Top Free Web Analytics Tools For On-Site Analysis of Any Website

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If you have a secure website that you have seen with the need to analyze the visits of your website, for this today we leave the top free web analytics tools to perform a correct On-Site analysis of your web, which you will know how your site is working.

When it comes to getting the best SEO results, it is important to have the tools to analyze and control if we are really doing things right. This time we will focus on the free SEO tools for On-Site analysis, that is, those that facilitate the analysis and optimization of your web page. There are many of these tools, but we have decided to select these 10 that we consider indispensable.

Google Analytics

The most complete top free web analytics tools to analyze your web page thoroughly. Google Analytics allows, among many other functions, to measure return on investment, track web users, monitor the users of the web, analyze the content, the flow of users, the duration of the visits, the origin of the traffic (acquisition), etc. It is also very easy to install on our website. A tool that provides a multitude of information and is also free, what more can you ask for?

You can do what the other tools do and also:

  • Generate reports.
  • Sync with your Google AdWords account.
  • Conversion control.
  • To establish objectives.
  • Know where users click.
  • Create filters to select only what is important.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is a more targeted advanced web site management tool. We can obtain with it very relevant information that in another way would not be within our reach. Not less important, because thanks to it we can get information as relevant as the visibility of the website on Google, the health of the domain and a great variety of data and reports related to your website. Allows the sending of sitemaps, analysis of search traffic, configuration of several sites in the same account, reporting, domain health, etc. This top free web analytics tools just like Google Analytics is absolutely imperative.

Google Trends

Basic utility to know the trends of search at the present time or in a passed time period. You can add keywords and know your search statistics, as well as compare with other keywords.

Google Pagespeed

It offers valuable information on any aspect that can contribute to the increase of the speed of our web. The information is grouped schematically so that it is more accessible to the administrator of the web.

The function of this tool is to offer any information that can contribute to improve the loading speed of your web page. In an orderly and schematic way Google Pagespeed groups the information by topics to make the information more accessible to the webmaster.


Top free web analytics tools

This top free web analytics tools, in addition to providing an objective and general evaluation of your website, also provides guidance with practical advice on how to improve it effectively. It aims to help businesses, marketers and other online services to achieve better positioning, convert more visits to customers, facilitate the monitoring of their competitors and get a better ROI in their budget for digital marketing.

Depending on the results of the analysis gives us a score and advises us to optimize our SEO strategy. This tool has paid version and free version.

It reviews a wide range of aspects such as traffic estimation and geographical origin, site popularity in social networks, mobile optimization (load time, redirects, flash content, adapted design), redirects with and without www, Presence of a robot.txt file and an XML sitemap, the degree of optimization of the title and description of the web and each of its pages, as well as images, consistency in keywords, in-page links, Domain age and usability (URL length, favicon and custom 404 error page, load time, domain availability), etc. Assign a score and advice on what to do to make improvements. Its monthly cost is 36 euros, but it has a free trial period.


This is a real-time customer analysis service used by sales, service and marketing teams. It helps organizations optimize the customer lifecycle by delivering live, granular visitor behavioral data to the website and customers.


Top free web analytics tools

Another top free web analytics tools newly developed to analyze your website in a minute…and it’s amazingly free. There you count social signal, hosting information, IP address, and other useful information too. You may find in footer there has two menus of recent IPs and recent websites that show all recent analyzed website- a great source to know others.


Simple application but powerful as information. It is very useful to analyze the duplicate content of your page (and in what percentage), as well as locate broken links, internal links that can give error, etc. With the free version you can analyze up to 250 pages of a site.


There are times when you may prefer not to use Google Analytics on your website … because you’re sick of Google’s monopoly, so you do not “leave traces” that can identify you, etc.

Metrika is a top free web analytics tools developed by Yandex, which competes directly with Google Analytics, and even surpasses it in some respects.

It is simple to use and very powerful, with unique features.

If you’ve never tried anything other than Google Analytics, you should try Metrica on one of your upcoming projects and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Bing Webmaster tools

This toolkit is Bing’s answer to the Google Webmaster Tools, with similar but search-oriented features in the Microsoft search engine.


  • It has a feature to help you search for keywords.
  • It also has a tool to explore the links to your site.
  • And a section quite complete to analyze your SEO and suggest improvements.

Similar Web

Top free web analytics tools

Get free full data on traffic to your website.

  • Total visits with a history of 6 months.
  • Channels of access.
  • Pages viewed.
  • Bounce Rate
  • Visiting time.


Tool with great potential that in its free version allows you:

  • Analyze web visits.
  • Analyze the rebound percentage.
  • View the number of page views per user.
  • The average time of permanence.
  • Some of the most important search words.
  • Evolution of searches in recent months.
  • Channels of origin of the traffic.
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