Avast Activation Code 2021 and Avast license key Valid Till 2040

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Avast security was tried, tested, and trusted in the hands of millions of systems worldwide to prevent malware. With over 435 million Avast monthly subscribers, the use of Avast activation code has since become popular. Avast requires this activation code in order to play its critical role on your system, which is protecting it from bugs.

A system bug is so annoying it leaves you angry, frustrated, and completely annoyed. It will not only reorganize, freeze, or mute certain functions but also wipe important data off your system. As the cliché goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ so let me show you exactly how to use the Avast activation code.

Why & How to use the Activation Key?

Avast only fully activates with an activation code that enables it to protect your computer both online and offline. It has a visualization feature for maximum security and protection. Avast also has a sandbox which it uses to open your untrusted webpages and applications in order to protect your system The Avast Activation code commonly known as the subscriptions code or the license key gives you full access to the services offered by Avast.

Like no other, Avast Antivirus offers a trial for the first year of using it. During this trial period, you get to use the antivirus free of charge. You get to access and explore how useful the antivirus is while enjoying its benefits. Throughout the year, you get protection from viruses and malware for your computer.

After enjoying this benefit for a year, you will no longer be able to access its services free. You will now be required to access these services through an Avast Activation code. You use the activation code for 2019 to continue accessing the benefits of Avast.

System requirements for compatibility with Avast Activation code

In order to use the Avast Activation code successfully on your computer, there are a few system requirements that it needs. It is very important to check whether your computer system meets these minimum requirements before activating the antivirus on your computer.  Without these, Avast cannot function properly on your system.

Here are the system requirements your computer needs.

  • A minimum ram of 1GB
  • Windows should be either version  1 or 7 or 8 or 10  XP or Vista
  • At least 10 GB free hard disk space 

Unless your computer system meets these three requirements, it is not compatible with Avast and it cannot function with it.

How can I get a free Avast activation code?

Avast users do not always easily identify the activation code as it can be located in a place out of sight. Here we will take a look at five different places you can locate your Avast Premier Activation Code when you need to use it.

Avast Account

At checkout, you are required to provide an email address, and this email links with your Avast Account. Here you can view your activation code when you click on ‘Subscriptions’. An activation code will only be available here after making an online purchase of the Antivirus from its official website.

 These steps will help you find your Avast Activation code in your account.

  • Step 1

Click on this link https://id.avast.com/sign-in and sign into your Avast Account. 

  • Step 2

A number of tiles will appear on the screen. Pick the tile labeled ‘Subscriptions’

  • Step 3

A window will appear that shows the period of subscription, the number of devices subscribed for, the subscription status, and finally the subscription code right next to the caption ‘Activation code’ to view it.

Note that if your activation code does not appear here it indicates that your account is not linked to your Avast account. Follow through a manual process to link it.

Activated Avast product

When using Avast Antivirus on more than one device, you can use one subscription to cover all your devices. You will need to enter the activation code on all the devices thus the need to locate the code. It is easier to find it on a device already activated. Check within the activated product to find the activation code. 

This feature is only available on android, iPhone, and Windows PC devices. Use these methods to find the activation code on any of these devices.


  • Step 1

Select ‘Menu’ indicated by a box with three horizontal, parallel lines.

  • Step 2

Click on ‘My subscriptions’ to view your activation code below your subscription name.


  • Step 1

On an iPhone or iPad, you simply select ‘Settings’ indicated by a gear icon.

  • Step 2

Choose ‘Subscriptions’ and here you will find your activation code.  

Windows PC

  • Step 1

Click on the ‘Menu’ icon

  • Step 2

Select ‘My subscription’

  • Step 3

Now go to ‘Subscriptions on this PC’

  • Step 5

Next to ‘Your subscriptions’ is a down arrow, click on it to view your activation code right next to the ‘Subscriptions’ caption.

Order confirmation mail

After making an online purchase of Avast Antivirus from its official website you will receive an email from [email protected] or [email protected] in your inbox. This email contains the Avast Activation code. Make sure you keep or star the email to keep it close. 

Follow these two simple steps to access your Avast Activation code this way.

  • Step 1

Open the email received from either one of the addresses mentioned above.

  • Step 2

Go to the ‘Your products’ section and here you will find your activation code under ‘Your Activation code’

This is one of the easiest ways to access your Avast Activation code.

Avast activation card

Avast Antivirus comes with a plastic case or Avast box when purchased from a retail store. Other third-party resellers such as Amazon or Staple also offer Avast plastic or box on purchase. An activation card on which the activation code is printed is contained the box or plastic.

Find the Activation Code on the fourth option on the activation card, under the caption ‘When prompted enter this activation code

 How to check Avast Activation status

Code table

This table provides an activation code valid to a certain date. You can enter a valid activation code to use on Avast.

Avast Activation code 2019 and 2020Valid for a period to

If you are having problems with your avast activation code, use this table to check whether you are using a code relevant to the period. All these codes can make the task of finding your activation code less strenuous. Some codes on this table are functional for decades or years later guaranteeing an unending period of service provision.

How do I activate my Avast license key?

The free trial of Avast excludes certain critical features of the antivirus. Not only that, but the free trial also expires within a year of use. The trial can also be used on a personal computer whereas an activation code is required to fully benefit from its services at a commercial level. You may find avast activation code free 2016 & avast activation code 2019 by serach, there is lot to activate the license.

So, now that you have obtained the Avast Premier Key 2021, you can use it to activate your Avast Antivirus. The procedure of activating Avast Premium Security is quite easy. These few steps will show you how and where to enter your activation code to start using the antivirus on your system.

  • Step 1

Use any of the above-mentioned methods to obtain your Avast Activation code. Depending on your system and that which is convenient to you. 

  • Step 2

Now open and run the Avast application by double-clicking on the Avast Premium Security icon. It must be pinned onto your desktop when you install the application.

  • Step 3

Find and click on the ‘Menu’ icon. It is often located on the top right-hand corner of the window. Three parallel horizontal lines indicate it.

  • Step 4

Select the first option labeled ‘Enter activation code’

  • Step 5

A text box will appear in which you should type your previously acquired activation code. Then click on ‘Enter’

  • Step 6

Check and confirm your subscription details on the following window. Click on the down arrow next to subscriptions to select the one you want to use. This is if you have more than one subscription.

  • Step 7

Now complete the subscription process by selecting ‘Continue’.

After completing this process, your Avast Premium Security is now activated. You are ready to enjoy the full package Avast has to offer to its valued users.

Final verdict

Without the Avast Activation code 2021, you cannot continue to use Avast after the trial period of a year. It is therefore important to acquire one in order to enjoy the benefits of using this superb security premium. Make sure Avast is actively running on your system to keep it safe and protected from malware.

You need not go through the hustle of spending money on technical experts. Rather use this article to retrieve and use your Avast Security Premium Security Activation code when necessary. The steps alluded to above are easy and straightforward making it easy for anyone to easily follow through. Join the millions worldwide who are already enjoying the benefits of using the Avast Activation code today.

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