Why Should Advertisers & Publishers Consider Crypto Ad Network?

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Coming up with new ways to market your finance and cryptocurrency products is something that most businesses try. Involving yourself in common marketing techniques and practices might not give you expected results in the longer run. Mainly because there are many organizations following the same chain of thoughts.

One method of marketing that can always give you sure shot results is the utilization of a crypto ad network. There are hundreds of popular crypto ad networks available online that can be used for your marketing needs. These websites allow you to place your banners and ads on suitable online platforms without any hassle.

Overall, the entire aim of a crypto ad network is to increase your business visibility and traffic. If you are looking for more reasons as to why advertisers and publishers should consider a crypto ad network, then here is a list that we have put together.

Reasons for advertisers

1. One middleman

When you use a crypto ad network, you do not have to go through a chain of middlemen. Usually, you are getting your banners and ads placed on a website with the involvement of only a single intermediary. Apart from this, the charges levied by the crypto ad network are also quite affordable, since, there are not too many parties involved in the transaction. All of this makes it convenient for the advertiser.

2. Control over development

If you are a token holder on a crypto ad network, then you have more power then what you would generally expect. It gives you control over all the future development and marketing strategies. Most crypto ad networks available today follow a voting process and propose features, so that, the advertisers linked with them can give their feedback about the development strategies adopted by the organization.

3. CRAD & transaction rewards

Linking yourself to a crypto ad network as an advertiser has many other benefits as well. For instance, each of the app owners will have a CRAD held. Additionally, the platform will also reward them based on the transactions undertaken by the advertiser. However, it is subjected to the amount held and many other factors depending on your chosen network.

4. Public transparency

Transparency is a big factor when it comes to marketing. By getting yourself involved with a crypto ad network, you will not have to worry about public transparency. Blockchain usually provides complete visibility and transparency for all the different transactions and marketing campaigns. Overall, you will be able to understand what campaigns are being published and where.

5. Personal wallet

Last but definitely not least! One of the major advantages that advertisers can enjoy while linking themselves to a crypto ad network is a personal wallet. These wallets are directly connected to the blockchain, which means you will be able to submit transactions to the ledger easily. Moreover, it will give you access to your funds in the real world as well. A personal wallet will also have a reputation rate displayed based on your transaction history.

Reasons for publishers

1. History storing

A crypto ad network not only has advantages for advertisers but also for publishers and developers. For instance, it gives you an opportunity to store the history of the advertising offers on the platform itself. Along with this, you can also retain data related to rewards on the same platform. When you have all the information handy, it makes it easy for you to analyze the data and make decisions accordingly.

2. Full visual rights

Another reason why publishers should connect themselves to a crypto ad network is that they get full visual rights. In other words, you will be able to see advertising campaigns in their entirety. The too from various points in different agencies making everything much more transparent. As a publisher, you need as much transparency as possible to function effectively and make sound choices.

3. Unfair competition prevention

Many cryptocurrency businesses follow unethical norms for promoting their products or services. Mainly because the competition is so strong. One of the most common of them all is underpricing the offers and products. When you get connected to a crypto ad network, you won’t have to face similar situations. In short, it helps you prevent unfair competition and unethical ways of upselling. This gives you a fair chance to compete and rise above all others.

4. Rating of advertisers

Making a choice regarding the advertisers becomes much more easy when you are linked with a crypto ad network. Based on the amount and accuracy of rewards, a crypto ad network creates a rating of advertisers. You will be able to see the entire list of advertisers organized in a descending manner depending on the payouts. This will allow you to make more accurate decisions.

5. Transparently decentralized

Publishers connected with a crypto ad network will also enjoy fully transparent decentralized ownership, income, and strategy generated from the growing ecosystem of active users. Overall, the primary motive of these ad networks is to provide convenience to publishes in every method possible.

Advantages to consider

1. Self-Serve Campaigns

Many cryptocurrency business owners and agencies require direct access to their campaigns. Keeping this need in mind, a crypto ad network allows you to indulgence in self-serve campaigns. Some of the things that you can enjoy with these self-serve campaign features include inventory selection, campaign placement, configuration of targeting options, as well as campaign management. If you have been thinking about bringing in your media buying in-house, then this is a good way to start.

2. Adjustable Budgets

Like every other marketing tool, you also need a particular budget to publish campaigns using a crypto ad network. But there are times when you might need to cut back on your marketing budget due to a number of different reasons. Crypto ad networks allow you to utilize the adjustable budget feature for more convenience. In short, whatever your monthly budget might be, you will be able to work according to that without thinking twice.

3. Higher Income

Whether you are an advertiser or publisher, your ultimate goal is to increase your income. A crypto ad network gives you the same opportunity at a fraction of the price. Whether you are someone promoting your own cryptocurrency business or simply placing ads on your website for other companies, you will be able to gain higher income for sure. There are many businesses out there that have doubled or tripled their income in a short duration of time with the help of cryptocurrency advertising.

4. Campaign Optimization

Gone are the days when you would require a third party application to optimize your campaigns. With the help of your chosen script to add network, you will be able to manage, track, report, and analyze your campaign efficiently. These platforms provide a comprehensive advertising solution for cryptocurrencies and exchanges. It also enables you to enjoy real-time bidding and audience buying.

5. Effective Ad Placements

Placing your campaigns is a critical aspect of any crypto ad network. To make sure that this is done effectively these networks have a ton of strategies and tools in place. They even have the list of best websites or pages that allow you to place your ads. Moreover, the bidding and auction system in place is also super efficient and gives you a chance to book your slot on the most popular sites. This makes for a big advantage for any blockchain business whether big or small.

6. Capitalization of Profit

Thinking about the capitalization of profit? Then a crypto ad network gives you the opportunity to do the same as well. You can convert your retained earnings anytime without any limitations. Whether it is in the form of your earning or rewards, you will have full rights to capitalize amount whenever you find it necessary.

7. No Fraud Risks

Contacting your platform directly to place your banners or ads can sometimes be risky. Mainly because you might end up paying for the spot without your campaign being published ever. To reduce the risk of fraud you should always connect yourself to a crypto ad network. These networks have a tie-up with only certified and authentic platforms that are ideal for placing your business campaigns. Moreover, there is a 24-hour customer support section available in these ad networks, which can help you with any major or minor issue.

8. HTML5 Banners

Banner designing is yet another advantage that can be enjoyed by cryptocurrency business owners while getting connected with a crypto ad network. You would not have to hire an external team for your marketing banner or campaign design ever again. The ad network usually has an in-house team in place. They offer these services at an additional cost to customers. In short, all your requirements regarding your cryptocurrency ad campaign and its placement can be met at a single place.

Most of the factors mentioned above are some of the critical aspects of the cryptocurrency business. Therefore, when you link yourself to a crypto ad network, you will be able to either reduce the common challenges or enjoy the mentioned perks.

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