How To Get Free Chegg Accounts: Username & Passwords (2021)

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Studying for an exam, writing an assignment or a project isn’t just a walk in the park especially if you are aiming to get higher grades. Immense research and studying is required but sadly sometimes that is not enough. You may need some academic assistance as some of the subjects can be a bit difficult to grasp on your own. Fortunately, a free Chegg account is the solution to your problem.

Whether you are working on an assignment, project or studying for exams, Chegg provides you with the right study material. There is no need to surf online all day, when you can easily use a free Chegg account to access the right study material that can assist you with your assignments and projects. In this article, am to detail how to get free Chegg accounts so that you can get all the academic assistance you require to excel.

What is a Chegg Account? (Explained)

Chegg is a website that provides academic support to students. It is a great resource to find textbook solutions, rent books at discounted prices, or get personal tutoring and study help. For any student who needs assistance for academic purposes, Chegg can be the best option. Unlike other websites, Chegg is not subject- specific, thus it is easy for the students to get assistance from this platform for any type of project.

Unfortunately, this great site is not without flaws. The downside of a Chegg is that this website is that it is not entirely free. You have to pay a subscription fee of $14 per month, to get assistance from the site.  However, even though it is not entirely free there are a number of ways you can get free Chegg accounts and get unlimited access to academic material.

Benefits of having a free Chegg study account

  • You don’t have to spend a ton of money buying school books because with a Chegg free account you have access to 9000+ books.
  • Chegg provides comprehensive textbooks in all subjects where recruitment is readily available.
  • It will save you money and time-you won’t have to spend hours searching for answers or books online.
  • A Chegg account provides you with 24/7 support for questions and answers. You can call your experts at any time  of the day or alternatively you can just send your request and wait half an hour to get your answers
  • With Chegg you assign yourself with an online tutor if you need extra help understanding a certain topic or subject.
  • If you are a fast learner and a good student, you might even get an opportunity to practice in the workplace.
  • Chegg also provides scholarships to eligible students.

How to get free Chegg study account

Even though, you have to pay a subscription to use a Chegg account, you can still easily access Chegg documents, books and other reading material or get academic assistance by using Chegg accounts without having to pay a dime. There are a number of ways that you can use to access free Chegg accounts. Here is how you get Chegg for free;

1.    Use the free Chegg Trial Period

You can use the Chegg free trial period to get access to a Chegg account for free. Chegg has a 28 day free trial period that gives you access to Chegg documents, books and reading material free of charge for 28 days.

Before you can have access this free Chegg trial period, you have to submit the details about their payment card. When the free trial period ends, the subscription will automatically extend and the Chegg subscription cost will be deducted from your payment card. However if you don’t want the subscription cost to be deducted from your card, you have to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends.

To get a free trial period from Chegg simply follow these simple steps;

  • Step 1: Enter the membership details

Go to and create your free trial account. Enter the membership details of your choice on the space provided. Choose the right membership package which you want. Click on the ‘Try it now’ option.

  • Step 2: Signup or Login to Your Account

After creating your account and selecting the right membership and subscription package, signup to your account by filling the required information. However, if you already have Chegg account simply login to your account.

  • Step 3: Apply for free trial by adding payment method

After signing up, select the payment method you want to use from the options provided and add your credit card information. After you submit your card information, and the information is processed, you will be ready to utilize your free trial and access all the great various services Chegg has to offer.

2.    Use multiple email IDs

Alternatively, you can use multiple email IDs to get a free Chegg account. Multiple email IDs really come in handy especially after your free trial period has expired. You can easily use multiple email IDs if you still want to continue using a free Chegg account.

Basically, this is the simplest method that you can use if you want to get a free Chegg account. To get the account all you have to do is create temporary email IDs and register your account. When your trial expires, you can register with another email ID. With this method, you can repeat the same method over and over again. You can actually get a premium Chegg account anytime you want by using this method.

3.   Use Chegg account username and passwords

To get a free Chegg account you can also use Chegg account username and passwords. These usernames and passwords you can easily get them from the internet. Here is a list some premium Chegg accounts and their free passwords that you use to acquire a free Chegg account;

[email protected]DontChangeIt0
[email protected]

After getting the username and password all you have to do is enter the information and login.

NB* You can use all these accounts listed above for all your needs, free of charge, but just make sure you don’t change the password when you sign in.

4.    Search on Social Media sites, Reddit and Quora

To get free Chegg Accounts you can also search on Reddit, Quora, and social media sites. You can get Chegg answers directly from the scholars, educators or people if you consult people on Reddit or Quora. All you have to do is submit the question or query on other posts, or you can post your question directly on Reddit or Quora to get the Chegg answers.

Sometimes by just searching you may also find the answers related to your assignments and queries, directly from Reddit and Quora. And if you are in luck you can also get usernames and passwords for free Chegg accounts on Reddit

Free Alternatives To Chegg Account

Sometimes a free trial period or using social media to get resources from Chegg or to get a free Chegg account simply won’t cut it. There are a free alternatives to Chegg account you can use. To get the best of both worlds, you can also alternatively use some of these sites to assist you with your studies.

●      SparkNotes

SparkNotes is one of the best free Chegg alternative there is out there. It is a valuable website and must-have resource that college and high school students can use.

The website is filled with over 500 study guides including sample problems and textbook explanations. SparkNotes main focus is on providing guides on the English language and literature, but you can also find study guides and sample solutions for all areas of study like Science, Math, Social Sciences, Film, Drama, etc.

●      Slader

Slader is also another great Chegg alternative. You can use the website to search for textbook solutions from their massive database. You have a higher chance of accessing all the answers you require for your assignment or project if you use this website- as students and contributors around the world regularly update and upload answers to almost every question you’ll come across in high school or college.

The website provides you with answers for English language and literature, upper-level math, high school math, sciences, and many more. This is the place to go if you need assistance with your homework or assignments.

In conclusion

Chegg is one of the most exceptional websites that provides academic assistance to students. The website provides a number of services which include unlimited access to Questions and Answers, live one-to-one session with Chegg tutors and access to other reading material.

Even though, you have pay a subscription to use a Chegg account, with few tricks up your sleeve you can easily enjoy all these services that Chegg has on offer with a free Chegg account. Therefore, they is no need for you to pay a subscription to access study material or services from Chegg account, when you can get all the academic assistance you want for free.

You can try some of the aforementioned methods highlighted above to get a free Chegg account and enjoy all the unlimited services Chegg has to offer.

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