Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons for Free (Safe & Working)

Last Updated on May 1, 2022 by Editor Futurescope

This guide offers you several cartoon streaming websites with an elegant design that matches up with KissCartoon

The best KissCartoon alternatives are 9Anime, Nickelodeon, AnimeToon, Cartoon Extra, and Crunchyroll, among others that you will discover in our guide.

Whether you are an adult or a kid, you will find cartoons exciting. You will virtually go off to space, visit moons, stars, and planets with or without space crafts. Cartoons keep us entertained in senses of reality, where we also learn lessons.

Why you need best alternatives to KissCartoon?

Sometimes, you may find the website inaccessible due to connection issues or a close-out for regular maintenance. You also want to find out what other cartoon websites offer. If you have no ideas, that can be a bit disappointing.

Do not be distressed as the best sites like KissCartoon will still offer you the utmost entertainment for you and your kids. Whenever you can’t access your favorite site, this list of best alternatives to KissCartoon guides seeks to lead you to a great and quality cartoon entertainment website.

What happened to KissCartoon?

With KissCartoon, you enjoy all the cartoons for free. The site offers online streaming and specializes in comics only. KissCartoon works with third-party providers with top-quality HD cartoon content. That means the site does not host cartoon content on its servers. You can watch any cartoon, including Japanese anime and the regular ones too. 

But something recently happened to this fabulous website. In 2017, an abrupt shut down due to copyright issues left KissCartoon fans shocked and dismayed. DMCA pulled the website down due to infringement of copyrights. 

Many similar sites have since cropped up to fill up the position that KissCartoon occupied in the cartoon industry. Although none would match up with KissCartoon, its predecessor KimCartoon came into existence and offered high-definition streaming. 

Why KissCartoon is not working?

You will not enjoy this thriller website anymore. That‘s because KissCartoon is no longer live. KissCartoon faced disbanding in the US because of copyright laws. The exact reason is Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) locked out the website due to infringement of the owner’s copyrights. KissCartoon fell into this trouble in 2017. It allowed its users to download or stream cartoons and anime illegally for free.

If you do not live in the US, the site should be up and working as the law does not apply in your locality. Try to clear your browser and reload. Changing your browser from, say, chrome to Firefox may solve the issue. 

The other rampant issue could be your connection. Check out if the ethernet cable is working well and whether you can log into other websites to rule out the connectivity issue. With a few maneuvers, you should enjoy your watching experience. If everything fails, check out the best sites like KissCartoon in this guide.

Is KissCartoon site legal or safe?

KissCartoon is illegal in the USA. That’s because the website infringed on owners’ copyrights by allowing users to download and upload illegal content. In other countries outside the USA, the platform is not unlawful.

KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons

If you cannot access your favorite KissCartoon website, any of these alternatives of KissCartoon Website will leave you excited and entertained throughout.

1. Disney Junior

Disney Junior- Best Kisscartoon Alternatives

If you are looking for a stable kisscartoon alternatives that offers free cartoon entertainment, look no further. Disney is a global brand with popularity cutting across all ages. Almost everyone knows Disney and its cartoons.

The website is known for its impressive popular albums like Pj Mask, Sofia The First, Doc MicStuffins, Blue, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You can bet that these keep you and your kids glued to the virtual world. The cartoon is also available on subscribing to many cable TVs.

The good news is that in the digital world, Disney is free to watch. The design is colorful, vibrant, and, overall, visually appealing. For a starter, browsing is super easy and enjoyable.

If you have watched cable TV, you can agree that Disney Junior is kid-friendly, and so is its website. Kids find it easy to browse and navigate. Online safety is a priority for all parents.

That includes safeguarding minors against explicit and unsafe content for children. 

Rest assured that the Disney Junior website is safe for your minors as the content undergoes extra scrutiny before releasing it to its website.

The website is easy to navigate, maneuver, and browse through. With its large and vibrant displays, you will find Disney Junior cool to watch. The layout is colorful, simple, and straightforward.

This website collection comprises original cartoons in quality High Definition images.  All the fonts are big and straightforward to allow visibility and legibility. For Disney, it is all entertainment and educational value for kids. Each cartoon offers room for kids to learn tons of new and different things at their age in a fascinating way.

Disney caters to all ages. It groups its cartoon shows in different categories to fit each age group. Whether it is your one-year-old or 15-year-year old, all will find Disney Junior a great website to find alternative entertainment.

2. AnimeToon

AnimeToon online offers HD on all your devices? This kisscartoon alternatives site has both adults and kids-friendly. As most fans detest violence and pornography, Anime Toon ensures that it sifts all those unsafe contents. 

The site is safe for your kids and offers a straightforward user interface. Once you introduce your kids to the website, they will find it easy to navigate and trace their favorite shows.

Anime Toon loads its site with a great cartoon and anime collection with magnificent and exciting pictures.  The anime includes distinct facial expressions, wide variations in physical characteristics.

Such physical features of characters are, on the whole, closer to reality than cartoons. All the website’s shows come in categories and subcategories to narrow down your search around the site.

It is truly a list of exciting shows, including the popular Mickey Mouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Amphibia, the loud house, and many more.

3. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon Alternatives to KissCartoon

If you are a teen or have one in the house, you can bet that it is a great kisscartoon alternatives website to keep them entertained. Besides the cartoon, the website comprises other fun programs that are popular among teens. The most popular cartoon and anime include Sponge Bob Square Pants, loud house, Casagrande, 44 Cats, Ollies Pack, Lego City Adventures.

With Nickelodeon, your kids enjoy programs Thundermans, Henry Danger, Danger Force, Side Hustle, among others. Like Disney Junior, you will find Nickelodeon’s popularity high among adults. If you are an adult, this is a great channel to rip your ribs by laughing it out loud.

You will also find some channels there exclusively for adult viewing. The good news is, the kids’ shows are educational and valuable for their age. Whether young or adult, no one should find maneuvering around nickelodeon difficult. The layout is straightforward and fun to walk through. The HD display pictures blend perfectly with big and bold colored fonts.

No more woes with pay-TV as you got all the categories and sections similar to the Cable TV ones. If you are a Nickelodeon enthusiast, yet your budgets are tight, catch up with your favorite TV shows on the net. 

4. KimCartoon

Kimcartoon kisscartoon alternatives

For free to browse KissCartoon, KimCartoon will be a great alternative to kisscartoon. The website comes with a distinctive Feature where you can read comics with high interactive levels. There is no need to sign-up or logins. A single search and click take you to the most organized cartoon website ever.

You got a clean and straightaway interface where you can access both new and existing series. The website comes with various genres like drama, action, adventure, movie, horror, preschool, romance, et cetera. If you are hunting for new shows, ongoing or completed series, that is super easy for you.

As you hover your mouse on any KimCartoon tile, you can get a brief review of the episode. Excitingly, KimCartoon offers high-quality displays for various cartoons and anime, including American Dad, Batman, The Patrick Show, Ultra City Smith, and many more.

KimCartoon is safe for everyone at home, including minors. You can watch movies that are not on other sites like Netflix for free and safely. To boost your safety due to the numerous ads that keep on popping, you can use a trusted VPN to block them and indulge yourself fully.

5. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll, best Sites Like KissCartoon

Crunchyroll is famous for Manga options. It trods right behind KissCartoon, thus a great alternative. With its American origin and great audience, the company offers quality and highly authentic content. Crunchyroll gives you a streaming and download link for all its shows. That allows you to watch your favorites later while offline without much huss and fuss.

The most remarkable feature of Crunchyroll is the rare classy and high-quality display that matches up with its streaming services. You can watch with the premium subscription in place for an excellent uninterrupted streaming service.

Crunchyroll is an easy-to-navigate cartoon platform with episodes that troop from the latest episodes to re-runs. You got trailers for adults, animations, and simulcasts for everyone from mature teens and above.

At Crunchyroll, everyone gets spoiled with Zo Zo Zombie, My Hero Academia, Folktales From Japan, and Bananya, among other indulgences. Crunchyroll is safe as it does not allow popup ads.

6. Cartoon Network

Cartoon network, Alternatives to KissCartoon

Who doesn’t know Cartoon network? Undoubtedly, this is one of the cartoon platforms that has existed for more than two decades. Everyone remembers the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon that kept us glued to the TV screens. To date, this incredible show still amazes many kids and adults.

Over the years, this platform has evolved to modern shows that are available online. They include both anime and cartoons. When it comes to KissCartoon alternatives, Cartoon Network holds a top position. Many kids and adults love the TV version as well as the online platform.

In terms of kids’ and teens’ safety, Cartoon Network is tested and tried. There are no explicit images and contents on the platform. Like the TV channel, online streaming is entirely safe and enjoyable for everyone at home.

The platform is known for its quality HD videos and games. It does not charge a penny for the excellent services, making it one of the best KissCartoon Alternatives. You will like the website because of the user-friendly features such as categorized and sub-categorized genres.

You can opt for the latest shows, see the upcoming ones and also enjoy the running ones. The reruns are also available, just in case you lost track of the episodes.

As one of the alternatives to KissCartoon, you’ve got direct access to countless movies, including thrillers, action, drama, and any other category of your choice. Make use of the provided categories to find your favorite shows.

Picture and sound quality are super good to offer you the best visual experience. The Cartoon Network best websites like KissCartoon is easy to use and keeps on improving daily.

If you are a games enthusiast, you got Ben 10, Titans Go, Bouncy Clubs, and many more. The cartoons include Total Dramarama, Teens Titan Got, Jessica the Intern, and the famous Tom and Jerry reruns.

7. 9Anime

This Japanese cartoon platform is one of the best forms of cartoon entertainment on the internet. You will find all your favorite anime genres on this site. With excellent quality anime, you will no longer have to bear with lags and low-grade images. You also have two English subbed and dubbed versions.

9Anime kicks off the hustle of downloading cartoon apps to watch later. That saves you from clogging your gadgets’ memories. The website does not require any sign-up. With a stable network, get to your browser and key in 9anime. City, search your anime toon and watch for free.

9Anime offers you unlimited access to all anime. You can watch popular genres like adventures, drama, supernaturals, action, blockbusters, and any other movie of your choice.

When you visit 9Anime regularly, the website masters your favorite program, the attribute offers you the exact content you might prefer watching. This intelligent technology also informs you about new content that you may not have seen. These and more features make the overall experience of 9Anime very exciting.

You will find the site user-friendly and also find a lengthy list of great Animes and cartoons. Every genre is free for you to indulge. The categories and subcategories let you navigate through the latest shows, new episodes, and reruns.

There is always something new as 9Anime keeps on updating regularly. You can use the cursor to point at a program to get its details. That way, you get all the information on what to expect.

8.  KissAnime

Finally, If you are an anime fanatic, we’ve got KissAnime for you. KissAnime is safe to watch anime online.You have a chance to play or watch hundreds of Japanese anime series, including the thriller YuGiOh.

KissAnime is top on the list of alternatives to KissCartoon. It is a suitable site for watching both Cartoons and Anime series. With a straightforward interface like Kisscartoon, you will find it exciting and manage your favorites for free.

The website offers both subbed and dubbed anime and cartoons. A subbed anime means that it is Japanese content but with English subtitles. “Dubbed” means that the anime comes in a Japanese-English translation. In addition, is the English voice acting with edits to the music and animation.

Like KissCartoon, the website is a secure website for its underage viewer. There are no ads pop-ups that distract and annoy you with redirects. With the quality HD video (480p to 1080p Mp3 format) viewer experience is highly optimized.

KissAnime includes famous games like God Eater, YuGiOh Sevens, Tensei Shitara Slime, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the safest site to watch anime?

Crunchyroll is the safest site to watch anime. The website is accessible through subscription, meaning that it sifts over any free adware and knocks it from the spot. That way, you can enjoy the legality and safety of anime. Also, Crunchyroll is authentic. It comes with legal content only, meaning the site has 100% uncompromised content.  

Is Gogoanime legal? 

Gogoanime is not legal. The website does not have any streaming rights for its anime shows. Besides, Gogoanime doesn’t have subscription fees for its users or even monitored ads. Although Gogomine is an excellent platform for watching and downloading anime shows, the site operates illegally. It is unsafe and may close out its operations unannounced. 

Is KissAnime safe? 

KissAnime is an excellent site for indulging in cartoons and anime to the fullest. Though many users find it safe, it allows some annoying ads that keep on popping up. Some of the popups lead you to unsafe sites with malware. They can also take your kids to pornographic and paedophile sites.

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