Top 13 Reasons Why Your Logo Is Crucial to Branding

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When starting a new business or company, it is easy to get caught up in the development or operations of the business and completely overlook the single most important element; branding. And the first step in branding is always the company or brand logo.

Startup companies very often tend to neglect this phase, whereas this is where most large companies start for their new brands or products. And for good reason too; the logo is the most important first-step for any brand. Your business deserves a good head-start, and you can make that happen by creating a great logo.

Here are some reasons why we consider logos to be crucial for branding.

1. First impressions are lasting

People always judge a person, product, company or brand based on first impressions. A good logo that creates a good first impression is more likely to drive sales. A bad, poorly-made logo will tell people that you’re not serious enough to make a logo properly, which will give them a reason not to invest in your business.

2. Logos are a must

The simple fact of the matter is, not having a logo these days just doesn’t fly anymore. People expect to see a logo before they read your business name. Logos have now become compulsory – not having one will make you look out of place and outdated – or perhaps not even a real business.

3. Builds recognition

How many of you are able to recognize Facebook, Microsoft or Google’s logos when you see them? Can you recognize your favorite fast food chain logo from afar? Logos are like faces that people remember; they build brand recognition and make it easy for people to find your business by letting them know that your particular brand is around.

4. Professional outlook

Having a good, professional-looking logo is just good sense at this point. It gives your brand or business a professional outlook. A good logo will let others know that you’re serious about doing business, whereas a badly made logo makes you come off as a non-serious or unprofessional business.

5. Brand ownership

A logo goes a long, long way towards showing ownership of a product by your business. Imagine your iPhone without the Apple logo; what’s to say that this iPhone was really made by Apple? Suppose your business sells coffee, and serves it out in plain cups without a logo. What would happen if a competitor starts using your name without a logo? Or worse, they use a logo of their own? Your unique logo on a coffee cup, for example, will let people know what the original source of this coffee is.

6. Brand loyalty

Besides building up brand recognition, logos also successfully build brand loyalty. A logo is like a face, and people will associate something with it mentally or physically. Customers who are satisfied will hold on to anything with your brand’s logo on it. T-shirts, stickers, mugs, caps, all these items will be proudly worn or used by customers who are loyal.

7. Low cost marketing

Logos are low-cost marketing agents that are easy to reproduce, can save up on space requirements and still do their job effectively. Once a logo is made, there’s no additional cost.

8. A logo represents your business

Whether you’re present at an occasion or not, a logo words as a representative or ambassador for you. If, for example, you’re hosting a seminar talk, you needn’t go around telling people that it is your company that’s organizing the event. Your logo will do that for you without any words uttered.

9. Conveys a message

A picture can be worth a thousand words, and so can a logo. What idea does your brand promote? What are the core values? What is the core message you want to convey? Or perhaps a legacy your brand wants to represent or carry? Consider the three-spoked circle logo used by Mercedes. Did you know that this logo represents the company’s drive toward universal motorization with its engines dominating the land, sea, and air (three spokes)? A logo can convey a very deep and profound message for your brand.

10. Something to differentiate you by

Logos are like headlines; everyone uses them yet not all are alike and some are better than others by far. The same applies to logos as well, perhaps manifested to a greater level. If your logo is catchy enough to gran people’s attention, then it will make your brand stand out from the crowd and differentiate it in a majorly positive manner.

11. Consistency

Very important for your branding campaign is your ability to be consistent. These days, there are lots of media platforms that you will have to deal with when advertising or promoting your business. Your brand and logo will be all over the place, so it is important to maintain some level of consistency.

12. Easy to market

We love logos because, to be honest, logos make it easy to market your brand! No need to take up print real estate by creating flashy graphics with text to advertise your brand. Simply stamp your brand logo wherever needed, and you’re done! It can be on a classified ad, a social media posting, printed brochures, t-shirts and even mugs and pens. Let your logo do all your talking for you.

13. Reinforces what you’re about

What is your business about? What do you want your customers to imagine when they see your logo? Whenever I see a McDonalds’ logo, I imagine a bag filled with fried chicken (which then makes me instantly hungry). Nike’s logo says “Yes” or “check” to me, building up enthusiasm and positivity. A logo can be effectively used to reinforce certain ideas that will drive more sales.

We understand that creating a logo can be difficult and time-consuming. But you don’t necessarily have to be a graphic designer. You can use great logo design resources such as LogoOrbit, or hire a professional to do the job for you. The end result should be a clean, attractive logo that your business can put on as a face.

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