenna, scan through the channels to point out the location with the highest number.

Where Should I Place My TVsix Signal Booster?

You can place your TV signal booster anywhere as long as the location responds with a high signal level. Place outdoor signal boosters as high as possible to receive the most vital signals. You can attach it to the highest point on your roof, pole or mount it on the wall. Just be sure that there are no obstructions. 

If you have an indoor signal booster, mount it away from solid walls and ceilings that cause obstructions. Also, metal surfaces take away the signals. Instead, try to access a strategic point like in the middle of the attic where there is free space. Then, as you mount your antenna high, remember to direct it to the broadcast mast near you. 

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