Video Chat Sites Like Omegle That Don’t Suck

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The use of the internet is a crucial factor in facilitating social interaction globally. People feel more comfortable and satisfied when they interact with new friends. It is for that reason social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are so popular. Nevertheless, websites are other ways where people can meet and interact. 

So, people will comment on these sites and later check-in for any transpose from someone else. Some websites facilitate real-time online chats that make it feel like face-to-face communications. 

Websites like Omegle facilitate conversation between members through audio, videos, or plain texting. You also have the opportunity to meet random people. Unfortunately, this Random Video Chat Site is so populated, leading you to look for Omegle alternatives.

This article gives you a well-researched list of 10 websites like Omegle that will serve a similar purpose as Omegle. 

Video Chat Websites Like Omegle

What is the best alternative to Omegle? The best omegle alternatives include:

  1. Chatroulette
  2. YouNow
  3. ChatRandom
  4. TinyChat
  5. FaceFlow
  6. CamSurf
  7. ChatRad
  8. BazooCam
  9. CamGo
  10. OmeTV 

So, let’s have an insight on each and several main features you can enjoy in the websites. 


Chatroulette and Omegle shared common similarities, and at some point, people thought both websites are one. But the webcam-based Chatroulette is different for pairing its members with random strangers using random pairing algorithms. 

You can shoot your shot by engaging a parry verbally, typewrite messages or use video chat. If the random person disagrees with your opinion, they kill the conversation by leaving the discussion. Chatroulette came into existence in 2009. However, in recent years the website has grown and finally reached a point to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. 

Today, the moderators can screen users who violate the site terms of services. Those who are found violating the terms do get banned from reaccessing the site. The male gender has more population than the female, with the majority being under thirty years. Just like Omegle, the website is a good alternative.


  • Random chats with strangers
  • Offers iOS and Android application versions
  • Has Millions of users across several countries
  • Best monitoring and moderating systems
  • Few scammers and chatbots


Compared to Omegle, YouNow offers to create a large audience, loyal following, and trends. The site provides more useful features like chatting, broadcasting, watching live videos, or broadcasting. Additionally, users can make comments or buy gold bars to share with other users. 

There are restrictions where users are required to be 13 years or older to use the website. Therefore, it means you have to register and login into the site for you to begin chatting. It is a little bit different from Omegle, which does not require you to register before chatting.

But both sites still have privacy concerns, where YouNow does not require your login details to match any other social media platform. It also restricts strict guidelines against sexual content, nudity, or bullying within the app. Unfortunately, there are no monitors for such activities. 

In case the community guidelines are violated, any users have the right to report the violators. 


  • Offers iOS and Android Application versions
  • It gives you an additional feature of integrating the website with other social media platforms
  • You can freely broadcast
  • Users can interact by joining a broadcast of other streams
  • Members can make friends and receive or send gifts to others


ChatRandom’s website service is one of the best, with over a million users and members sharing all kinds of information. Therefore, there is no shortage of fun on ChatRandom. Every fun stuff you will find on the website. 

Unfortunately, the site has registered low numbers in total popularity but remains widespread. The active user population is moderate, and there are all kinds of people you might want to interact with on the site. 

In recent years there have been random changes made to improve the site. They include Polished UI, enhanced matching algorithms, and a better trend of catering for both genders. These new changes have made a positive impact making it one of the best websites, just like Omegle. 


  • Free to use, which means you do not need to register to chat on ChatRandom
  • About 20 different languages are available for users to use
  • Users can freely use most of its features at no additional costs
  • There are chat rooms available for users to connect
  • Users are matched by algorithms that make use of unique code under each of the members
  • You can do video chats within the website
  • Easy to use website features


TinyChat is one of the best Omegle alternative chatting sites. Using an invite friends feature, you do not have to pay for chatting within the site. Additionally, you can create a topic for discussion for your chat. 

The site is one of the most extensive, with over five million minutes of airtime each day, with the majority consisting of video and voice chats services online. Multiple chat rooms are available for members to join, including those set up by residents with your geographical location. 

Users can also watch live streaming TV shows and create one by themselves. TinyChat offers you room to connect with other friends through a webcam to make audio, Video, or text conversations. 

TinyChat is a browser-based IM client you can use on a browser, PC, or any mobile device. It is much similar to Omegle but has an additional s[pecial feature. The feature involves coins and points earned and used to unlock extraordinary achievements or even qualify for a chance in landing a live directory. 

You can use the chance to interact with other users. 


  • You can freely use Webcam 
  • Users have the authority to control the number of participants in their chat
  • Easy video starting process
  • The block feature present makes it easy to do away with people who you do not want to communicate with them
  • There are plenty of features to improve the experience on the site


Faceflow comes with a new level of social networking. A member has the capability of making three video chats at the same time with the other three members. Faceflow gives users additional features like creating Video conferencing with their friends. You can freely communicate with strangers with no subscription requirements. 

Fortunately, users can create a searchable profile that will enable friends and strangers to view their favorite pictures and videos. Besides offering webcam chat services, you can use a one-to-one video chat and as well text chat. 

One of the newest release features with faceflow is a multiplayer game known as flappy. You will have a team-up against somebody for you to finish the game. 


  • Straightforward for sign-ups
  • It comes with a modern interface
  • The service supports about five languages
  • There are plenty of free features
  • You can freely connect with family and friends and use the site as a dating site


CamSurf appears to be a slight twist of Omegle. If you are looking for more fun in social networking, then CamSurf is the website to visit. It is a wild site that offers the most bizarre video chats you have ever experienced. 

It also shares some similarities with the OmeTV website but has a broader audience. On this site, you will find more individuals looking for genuine conversations. Therefore, becoming one of the top best Omegle alternatives. 


  • Plenty of user features
  • More extensive chat options and discussions to engage
  • Highly rated for genuine people


ChatRad is a similar site to Chatroulette but very harsh towards inappropriate behaviors. Its fundamental aim is members should act real as the same in the real world. Therefore, you should be cautious in exposing nudity or naked content on the website. 

Despite offering random video chats, there are moderators and monitors on a 24/7 severance, therefore, avoid anything out of order and take advantage of the service in making more friends.


  • Highly against inappropriate content
  • Offers safe environment of interacting with more people
  • 24/7 active moderators 


Bazoocam is a webcam chat that comes with a digital camera chat site to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Just like the majority of the listed websites, Bazoocam pairs up with an interloper haphazardly. You will only tap “skip” to move on to the next if you need more new people. 

To break the boredom of chatting and talking more about yourself, you can join one of the multiplayer games on Bazoocam. The games might involve doing something unusual with your full dressing. Some of the games may include dancing or singing your favorite music. You can also be requested to play instruments. The site offers more opportunities to interact with more people. 


  • Engaging games
  • You can select the person you want to chat
  • If you are not impressed by a person, you can opt to skip and talk to the next person
  • You will not get bored at any point


Through CamGo, you can make new connections with strangers and develop long-lasting relationships. The site offers its users more exposure to different people through webcam dating. Fortunately, the site uses artificial intelligence to discover and match potential partners. 

CamGo also puts you in charge by using a chat loop to keep out the people you may not want to associate with or see. The site also offers online chatting, which feels lively and makes it easy and safe to meet new people.


  • Safe to chat with strangers
  • It offers its users an excellent video chatting experience
  • Easy and comfortable to use


OmeTV is a similar and best website to Omegle chat. The website offers users a search option for finding random video chats mates with a single click. However, the app is not heavily moderated to identify inappropriate content. But you can report any vulgar or offensive activities. 

OmeTV comes with additional features absent on Omegle. For instance, when two people video call and speak different languages, a text translator feature provides instant translations. While the site is not responsible for prohibiting indecent behaviors, some guidelines prohibit users from engaging in inappropriate behaviors. 


  • Available in iOS and Android app versions
  • Offer user the monitoring the number of users
  • More user-friendly features

FAQs about Sites Like Omegle chat

Is there a safe version of Omegle?

Random chatting with strangers can lead you to question the safety of conversation and content shared. Omegle is a more safe chatting or site where you can connect with strangers. However, there are safe Omegle alternatives as listed in this article.  

The sites are some of the best, with several having moderators to control inappropriate content from the website. So, give a try to two or more sites and make new friends from around the globe. 

Is Omegle and OmeTV the same?

OmeTV is commonly associated with Omegle for offering similar services and features. However, both are different, where OmeTV provides a fast and safe way of meeting new people online. Additionally, OmeTV has more improved features like free video chat apps and no adverts. That makes the random conversation flowing and enjoyable with no interruptions from popping advert banners. 

Is Omegle monitored?

Unfortunately, Omegle is not a highly monitored site for explicit content. It offers users two video chat modes: monitored and unmonitored. Therefore, the unmonitored mode facilitates the sharing of inappropriate content or vulgar conversations.

The site has clearly stated that it prohibits minors below the age of 13 from using the service. But kids under 18 years do use the site without parental guidance or permission. In addition, the safety of conversation is not assured since users can save chat logs and share the link. That means your conversations are not secure and can be accessed by other parties without your permission via the link.

Is Omegle dangerous?

Omegle offers text, Video, and file-sharing chatting with strangers. It might seem exciting to adults but can pose a considerable risk to underage. Additionally, Omegle can fall under the dating site category with adult content. Therefore, some privacy concerns might appear unsafe for minors. 

 On the site, under the 18+ area, there is a highlighted warning stating, “Video is monitored. Keep it clean!” But there are other two options: Adult and Unmoderated section. On clicking on the Adult Prompts, you are exposed to sexual materials harmful to underage kids. There is nothing to stop the kid from accessing the adult content by clicking OK!

Is Omegle virus-free?

Omegle is not a virus-free website. Occasionally, you will find unwanted software detected and associated with different pages to the Omegle website unsafe for your system. Commonly known as the, the redirect is likely due to the Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). 

The PUP aims to hijack the web browser to display different advertisements from the ideal search. Therefore if you see such unwanted redirects, you should go ahead and look for the best method of eliminating the virus from your computer.

Can I block Omegle chat?

Yes! There are various ways of blocking websites due to different reasons. You can opt to block the website using a website blocker. The site blocker tool is effective in blocking anything you want. All you need to do is add the unwanted site or app to a blacklist, schedule them, block and then allow only trusted sites as you track the activities. 

You can also opt to use Time Limits for Distracting sites. Set a time limit on a site you or your user spend on while doing certain computer activities. Users can also opt for browser extensions that allow you to block sites and keywords on the browser.

Is Omegle safe for kids?

Omegle is an anonymous chatting service site that exposes your kids to strangers. You might think Omegle is designed for kids, but you realize it is a famous anonymous chat service after a few deep research. It is essential to carry out your research and monitor your kid’s interaction with mobile devices or PC. 

The teens are ideologically curious and take more time to explore. Therefore as you get busy with your daily duties, kids can engage in an anonymous platform like Omegle and get paired with random strangers who go ahead texting and Video calling your youngster. That can lead to strangers manipulating the youngster to do inappropriate things or behaviors. 

Apart from that, the site has inappropriate content with nothing more than written warnings. The youngsters can access the content easily with no limitations. Exposure to strangers can also facilitate cyberbullying and dangerous acts like cybercrimes.


With more options of social media networking that connect with new people across the globe, it is crucial to go for the most effective and one that suits your needs. Every Omegle alternatives offer unique features that you should consider and compare to get the best. 

The majority of these alternatives offer easy-to-use features, Video, audio, and text features just like Omegle chat. However, it is vital to look for a better and safe website that will guarantee your privacy. Any of the ten listed video stranger chat web sites have Omegle offered, but be careful when connecting with strangers online. 

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