AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK Review for Android

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Currently, Android is the global leader when it comes to open operating systems. The devices running the operating system occupy around 75 percent of the mobile devices available in the market. And because it is an open system, you can easily intervene into the system. That does not mean that you are not limited when it comes to managing your devices. The fragmentation between the low-end and high-end devices makes Android devices very slow after a short period of use. They automatically make junk files, which slow down the processes. That necessitates the use of tools made to handle junk files and enhance the performance of the devices. 

Presently, most mobile phone manufacturers are building tools into their devices by default. Unfortunately, not every inbuilt tool is effective. For your mobile device to run as if it was new again, you will need to install a third-party tool that can remove the junk effectively. AVG Cleaner Pro Mod APK is among the effective apps you will find on App Store and other sources. 

You can use the AVG Cleaner Pro to clean up your junk files and to boost up the functioning your device. The free version of this tool offers many features, but for the best experience, you might need to try the pro version. We know that not everyone would want to spend money on such tools. 

About the AVG Cleaner Pro APK version

If your Android device is very low on memory or it has been running slowly, the first thing you should do is clean it. The cleaning will make your device better in addition to removing the junk files and improving battery life. Unfortunately, doing the clean-up work manually could waste your time and the whole process would not be effective. You might leave behind the caches and junk files draining your battery but end up deleting what you need most. 

The AVG Cleaner Pro APK works as an app cache cleaner, junk files and RAM cleaner, speed booster and battery saver. That way, it is able to boost the performance of your Android device. With a single touch on your screen, you can clear the junk files, caches and useless data in your device. Additionally, it allows the user to make various battery modes to match the usage of their device and save power during the day. Its intuitive user-friendly interface and the many helpful features help boost the performance. Currently, the number of downloads on Google Play Store exceeds 10 million with thousands of positive reviews from the users. To start using the Pro version, you will need to pay $1.99 per month.

The key features of the AVG Cleaner Pro APK

AVG Cleaner Pro offers many useful features to boost the performance of your device. The tool is focused on removing caches, handling junk files and boosting the speed of your Android device. Here are the key features. 

Instant cleaning of junk files 

The ability to clean junk files instantly is among the key features to expect after installing the AVG Cleaner Pro APK. The purpose of this feature is to help save on the memory space. To use it, click on “Quick Clean” button immediately after installing the app. The app will run for a short time and then create a list of the junk items you would need to delete. Check all the items you do not need and click on “Complete Clean Up” button. The process will be complete after that leaving more storage space in your device. 

Optimized photos 

This is an extremely feature on the AVG Cleaner. The feature helps save on the storage space by optimizing all the images on your device. The app scans into your Android system and lists all the image files to make suggestions on what you should optimize. Apart from minimizing the storage space, the powerful tool does not affect the quality of your images. To use the feature, open the app and click on “Photo” button. AVG Cleaner will display information about the images. Tap the “Review and Optimize” button to start the optimization function. A list of the bad, blurry, duplicate and poor photos will appear. Delete them manually to save space for more images. 

Application manager

With AVG Cleaner Pro APK, you will always know the apps to uninstall and the ones to keep. The tool will analyse all the running applications and show those that take a lot of RAM, network data, storage space and those that consume a lot of your battery power. After analysing the apps AVG Cleaner will display the apps you have used recently. From there, you can determine what to uninstall to free up more space. Besides, an inbuilt smart tool will freeze the applications that take much memory to complete simple tasks, such as sending notifications and completing background tasks. The choice will be valid until you decide to open the apps again.

Battery saver and optimizer 

The Battery Saver and Optimizer feature offer information about the activities that consume the largest percentage of power on your device. That should help you modify your settings to limit that. Moreover, the Battery Profiles provide four profiles consisting of Home, Low Battery, Car and Work. You can alter any of the four profiles to make your device work how you want. 

Auto reminder 

As the user, you can switch on the Auto Reminder feature, which reminds you to search for the applications you do not need. It allows you to clean the applications without leaving the notification panel of your device. 


–           Free to use 

–           Super-fast action 

–           Ads-free 

–           System file manager to help save time 

–           Comes with an inbuilt antivirus 


–           You will have to pay for additional features 


Overall, the AVG Cleaner is among the most beneficial Android applications on the internet today. It allows you to manage your applications easily and offers effective battery usage modes that help extend the battery life. To install the app, you just need to open the Google Play Store and search for it. Click on install and run it. You will definitely love the results. 

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